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How To Improve Acne Scars

How To Improve Acne Scars 500 750 Facercise

One of the worst things about acne is the scarring it leaves behind. These scars linger on and sometimes never go away. When our skin is inflamed, there is typically a mark left behind while the skin heals. This may go away over time, but if there is collagen damage, permanent scarring can occur in…

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Your Skin on Antioxidants

Your Skin on Antioxidants 500 270 Facercise

Antioxidants play a critical role in fighting the signs of aging caused by free radical oxidation. Free radicals are formed by damage to the environment from toxins, pollution, tobacco and the sun. These scavengers cause permanent cell deterioration and reduce elasticity, which results in the signs of aging. The dirty work of free radicals show…

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facial exercises

How to Defy Age While You Sleep

How to Defy Age While You Sleep 500 333 Facercise

Sleep offers one of the best ways to look and feel younger. Proper sleep rejuvenates your entire body and maximizes the results of your skincare program and facial exercises. Our skin cells work to repair and regenerate when we sleep, so there’s no better time to boost your skin care regimen. Read my three tips…

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facial exercises

How to Drink More Water

How to Drink More Water 500 333 Facercise

Are you drinking enough water? If not, you run the risk of dehydration, which takes a toll on your body and your skin. When we don’t drink enough water, our organs suffer and can shut down. Since your skin is the largest organ in your body, just imagine the damage it incurs when it’s dehydrated.…

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facial exercises

How to Combat the 5 Types of Wrinkles

How to Combat the 5 Types of Wrinkles 500 281 Facercise

Did you know that there are five different types of wrinkles? It’s true—and since not all wrinkles are the same, neither is their treatment. Just like these signs of aging are caused by multiple sources, they require different techniques for minimizing their appearance. Read on to learn how to tackle the five different types of…

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Spring Produce for Anti-Aging

Spring Produce for Anti-Aging 1024 683 Facercise

A diet rich in spring produce will supercharge the results of anti-aging skincare and Facercise exercises. Spring offers delicious fruits and vegetables loaded with antioxidants and fiber, which reduces inflammation, helps lower blood pressure and staves off hunger.  Incorporating spring produce into your diet is the perfect way to combat the signs of aging, improve…

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facial exercises

Why You Need to Eat a Colorful Diet

Why You Need to Eat a Colorful Diet 500 333 Facercise

A healthy lifestyle is essential for beautiful, youthful looking skin. While we’ve shared how to improve collagen in face with specific foods, a good general guideline to live by is to eat a colorful diet. Antioxidants are responsible for the vivid hues in many foods. This means that eating an array of produce from the…

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face exercises

5 Foods for Younger Looking Skin

5 Foods for Younger Looking Skin 500 380 Facercise

One of the best ways to enhance the results of face exercises is with a diet rich in antioxidants and healthy fats. As we age, collagen production decreases and environmental stressors like free radicals take their toll. However, if you eat a healthy diet, you can boost collagen production and combat the damage free radicals…

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exfoliating product

The Benefits of Exfoliation

The Benefits of Exfoliation 500 333 Facercise

Exfoliation is the foundation of an effective skincare routine. The natural process of shedding dead skin cells grows sluggish as we age, leading to a buildup that dulls the complexion and causes issues like acne, hyperpigmentation, and rough texture. The good news is, regular use of an exfoliating product like Face Lift to Go removes…

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face lift to go

Unlocking Radiant Skin: The Transformative Power of Face Lift to Go

Unlocking Radiant Skin: The Transformative Power of Face Lift to Go 500 333 Facercise

The number of skincare products and treatments promising miracles are countless and never-ending. Fortunately, we offer a product that stands out among the rest: Face Lift to Go. This enzymatic mask is making waves for its unparalleled ability to rejuvenate and revitalize the skin. Read on to discover how this remarkable product can transform your…

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break up with Botox

5 Reasons to Break Up with Botox

5 Reasons to Break Up with Botox 500 337 Facercise

Awards season is a big reminder of the popularity—and overuse—of unnatural anti-aging methods like Botox. While freezing muscles with Botox is a popular quick fix for wrinkles and fine lines, they come with their fair share of risks and drawbacks. Read on to discover five compelling reasons to break up with Botox and get more…

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dry brushing

5 Reasons to Start Dry Brushing Today

5 Reasons to Start Dry Brushing Today 500 751 Facercise

If you’re ready to change the way your feel and look, then there is no better time to start a dry brushing body sculpting routine. One of the best ways to achieve a more toned, smooth appearance is with a daily dry brushing regimen. It’s the perfect complement to exercise and the No Lipo Lipo…

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dangers of Botox

The Dangers of Botox and Fillers

The Dangers of Botox and Fillers 500 333 Facercise

Cosmetic procedures involving Botox and fillers have become increasingly popular for those seeking a youthful appearance without undergoing surgery. While these treatments may smooth wrinkles and freeze your expressions, there are many potential risks and side effects. Read on to learn more about the dangers associated with Botox and fillers and why a natural approach…

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facial exercises

6 Tips for Happy Winter Skin

6 Tips for Happy Winter Skin 500 333 Facercise

Even though the holidays are over, winter is still in effect—even for those of us in Southern California. Winter weather can be harsh for our skin, which means we need to step up our skin care programs. Add these winter skin care tips to your regimen to boost the effects of facial exercises and protect…

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the wattle

How Facercise Eliminates the Wattle

How Facercise Eliminates the Wattle 358 259 Facercise

Many clients write me in search of facial exercises to eliminate their double chin, aka “the wattle.” It’s a telltale sign of age and one of the hardest things to get rid of. The wattle can also be caused by weight gain—once the extra weight is lost, the area can appear saggy or droopy. A…

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