Carole Maggio, Creator of Facercise®

“You can’t help growing older, but you don’t have to look older.”

Carole Maggio is a licensed esthetician and spa owner with her own professional skincare line, and best-selling author whose books and DVD’s are sold worldwide. Carole and her Facercise® program have been featured on numerous television programs, including Dateline, CBS, CNN, and QVC Network. She has been featured in The New York Times, Marie Claire, Harpers Bazaar, Self, and More Magazine, among many others. Facercise® has also been twice voted “One of the Top 100 Beauty Products in the World” by Harpers Bazaar Magazine. Carole’s Facercise® program is used by hundreds of thousands of clients world-wide, earning her the honor of being recognized as the world’s foremost authority on facial exercises.

Carole developed her Facercise® program over 30 years ago and today it is widely accepted as an excellent alternative to plastic surgery. Her philosophy is that you should address the underlying cause of facial aging, rather than simply treat the symptoms. Carole created a series of 13 synergistic exercises to develop the facial muscles and improve appearance. “Just as a body builder can develop particular muscles in his or her body, a particular facial feature can also be developed and accentuated by performing a specific facial exercise”. She found that when the underlying muscles are toned and developed, the facial skin will lift, fine lines and wrinkles will diminish, the complexion will become vibrant and alive, and the face will be restored to a more youthful shape.

Carole recently introduced her newest version of the program, Ultimate Facercise® DVD. The new version of her program consists of 13 synergistic exercises which target the 57 muscles of the face and neck. Ultimate Facercise® works the muscles with more intensity utilizing body posturing and resistance movements to give clients more dramatic results in a shorter period of time. When the muscles of the face are strengthened and developed, you can create a more youthful appearance and give yourself a natural facelift. Carole’s personal mantra has always been, “You can’t help growing older, but you don’t have to look older”. At age 73, Carole is a walking testimony to her words and the efficacy of her program. Carole has traveled the globe training rock stars, royalty, politicians, celebrities, business leaders, sports figures, doctors and dentists.

Carole has also developed a natural cellulite reduction, elimination and body sculpting system called No Lipo Lipo. No Lipo Lipo is a totally non-invasive program which involves a dry brushing technique combined with a deep knuckle treatment that rivals expensive treatments at just a fraction of the cost. The technique reduces and eliminates stubborn cellulite and tones the underlying muscles which results in inches lost, and a much more toned, sculpted and lifted body. In-spa clients average between 12 to 15 inches lost after just 10 treatments. Clients are so amazed by their results, they keep returning to maintain them. With the release of the No Lipo Lipo DVD, clients can now achieve similar results in the privacy of their own homes.