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Top 10 Anti-Aging Habits 500 206 Facercise

Top 10 Anti-Aging Habits

facial exercisesGood habits are everything when it comes to looking and feeling your very best. Many studies show that how you stave off the signs of aging isn’t entirely dependent on genetics. In fact, lifestyle, environment and our skincare regimen play a significant role. From wearing sunscreen and getting facials to doing facial exercises every day, there are habits to master that will help prevent the signs of aging while imparting a beautiful glow.

Incorporate some of the habits below to maintain your youthful good looks.

Hydrate Properly

Drink plenty of water and green tea to hydrate your skin from the inside out. This helps maintain a dewy glow and can plump up the fines lines dehydration causes.

Live a Clean Lifestyle

Eat a healthy, antioxidant-rich die. Choose lean protein, whole grains and lots of colorful fruits and veggies. If you must drink alcohol, do so moderately.

Wear Sunscreen

Protect your skin from exposure to the sun’s harsh UV rays that cause wrinkles, deplete collagen stores and cause the formation of sun spots and hyperpigmentation. Apply sunblock to your skin every single day, no matter what the weather is like.

Rock Sunglasses

Sunglasses help prevent the squinting that leads to Crow’s feet while shielding the fragile skin from the sun’s dangerous rays. For next level protection, opt for lenses with a UV400 protection label, which can block 100 percent of UVA and UVB rays.

Incorporate Vitamin C

Consume a vitamin C-rich diet and apply a serum like our Vitamin C Complex Serum to combat damage from the sun and other environmental stressors.

Don’t Smoke

Smoking ages skin fast and ruthlessly. It dulls the complexion, clogs pores and depletes the oxygen supply. It causes deep vertical lines around the mouth and Crow’s feet. Smoking also breaks down collagen, which gives skin its elasticity and slows healing. It’s one of the worst things you can do to your skin.

Don’t Frown

Avoids frowning, squinting and making other facial movements that cause fine lines and wrinkles to form. When you frown repetitively, it causes angry looking creases like the dreaded brow furrow, also known as the “Elevens.”

Minimize Stress

Stress takes a serious toll on your skin. Make it a point to engage in activities that minimize its impact. Some excellent options include working out, yoga or Pilates, meditation, reading or getting a massage.

Sleep on Your Back

When you sleep on your stomach or your side, it causes deep folds and wrinkles on your face, neck and decolletage.  Sleep on our back to prevent these lines and to promote a healthy spine.

Do Facial Exercises

Facercise smooths wrinkles and promotes collagen production while firming and lifting the skin. Facial exercises also boost circulation, which imparts a youthful glow.

Work Out

Physical exercise is essential to promote better health and skin. It detoxifies our bodies, reduces stress, helps build muscle mass and boosts circulation, which facilitates the delivery of oxygen to our cells.

Visit this link to learn about the benefits of facial exercises.

Dance Fitness
Dancing Keeps You Young 500 333 Facercise

Dancing Keeps You Young

Dance FitnessMany studies show that physical activity, specifically dancing, offers a wealth of anti-aging benefits for the body and mind. Just like facial exercise firms your skin and improves the appearance of your face and neck, dance has a profound effect on your entire body.

Dance offers multiple cognitive and physical health benefits, as well as social perks that promote overall well-being. Multiple studies show that older individuals who exercise regularly, especially by dancing, can reverse the signs of aging on the brain.

A 2017 German study published in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience studied participants with an average age of 68 who engaged in dance socially or did interval training. The results showed that both groups experienced growth in the size of their hippocampus, the part of the brain responsible for memory, learning and equilibrium. However, only those who chose dance as their workout experienced improvements in their gait and balance as well.

Balance becomes increasingly important as we age, especially since falls are the leading cause of injury and death among the elderly. Dancing promotes increased flexibility, stability and balance, all of which help reduce risk of injury. It also improves strength, muscle function and cardiovascular health, which decreases risk of heart disease.

Dancing may also reverse the signs of aging in the brain. An older study published in the New England Journal of Medicine found social dancing to be the only physical activity associated with reduced dementia risk. Unlike many other cardio activities based on repetitive activities, dance demands more sustained mental effort and coordination. Participants also stimulate memory by learning new steps and routines.

In general, physical exercise helps us look and feel younger. It improves overall health and boosts collagen production, which promotes firmer, more elastic skin. The additional benefits that dance yields makes it the ideal choice for fighting the signs of aging.

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