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5 Ways to Survive the Holidays

5 Ways to Survive the Holidays 1024 739 Facercise

While the holidays can be one of the best times of the year, they often are accompanied by weight gain. With all the festivities on the horizon, chances are you’ll face a lot of temptation. The good news is, if you follow our tips below, you can fend off weight gain and still indulge here…

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How to glow this holiday season

How to glow this holiday season 500 343 Facercise

If you’re already practicing your facial exercises daily, we bet your skin is already glowing this holiday season! Yet there is no such thing as too much glow, which is why I’m sharing some tips to maximize your beautiful self. The tips below will help you look gorgeous for all your holiday events and beyond.…

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Your best winter skin

Your best winter skin 500 333 Facercise

Cold winter air has a serious drying effect on your skin even when you do facial exercises daily. The harsher weather can irritate, causing red, itchy and parched skin. Here are some tips for restoring and maintaining hydration in the harshest winter elements. Step Up Exfoliation It’s more important than ever to shed the dead…

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5 Ways to Avoid Thanksgiving Weight Gain

5 Ways to Avoid Thanksgiving Weight Gain 500 333 Facercise

Thanksgiving is around the corner! While the day of thanks is an incredible tradition, many of us throw caution to the wind when it comes to eating. When you work so hard during the rest of the year, it’s a shame to let the holiday derail your efforts. Plus, research shows that overeating at Thanksgiving…

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The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide 400 266 Facercise

The holidays are here—and if you haven’t started your shopping, it’s time to get on it. We all know that when we look good, we feel good, so why not give the gift of beauty to our loved ones? Here are a few gift ideas from Carole’s arsenal of beauty and anti-aging tools. The Ultimate…

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The Benefits of Healthy Fats

The Benefits of Healthy Fats 500 333 Facercise

When it comes to an anti-aging diet, healthy fats are a must-have and a great way to supplement daily facial exercises. Omega-3s are one of my favorites because they do wonders for your skin and fill you up for longer periods of time. Eating foods like eggs, avocados, salmon and tuna imparts a healthy, youthful glow while…

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5 Fall Foods for Anti-Aging

5 Fall Foods for Anti-Aging 500 363 Facercise

An anti-aging diet is the perfect complement to daily Facercise and quality skin care products. Fall is loaded with delicious antioxidant-rich produce that fights free radical damage and prevent aging. Read on for five excellent foods to incorporate into your diet—they’ll not only boost the results of daily Facercise, your waistline will benefit as well.…

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Top 10 Wrinkle Prevention Tips

Top 10 Wrinkle Prevention Tips 1024 683 Facercise

Aging gracefully doesn’t mean we have to give in to wrinkles—we can fight the signs of aging naturally with simple habits like consistent skin care and daily facial exercises. Many believe the misconception that wrinkles simply come with age. The reality is, most fine lines and wrinkles are due to photodamage and exposure to free…

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5 Ways to Get Rid of Puffy Eyes

5 Ways to Get Rid of Puffy Eyes 500 333 Facercise

If eyes are the windows to our soul, the last thing we want are bags underneath them and puffiness surrounding them. The thin, delicate skin around the eye area is one of the first places to show the signs of aging. While puffiness is considered a temporary condition, it stretches the delicate tissues and leads…

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How to Cleanse Your Face Properly

How to Cleanse Your Face Properly 208 226 Facercise

Washing your face is easy, right? While most people think you just have to rinse with some cleanser and you’re good to go, that’s not the case. The way you wash your face is almost as important as doing facial exercises regularly, especially if you want to fight the signs of aging. If you wash…

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How to Reduce Cellulite

How to Reduce Cellulite 400 611 Facercise

So many of us suffer from the unsightly condition called cellulite, which is one of the reasons I created No Lipo Lipo. This stubborn “cottage cheese” appearance of our skin appears in the legs, glutes, arms and stomach. It’s stubborn and difficult, which is why many are driven to try risky, expensive procedures to try…

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3 Ways to Fight Wrinkles While You Sleep

3 Ways to Fight Wrinkles While You Sleep 500 337 Facercise

If you want to look youthful and timeless at every age, it’s important to take a multi-faceted approach. A healthy, antioxidant-rich diet, superior skin care products and facial exercises are essential—but are you getting enough quality sleep? Good sleep is definitely important, but if you take steps to maximize its benefits, the results will be…

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How to Boost Collagen

How to Boost Collagen 400 266 Facercise

If you want firm, glowing skin, collagen is key! It’s a fibrous protein that works together with elastin to provide structural support for the skin. These proteins are also responsible for firmness and elasticity. Unfortunately, as we age, collagen breaks down and its production slows. This is where facial exercises and a few other tricks…

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6 Ways to Reduce Inflammation That Causes Aging

6 Ways to Reduce Inflammation That Causes Aging 500 310 Facercise

Inflammation is a major culprit in the war against aging. It’s a stressor that negatively impacts the health of our bodies and skin. It accelerates aging and leaves us vulnerable to chronic illnesses and diseases that can shorten our life span. While inflammation plays a critical role in the body’s healing process, often times the…

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5 Amazing Benefits of Retinol

5 Amazing Benefits of Retinol 500 749 Facercise

One of the most effective anti-aging products you can get without a prescription is our Retinol Skin Conditioner. It’s a gentle vitamin-A derivative that yields exceptional results without any of the redness or harsh drying effects that prescription versions cause. It improves skin for everyone from teenagers suffering from acne to adult women with visible…

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