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June 2015

3 Summer Fruits That Nourish Your Skin 1024 683 Facercise

3 Summer Fruits That Nourish Your Skin

storm-0914-fruit-064Summer brings with it a bevy of wonderful produce that can nourish your skin and boost your glow. Some summer produce can even add a touch of protection against dangerous UV rays, which is extra necessary this time of year. Read on for three excellent summer fruit options to boost your antiaging skin care regimen and stay posted for similar posts in coming weeks.

1. Cherries. A handful of cherries a day can result in smoother, fresher looking skin. They have the highest antioxidant content of any fruit, including powerful nutrients such as anthocyanins, which reduce inflammation and promote cardiovascular health. In addition, cherries are rich in melatonin, which increases UV protection, stimulates cell growth to combat wrinkles, helps fight insomnia and supports healthy sleep. Studies have shown that cherries also decrease belly fat, help with exercise recovery, prevent gout, reduce the risk of stroke and help ease arthritis pain. Choose tart cherries when possible, as they have the greatest antioxidant content.

2. Watermelon. The quintessential summer fruit, watermelon boasts an incredibly high water content to keep skin hydrated while its high levels of lycopene strengthens the cellular network for firmer, smoother skin. Watermelon is also packed with inflammation-fighting antioxidants and vitamin C, which boosts collagen production, helps combat free radical damage and supports immunity. This juicy fruit is also an excellent source of potassium, electrolytes and vitamin B, which boosts energy levels.

3. Pineapple. This delicious tropical fruit is loaded with powerful antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that combat free radical damage and help the body fight against chronic illnesses and diseases. Pineapple stimulates collagen synthesis to boost skin elasticity and firmness, and contains vitamin C and amino acids. In addition, pineapple contains bromelain, a proteolytic enzyme that promotes healthy digestion, fights inflammation and provides relief to sunburned skin.

Visit this link for more ways to improve your antiaging skin care regimen.

Would YOU pull silly expressions to look younger? 285 296 Facercise

Would YOU pull silly expressions to look younger?

Would YOU pull silly expressions to look younger? Mother-of-two tries celebrity FACERCISE trend… and feels the burn before seeing remarkable results
  • • Sarah Ivens, 39, tries the ‘furrow smoother’, ‘lip lift’ and ‘nose transformer’
  • • Exercises prescribed by Carole Maggio, the LA-based creator of Facercise
  • • Mother-of-two noticed her lips were fuller after two weeks of exercises
  • • Experienced muscle burn and soreness during and after the moves

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Body sculpting results
3 Steps to Your Swimsuit Body 378 265 Facercise

3 Steps to Your Swimsuit Body

Body sculpting resultsIt’s that time of year again—summertime is in full swing and many of my clients call me in a panic, wondering how they’re going to bear getting into their swimsuit this year. I tell them that if they follow the body sculpting routine I share below, coupled with a good diet and regular exercise, they will see a change in just two weeks.

Here is my routine for looking and feeling svelte all year long:

1. Dry brushing. This technique is essential for stimulating circulation and boosting your lymphatic system, which helps eliminate the toxins from your system. When you’re dieting, this is even more important because we need to make extra effort to flush all the waste so that your body can function efficiently. Dry brushing also exfoliates the skin, which unclogs pores and lets your skin breathe so that you can reveal a healthy, youthful looking glow. In addition, dry brushing has been shown to help decrease the appearance of cellulite by eliminating toxins that break down the connective tissue. Make sure to use a high quality louffa, such as one of my Sisal Louffas from Germany.

2. No Lipo Lipo. My proprietary knuckle massage method is something you can do in spa or in the comfort of your own home with instruction from my No Lipo Lipo DVD. This builds upon the benefits of dry brushing, further breaking down the fat cells in the connective tissue, boosting the lymphatic system, which results in inches lost and smoother skin. On average, in spa, clients lose up to 15 inches. For best results, modify your diet to exclude carbs after 5 pm.

3. Body Lifting Mask. This incredible enzyme mask will give you the lift you need before special events or hitting that beach party. Do this twice a week for longer last results.

Click through for more information on my No Lipo Lipo body sculpting technique.