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Skin Care & Face Coverings

Even though some states are easifacial exercisesng restrictions, many people are choosing or are required to continue to wear masks. If you’re opting to wear face coverings, you also need to protect your skin. Wearing masks can cause breakouts or other issues—especially with warmer weather on the horizon—so it’s essential to take care of your skin properly.

Here are a few tips for protecting your skin.

Follow Your Regular Regimen

It’s more important than ever to protect your skin and prevent the spread of bacteria. Continue with your normal skincare protocol, including facial exercises. Use all the products in your current program with vigilance. Be sure to cleanse your face thoroughly—heat, perspiration and friction from the mask rubbing your skin can cause overproduction of oil and breakouts.

Maintain Hydration

Drink plenty of water and mist your skin with Heavy Water Spritz throughout the day to keep skin hydrated and dewy.

Don’t Skip Moisturizer

Moisturizer is still an important step in maintaining your skin’s hydration levels. Our Ultra Hyaluronic Cream is an excellent choice as it can help soothe skin and contains ingredients that have been shown to increase skin moisture by 300 percent.

Consider Fabric

If you’re making your own masks at home, use fabric made of 100 percent cotton. If you use synthetic fabric, it will retain more heat specifically on the area of the skin that the mask covers. This can cause breakouts or irritation.

Apply Sunscreen Religiously

Face coverings do not provide proper sun protection. Apply Protective Sun Block SPF 30 thoroughly every day, even on the areas that your face covering hides. Masks can shift and the sun’s powerful ultraviolet (UV) rays may penetrate the material. If you’re spending time outside, re-apply the sunscreen to maintain protection.

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facial exercises
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8 Tips for Getting Rid of Adult Acne

facial exercisesAdult acne is a very common and annoying skin care issue. You would think that facing wrinkles is enough to deal with, but many suffer from adult acne too. Some women experience it deep into their 50s! It sounds like a sick joke, but unfortunately, it’s reality. We believe that doing facial exercises helps by boosting circulation and promoting cellular turnover, but other measures need to be taken as well.

Whether your adult acne is causes by the fluctuation of hormones or using the wrong products, it’s an unsightly and frustrating condition. Here are a few tips for managing adult acne.

Use the Right Skincare Products

Sometimes, using the wrong products can cause breakouts. If your skin is oily or combination, it’s best to use oil-free, non-comedogenic products. If you’re using acne medicine, you’ll also need to replenish what you’re taking away from your skin. Ask your dermatologist or aesthetician for recommendations. Our Oily Skin Package is an excellent option for oily and combination skin that is prone to breakouts.

Be Consistent

Gently wash your skin in the morning and evening and be vigilant about your skincare regimen. Consistency is key when you’re tackling difficult conditions like adult acne. Follow directions and keep a schedule!

Don’t Touch Blemishes

You probably heard this as a teenager, but it still stands true—don’t touch or pick at blemishes. This causes bacteria to spread and increases inflammation. It can also result in permanent scarring.

Sterilize Gadgets

Use alcohol to keep your phones, tablets and sunglasses clean. This helps stop bacteria in its tracks. You should also clean your makeup brushes often and only use makeup sponges one time.

Flush Out the Toxins

Drink lots of water and green tea to help your system eliminate toxins faster.

Avoid Over-Exfoliation

Too much exfoliation can actually cause or worsen breakouts and create redness and swelling. Gently exfoliate but only as much as your dermatologist or esthetician advises.

Clean the Sheets

Always make sure to have a clean pillowcase and sheets. Change the linens once a week at a minimum.

Avoid Heavy Foundation

Heavy foundation can clog pores. Avoid it whenever possible. Opt for tinted moisturizer or lightweight foundation.

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