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March 2020

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3 Reasons to Apply a Face Mask Right Now 1024 683 Facercise

3 Reasons to Apply a Face Mask Right Now

facial exercisesMasking is trending these days, but it’s been a strategy I’ve always promoted as a complement to my facial exercises and advanced skin care products. It helps your other products absorb better and work more efficiently so that you maximize your overall benefits. Masks also give you immediate results in their respective areas of specialty. For example, if you use my Face Lift to Go mask, you’ll see toning, firming and a healthy glow with your first use.

Here are three reasons to start masking now.

1. Masks Go Deep

Applying masks takes cleansing to another level by removing excess dirt and impurities that can sometimes linger on and underneath the skin’s surface. Masks can prevent acne and breakouts by drawing out impurities and unclogging pores. A good mask like my Face Lift to Go eliminates the dead skin cells that build up on the skin, making it look dull and clogging pores. This immediately leads to brighter looking skin and a healthy, youthful glow.

2. Masks Boost Your Normal Skin Care Routine

Applying masks on a regular basis makes the rest of your skin care products work better and boosts the results of facial exercises. Deep cleansing and exfoliating masks like Face Lift to Go improves absorption of the products you use, making them work faster and better. Masks can also stimulate circulation, causing your skin’s blood vessels to expand. This results in improved skin tone and a radiant glow.

3. Therapeutic Effects

One of the benefits of masking is that it gives you a chance to relax and be present. Set some time aside and turn your mask into a home spa experience. Light candles, run a hot bath with Epsom salts, play some relaxing music and simply indulge while you treat your skin. If time is short, at least lie down for a few minutes while the mask does its magic.

Introduce a mask to your skin care regimen today! For more information on our skin care products and system of facial exercises, click here.

5 Habits to Turn Back the Clock 276 183 Facercise

5 Habits to Turn Back the Clock

facial exercisesResearch shows that making small, incremental changes like wearing sunscreen and doing facial exercises is the best way to transform your lifestyle and achieve your goals. If anti-aging is a priority, read on for inspirational changes you can make that will takes years off your looks when practiced consistently. Start with one a week and by the end of the first month, you’ll be on your way to a beautiful transformation.

1. Drink Green Tea Every Day

Studies show that the antioxidants in green tea help combat free radical damage, while its thermogenic properties promotes fat oxidation and revs your metabolism.

2. Dry Brush

Boost circulation and make your skin glow by dry brushing every day before you hop into the shower. Try one of my amazing Sisal Louffas from Germany—they’re long lasting and super effective. Start at the tops of your feet and work your way up your entire body, using long, upward strokes in the direction of your heart. It’s the perfect complement to our incredible No Lipo Lipo technique—in fact, there’s a demo on the DVD that shows the proper dry brushing technique as well.

3. Wear Sunscreen Every Day

Make it a point to wear sunscreen every single day, rain or shine. You’ll reduce your risk of skin cancer and help prevent hyperpigmentation and wrinkles. Wear it on your face, neck, decolletage, hands and any other part of your body that is regularly exposed.

4. Do Facial Exercises Daily

Do our antiaging facial exercises twice a day for best results. On the Ultimate Facercise DVD, there is an 8-minute Superset that will save you valuable time.

5. Get Moving

Whether you opt for serious strength-training and cardio workouts, yoga and Pilates classes, or walks around your neighborhood, physical activity is instrumental in anti-aging and overall health. You’ll rev your metabolism, increase your calorie burn and boost heart health. If time is an issue, try some of these workout hacks to maximize even the smallest gaps in your schedule.

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6 Ways to Reduce Inflammation 500 331 Facercise

6 Ways to Reduce Inflammation

advanced skincare productsInflammation is a major contributor to the aging process.  It’s a stressor that negatively impacts the health of our bodies and skin. It accelerates aging and leaves us vulnerable to chronic illnesses and diseases that can shorten our life span. While inflammation plays a critical role in the body’s healing process, often times the inflammatory substances don’t back off when they’re done working. This leads to enlarged pores, sagging, puffy skin and an increased appearance in fine lines and wrinkles. The good news is, advanced skincare products and a healthy lifestyle can help offset its effects.

Follow these tips to reduce the inflammation that negatively impacts our skin.

1. Avoid Unhealthy Fats and Simple Carbs

Stay away from trans fats, hydrogenated oils and polyunsaturated vegetable oils, aka “unhealthy fats,” at all costs. Refined sugars and simple carbs cause blood sugar levels to spike and crash, which also triggers inflammation in the body and skin.

2. Combat Stress

Stress leads to the increased production of cortisol, a hormone that causes inflammation and leads to belly fat. Reduce stress by exercising, meditating and relaxing—find what works for you and practice it daily.

3. Reduce Exposure

Minimize exposure to environmental stressors that produce inflammatory responses, such as UV rays, pollution, free radicals and secondhand smoke. These are some of the biggest culprits of premature and accelerated aging.

4. Eat Anti-inflammatory Foods

Load up on whole grains, lean protein and foods packed with antioxidants, such as fresh produce. When choosing fruits and vegetables, seek out the most colorful spectrum possible. Wild-caught fish and foods that contain monounsaturated “healthy’ fats are also excellent options. Some ideal choices include avocado, eggs, tomatoes, squash, pumpkin, berries, citrus, green tea, walnuts, pecans, almonds and dark leafy greens like kale, spinach and Brussels sprouts. Spices like cinnamon, turmeric and ginger are also touted for their anti-inflammatory effects.

5. Exercise

Regular workouts and general physical activity reduces inflammation and combats stress. Aim to get 45 minutes of exercise five times a week. Strive to incorporate cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training for maximum benefits.

6. Use Products That Fight Inflammation

Antioxidant-rich products like our Complex C Serum and Nourishing E Oil are necessary weapons for your fight against inflammation. They boast anti-inflammatory properties to help heal the skin and fend of free radical damage that causes premature aging.

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