What is Facercise®?
Facercise® is a series of synergistic facial exercises that has been successfully implemented by hundreds of thousands of clients worldwide. Through proper facial exercise, one can strengthen and develop the facial muscles to achieve a more toned, younger looking face. These innovative maneuvers strengthen your facial muscles and takes years off your looks.

Just as a body builder can use weight training to isolate and develop certain muscles in his or her body, a particular facial feature can be developed and accentuated by performing a specific facial exercise. Positive results are seen in just a few days.

What are some of the specific results one can expect from doing Facercise®?
People experience a plethora of wonderful results from doing Facercise®. Some of the specific changes one can expect are raised or lifted eyebrows, diminished puffiness under the eyes, enlarged eye sockets (which make the eyes appear more open and vibrant), fuller lips with turned up, younger looking corners of the mouth, as well as a more toned and defined chin, neck and jaw line. As many women know, our noses grows larger as we get older, creating an aged appearance—Facercise® helps make the nose shorter and narrower. In addition, your complexion changes color and becomes more vibrant and youthful.

In addition to the physical transformations, those who do Facercise® experience dramatic changes to their self-esteem, confidence and self-worth. Everyone likes to look at something attractive, whether it’s a car, a house or a human being. Studies show that even babies will look at something more attractive than something that’s not. Therefore, if you look better, you feel better—then the world reacts to you better and you react to them better.

What are some of the most extreme results your clients have experienced?
Facercise® has actually helped many people with serious health conditions. We literally receive thousands of testimonials each year, many of which cite how our techniques cure everything from broken noses to Bell’s Palsy. People state that they think more clearly and some have said that it helped improve their eyesight. A man who was hit broadside by a truck, an accident that left his face numb and partially paralyzed, was cured after only three weeks of Facercise®. We also helped a woman who had Acoustic Neuroma, a brain tumor that caused paralysis in her face, recover feeling and movement after working with our methods (visit the Acoustic Neuroma website at www.anausa.org for more details)

What type of work needs to be done to maintain these incredible results?
You only need to spend 10 minutes a day, doing the Facercise® techniques.

What prompted you to create Facercise®?
My first attempt at creating a comprehensive anti-aging regimen began when, at the age of 34, my husband, who was 16 years my senior, told me that it looked like I was aging prematurely. After living in Scottsdale, Arizona for many years and baking in the hot desert sun, it was inevitable that my skin would show some sun damage… but at 34?

At the time, I was a licensed esthetician and owned my own spa, where I performed my proprietary No Lipo Lipo treatments and revolutionary enzyme facials. In addition, I administered “facelift massages,” a procedure developed by Dr. Gerald Snyder, for which I am the only other person in the United States licensed to administer. So I was already quite a beauty aficionado—but now, it was time for some serious research. I went home every night and analyzed my problem areas, and started doing movements that seemed to stretch and smooth them out. Before long, I was regularly exercising my face in the bathroom mirror. Five weeks after I started, one of my clients asked who performed my facelift, and from then on, everyone wanted to know what I was doing differently.

How did you start to share Facercise® with other women?
One of my skincare clients from Malibu commented that I looked different and asked what I was doing. When I told her about my facial exercises, she asked me to share them with her. For five days, we worked for two hours a day, during which I developed a dialogue to instruct others.

At the end of the week, my client’s husband invited me to lunch to “look at some pictures.” Since he was an art dealer from Beverly Hills, I assumed that he was talking about art. Instead, he showed me two photos of my client and asked what I thought. There was an extreme difference in how she looked in terms of age, so I said, “She sure looks a lot younger here, how many years apart?” He said “Five days—what are you going to call your technique?” The seed was planted—Facercise® was born.

How did your instruction methods evolve?
My original workshop developed when my first client referred several of her friends and neighbors from the Malibu colony to me. We created a three-day workshop during which the participants could receive private instruction. I taught each student two hours a day for three days, and made an audiocassette for them to follow for 10 minutes a day in order to maintain the remarkable changes they experienced. On the third day, I would take an “after” picture and there would always be some sort of visible change within that short period of time. I would tell them to take another photo in three weeks to see even more dramatic changes.

How did Facercise® become the booming business that it is today?
When it was time to expand the business, I gave complimentary seminars at five-star hotels, which included a presentation of before and after slides. At the end of each event, I signed the participants up for private courses, and would book a full workshop every time. I did that for about 10 years, expanding the presence of Facercise® as much as humanly possible.

By 1992, I had done a bunch of press appearances, which were seen by a woman in Japan, who flew over to San Diego to do a two-day course with me. Upon her return to Tokyo, she went to her regular spa to do jet lag treatments, and when she walked in, the spa employees immediately asked who performed her facelift. They could not believe it when she said that she had only done Facercise®. The owner of that spa called me right away and flew me over to work with seven of his clients. When I left, he said he would consider buying exclusive licensing rights, but needed to think about it for two weeks. Within 24 hours, he called and said he was ready. That licensing arrangement alone enabled me to buy a waterfront home—and generated tremendous exposure in Japan, where my book was reprinted in Japanese and is a best seller. Last year, we produced a DVD in Japanese as well.

What prompted you to write the Facercise® book?
In 1995, Harper’s & Queen magazine, who voted Facercise® as one of the 100 Best Beauty Products in the World twice (it was the only US product ever selected), did a three-and-a-half page article on the technique. After reading the article, both McMillan Publishing in London and Putnam in New York called that same week and asked me to write a book. Making changes to one person’s face on an individual basis is more important that exposing hundreds of people who may not get the concept, so I quickly agreed. The book was published in 1995 and became a best seller all around the world.

In 2002, I wrote two more books—an extension of Facercise®, which offers nine new exercises and a revamp the 14 original. Based on one man’s incredible results, I was inspired to write one specifically for males—Face Builder for Men.

How are you able to share Facercise® with women all across the globe?
Fortunately, I have been able to travel to 17 countries to give instruction and work one- on-one with everyone from royalty, rock stars and celebrities, to CEOs and stay-at home mothers.

In addition, both the Facercise® DVDs and books are sold in countries all over the world, including Singapore, France, Ireland, Scotland, Brunei, Jordan, England, Italy, Indonesia, and Argentina, among others. The DVD is translated into the Spanish, English and Japanese languages. These tools enable women to perform the Facercise® techniques in the privacy of their own home and even their car.

The Beginning DVD offers instruction on 13 synergistic facial exercises that I personally demonstrate. The set includes 2 CDs: the At Home Lying Down/Sitting Up CD will get you through the exercises in 10 minutes, and the Auto CD is to use while driving your car for increased flexibility and results.

The Facercise® book provides 14 beginning and nine advanced synergistic facial exercises to tone and tighten all 57 muscles of your face and neck, and includes a section on other skincare techniques as well.

What do you love most about doing what you do?
The masses of letters and testimonials that I receive keep me inspired on a daily basis. Helping all these people for the last 27 years has just been the most fulfilling experience I could ever imagine. I am as enthusiastic and thrilled today as the very first day that I started. Every time I see a client’s before and after pictures, I am overwhelmed with joy. I know if my clients continue to do Facercise® and are disciplined about it, the results will continue coming for years and years.