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FACERCISE® licensing requires a 2 day training program in our spa in Redondo Beach, California. Classes also held via Skype®.

FACERCISE® Licensees are granted the right to market the techniques, sell FACERCISE® DVD’s, books and skin care.

FACERCISE® has been called “Hollywood’s best kept secret” because the techniques really do work. They tone and tighten the 57 muscles of the face and neck. Clients see a visible difference in their faces in as little as 5 days, if the techniques are applied correctly.

FACERCISE® is internationally recognized as the alternative to costly botox injections and face lifts. FACERCISE® has been voted “one of the top 100 beauty products in the world” by Harpers Bazaar magazine. The New York Times described FACERCISE® as “bending time’s arrow the other way.”


Facercise® Licensees

Anastasia Burdyug
Moscow, Russia
127051 Mockea
Метро Сухаревская, пл. 12,
3 этаж, салон
Telephone (495) 782-14-80

Elena Kopetskaya

Krasnoder, Russia

Tel: 791-834-51500

Gloria Budd
London and Buckhamshire, England
Tel: 44 7714 244404

Julia Sayfullina
Moscow, Russia
+7 (919) 371 6666

Natela Polyakova
Exclusive Licensee for Barcelona Spain

Olga Rolund
Umea, Sweden

Kathryn Parslow
Seattle Washington


For more information, please call Carole Maggio Day Spa at 310-316-1818 or Toll-Free 1-800-597-3555