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March 2018

6 Weapons for Cellulite Reduction 561 394 Facercise

6 Weapons for Cellulite Reduction

cellulite reductionLet’s face it—we all dread the “cottage cheese” appearance that cellulite causes on our legs, bum, stomach and arms. The industry for eliminating these dimply areas of skin is growing exponentially. Consumers across the globe are spending millions for topical agents and risky surgical procedures that promise cellulite reduction.

The good news is, there are some easy ways to reduce the appearance of this unsightly condition. If you want to feel more confident in swimsuits, shorts and sleeveless tops, try the methods below for safe yet effective results.

1. Flush, Flush, Flush

Proper hydration will flush out the toxins that lodge inside the fat layers underneath the skin, forming those bumpy lumps that appear as cellulite. Drinking water also plumps the skin, which can smooth out the appearance of those lumps.

2. Avoid the Whites

A healthy diet can prevent the formation of more cellulite and help diminish its appearance significantly. This means eating lots of lean protein and fiber-rich foods, while avoiding those with too much refined sugars and sodium. Overall, try to avoid as many processed foods as possible and steer clear of those with more than 200 mg of sodium per serving.

3. Dry Brushing

We always push the dry brushing technique, but for good reason—it stimulates the lymphatic system, which helps flush the toxins out of our body. It also boost circulation, which delivers oxygen to the cells and can help banish ugly cellulite before it forms.

4. Retinol Cream

Applying a topical formula such as my best-selling Retinol Conditioning Cream helps to smooth out the skin and make lumps less visible.

5. No Lipo Lipo

There is no better cure for cellulite than No Lipo Lipo treatments. If you can’t get to our spa, then get the No Lipo Lipo DVD and do this revolutionary treatment in the comfort of your own home.

6. Supplements

Kelp has been shown to burn body fat and therefore decrease the appearance of cellulite. Gotu Kola Extract is a caffeine-free supplement that thickens skin and improves elasticity. Try both for best results.

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dry brushing
Facial Detox—Beauty Face Mitt and Bamboo Glove 370 499 Facercise

Facial Detox—Beauty Face Mitt and Bamboo Glove

dry brushingThe Beauty Face Mitt and Bamboo Glove are face savers for sure! Dry brushing the face is a wonderful adjunct to the Facercise program of revolutionary facial exercises. If used regularly, dry brushing exfoliates, tones, tightens and actually lifts the skin of the face and neck. The exfoliation process initiates strong blood supply to the skin, sheds dead skin cells and allows the skin to breathe and function better.

Shedding old dead skin cells effectively accelerates the turnover process, making way for new fresh cells. This exfoliation unclogs the pores and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Regular practice will impart that youthful glow that makes you appear radiant. Exfoliating the skin also allows the skin to better absorb your skincare products.


If your skin is normal/dry, try using the Bamboo Glove in the morning and the Beauty Face Mitt in the evening—that’s what Carole does! You can also alternate by using the Bamboo Glove one day and using the Beauty Face Mitt the next. If your skin is oily, try using a combination of the two, three to four times a week.


Keep your Mitt and Glove clean by washing them in face cleanser or Woolite and allow them to air dry. Always remember, once the Mitt or Glove becomes too soft always replace it to maintain its effectiveness!

The Method

Start by making a long “O” or oval with your mouth so that you do not stretch your skin. Then make 20 to 30 small, quick circular motions around your entire face, including the area above your mouth, under your eyes and even the area under your eyebrows. Apply enough pressure to feel as though you are massaging your face. Concentrate on one area at a time, then move onto the next area to keep track of your 20 to 30 circular motions.

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