What is No Lipo Lipo?

No Lipo Lipo is a knuckle type treatment that breaks down fatty tissue, as well as cellulite in the connective tissue. This proprietary technique employs strong, upward sweeping motions, in order to reverse gravity, tighten skin and reduce inches. It is non-invasive and completely safe, and the results are unrivalled by any other treatment. We’re extraordinarily proud of the results and back up our work by taking before and after photos, as well as measurements.

How did you develop this revolutionary technique?

In 1979, when I was living in Arizona, I heard about a woman who sculpted the legs of Miss Arizona contestants. My interested was piqued since, despite the fact that I was pencil thin, (115 pounds at 5’6”) and an avid runner who went to the gym regularly, I still had sizeable thighs and what are commonly known as saddlebags—not very becoming to such a slender girl. No amount of working out had ever helped slim down this area, and I knew it had nothing to do with weight and that it was all about distribution. This woman treated me three times a week, and after three weeks, I saw a huge difference in the size of my thighs. I was thrilled beyond belief and, intuitively, knew it was something I had to learn to do. I paid her a sum of $5000 (big money in 1979!) to teach me everything she knew. Then, in 1980, I met a man in Northern California who sculpted the legs of many Las Vegas showgirls. I had him teach me his revolutionary technique, even though I was still unsure of what I was going to do with this information.

In 1981, I married, moved to Carmel and opened my first spa. I decided to combine the body sculpting training and knowledge I received to performing No Lipo Lipo on my clients. Before I knew it, my schedule was booked solid. I had to hire six women to help accommodate our constant flow of clients. Ever since we started these treatments, it has been a flourishing aspect of my business.

What kind of results do clients experience?

We have had hundreds of thousands of clients achieve amazing results with this incredible treatment. On the average, in spa, clients lose about 15 inches. Some lose weight as well, but all experience a more sculpted body, with noticeably less cellulite and more overall definition. Many people notice that their clothes fit more loosely and that their problem areas are significantly reduced in size. In addition, the color of their complexion improves due to boosted circulation from the treatment. Clients not only see an extremely positive difference in their outward appearance, they feel more self-confident and their body image substantially improves.

What is required for No Lipo Lipo?

The program requires two half-hour visits a week to a licensed location, such as Carole Maggio Day Spa in Redondo Beach, located at 1713 S. Catalina Avenue, Redondo Beach, CA 90277. Some clients instead choose to have “double” sessions (one-hour treatments), once a week.

Where can people in locations other than Southern California get No Lipo Lipo treatments?

In California, treatments are available at licensed locations in Bakersfield, Carmel, Gilroy, Glendale, Palmdale and San Dimas. Throughout the country, you can get No Lipo Lipo™ in Hawaii, Chicago, Tallahassee, Tucson and Scottsdale. Licensing is currently a growing segment of the business and the best way for us to significantly increase the number of lives changed by this incredible treatment.

In addition, there is now a No Lipo Lipo DVD available, so that users can perform this revolutionary technique on themselves, in the privacy of their own home.

For more information or to learn about licensing opportunities, please call 310.791.8707.