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Your Holiday Survival Guide 764 308 Facercise

Your Holiday Survival Guide

antaging skin care regimenThe holidays are in full swing and it’s time for us to enjoy ourselves. However, it’s easy to get carried away with all the temptations we face during this time of year—parties, alcohol and sugar-laden carbs, to name just a few. Instead of throwing caution to the wind and overdoing it, we’ve prepared a guide to keeping it together so that your looks don’t suffer as a result of all the holiday festivities. Read on for some quick tips that will keep you looking and feeling your very best when the New Year rolls around.

Employ a carb deficit. Let’s face it—you know you may give in and sample your favorite aunt’s pecan pie or other carb-laden treat at your holiday dinner, or drink a few glasses of spiked egg nog and hit the baked goods at your company party. Be realistic and set yourself up with a carb deficit—as in, cut back on carbs for a few days before each event. If you can, stick to my strict no carbs after 5 pm rule as much as possible.

Opt for lean protein. Choose lean protein whenever you can—it fills you up for longer and helps us build the muscle mass we need to burn more calories and look more toned.

Do your Facercises. Don’t skip your facial exercises just because it’s the holidays. You’ll want to look your lifted and firmest best for holiday photos and it will make sure you build on the results you’ve already attained. Try the 8-minute Super Set on the Ultimate Facercise DVD if time is short.

Don’t go anywhere hungry. Don’t starve yourself all day so that you can binge at a holiday party in the evening—this will slow down your metabolism and you’re bound to consume way more calories than you would have on a less empty stomach. Consume healthy, lean protein meals earlier in the day and have a handful of almonds, cashews or a cup of Greek yogurt before you go anywhere—even to the mall.

Lift it. Get you glow on by doing a Face Lift to Go treatment before your event. Your skin will be luminous and lifted for days to come.

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