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January 2016

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The Dangers of Waist Training

body contouringFor the past two years, celebrities ranging from the Kardashian clan and Amber Rose to Kim Zolciak and Jessica Alba have shared their “secret” to an hourglass figure—the waist trainer. The device is really a modern day corset, and there’s a reason women gave this practice up hundreds of years ago. While waist training sounds interesting, experts claim this trend poses many health threats—and we believe it. The only way we’ve had success with spot training and body sculpting is by using No Lipo Lipo and dry brushing, but the results are long lasting when you commit to the program, which really only takes a few minutes each day.

Here are some of the health risks you may encounter with waist training:

Compressed organs. Those who try waist training have trouble breathing because the garment squeezes and compresses your lungs. Even if the waist trainer doesn’t rise high enough to actually hit your lungs, it squeezes your diaphragm, making it harder for your lungs to take in oxygen. This can actually put you at rick for pneumonia or pulmonary edema.

Compressed ribs. There have actually been instances of women getting bruised ribs from wearing these contraptions for too long.

Reduced blood flow. In addition to making it more difficult to breathe, decreased oxygen flow leads to a reduction in blood flow, which puts more pressure on your cardiovascular system and can even cause blood clots.

Experts say it doesn’t really work. The worst part is, experts say that no matter how long you wear a waist trainer, you won’t lose any real fat around your waist. Your waist looks smaller when you wear it, but there will be no actual permanent results.

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4 Ways to Get Red Carpet Ready

facial exercisesIf your eyes were glued to the Golden Globes or you attended them this weekend, surely you noticed the celebrity arrivals on the red carpet. It’s the ideal way to check out the year’s hottest fashion and beauty trends as well as the disasters. Either way, awards season provides inspiration for looking our very best on our own red carpet and special events.

Below are some excellent tips for getting ready for all of your important events of the season.

1. Exercise. Whether your event is tomorrow or two weeks from now, hit the gym or your favorite exercise class to get the blood flowing. Hopefully, you’ve got some time to prepare, because in as little as two weeks, you can see improvements from regular exercise. Work out the day of your event if possible, especially if you’re feeling stressed—the endorphins that exercise releases will help you feel more relaxed and your skin will glow from the increase in circulation.

2. Facercise. Do your facial exercises every day, twice a day, for best results. We like to do our Facercise regimen right before getting our makeup done the day of the event. If you’re new to the program, you can see results very fast—some clients start to see improvements anywhere from five days to two weeks, if they’re doing them correctly. Get a one-on-one Skype session with Carole herself to tweak your personal regimen and maximize results.

3. Get your ZZZs. Make sure you’re on a regular sleep schedule from now until the event. This will ensure that you get the most benefits from exercising and will help prevent those unsightly dark circles under your eyes.

4. Hydrate properly. Step up your hydration game the week of the event, especially if you tend to retain water. If you are feeling bloated, eat potassium-rich bananas and consider taking supplements such as vitamin E. Avoid sodas, overly processed foods and items with too much sodium.

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