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October 2017

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5 Ways to Fight Sugar-Related Aging 400 296 Facercise

5 Ways to Fight Sugar-Related Aging

facial exercisesThe three-pronged approach I recommend for fighting the signs of aging includes using good products, daily facial exercises and following a healthy diet. What always surprises me is that many people don’t take diet into consideration. Diet definitely impacts your skin—especially when you eat too much sugar and simple carbs. When there is too much sugar in your bloodstream, a nasty process called glycation occurs. Glycation causes the sugars you consume to produce advanced glycation end products (AGEs).

The high blood sugar levels that set the stage for AGEs causes our bodies and skin to age faster. The formation of AGEs leads to the breakdown of collagen and elastin, the essential protein fibers that gives our skin its firmness and elasticity. AGEs also cause age spots and hyperpigmentation, dull skin tone, inflammation, fine lines, wrinkles, and the thickening and sagging of skin. Exposure to ultraviolet rays expedites glycation, further increasing the appearance of the signs of aging.

Below are some five ways to combat AGEs and boost the results of daily facial exercises.

1. Cut Down on Sugar

Skip sugary sweets and simple carbs, which convert to sugar in your bloodstream, as much as possible. Load up on lean protein and fiber to help fill you up so you don’t have hunger pangs. If you have a sweet tooth, opt for a piece of fruit to curb that evil craving.

2. Attain and Maintain a Healthy Weight

Studies show that weight gain can contribute to the formation AGEs. Strive to reach and maintain a healthy weight for your size.

3. Wear Sunscreen

Since exposure to the sun’s rays bolsters the formation of AGEs, wear sunscreen every single day. Wear it on your face, neck, décolletage, arms, legs, hands—basically anywhere that is at risk for sun exposure.

4. Do Strength or Resistance Training

One of the pitfalls of aging is that we naturally lose muscle mass, which can boost blood sugar levels and lead to more AGEs formation. Strength and resistance training is awesome because it helps your rebuild muscles. The greater your lean muscle mass, the more glucose your muscles consume.

5. Limit Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol can convert to sugar in your body and also boosts glycation. Limit your alcohol intake and avoid sugar-laden mixers altogether.

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facial exercises
5 Tips for Using Retinol Products 500 749 Facercise

5 Tips for Using Retinol Products

retinolSummer is over—which means it’s the perfect time of year to incorporate retinol into your regimen. Retinol is a vitamin A-derivative with powerful anti-aging effects that can dramatically change the appearance and texture of your skin. Regular use results in a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, large pores, acne scars, hyperpigmentation and “sun spots.”

We offer two amazing products at our spa and online store: Retinol Skin Conditioner and DNA Supernatural Vitamin A Serum. While these products are mild and rarely have side effects, some retinols can cause dryness and irritation. Read on to learn five tips for using retinol effectively without any of these issues.

1. Start With a Gentle Product

It’s important to slowly introduce retinol to your regimen. Avoid starting with a prescription retinoid, as these can be too harsh on skin. Using a non-prescription retinol such as my Retinol Skin Conditioner is the safest, most gentle way to achieve results without irritation.

2. Go Slow

When you add retinol to your skin care program, don’t use it every night from the get go. Retinol is a biologically active ingredient that needs a slow introduction. Start by using it every other night during the first week. On the second week, use it two nights in a row and take the third night off. Repeat. If your skin is extra sensitive, you may want to start off using it twice a week and then stepping up to every other night the following week. Do either of these programs for the first three to four weeks and then you can add retinol in to your routine five to seven nights per week, depending on how your skin reacts to it. If you do experience any irritation or redness, cut back.

3. Apply to Dry Skin

For best results, wait 20 to 30 minutes after washing your face before applying a retinol product.

4. Wear Sunscreen Daily

Retinols make your skin more photosensitive, so be sure to apply sunscreen every single day. Sunlight can also render retinols ineffective, so if you don’t protect your skin from the sun, you’ll waste all that good product!

5. Moisturize Wisely

Many people apply moisturizer on top of their retinol. If you plan to do this, make sure the retinol absorbs a minimum of 20 minutes. If you apply moisturizer immediately, it will dilute the retinol and reduce its effectiveness.

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facial exercises
6 Anti-Aging Hacks 400 600 Facercise

6 Anti-Aging Hacks

facial exercisesWe know you’re doing your facial exercises daily, but maintaining youthful skin requires a comprehensive regimen. You’ve got to take great care of your skin, from both the inside and the outside, on a very consistent basis if you want to combat wrinkles and preserve a healthy glow. It takes a lot of work, but when you look good, you feel even better.

Read on for anti-aging tips and hacks that will take the results of your skin care regimen and facial exercises to the next level.

1. Sleep on Your Back

When your face is pressed against a pillow every night, sleep wrinkles form. Avoid them altogether by sleeping on your back, which is healthier for your spine too. This also helps prevent wrinkles from forming on your neck and décolletage. If you have trouble making this shift, try laying down for 15 minutes on your back to build muscle memory.

2. Flush Puffiness Away

Puffy faces and under eye bags are unsightly signs of aging. Reduce your sodium intake and hydrate properly to help decrease puffiness. Eat lots of antioxidant-rich food and cut down on foods and drinks that cause inflammation and bloating. This means you need to avoid processed foods, sugar, simple carbs, wheat, dairy and alcohol as much as possible.

3. Always Wear Sunglasses

Don polarized lenses every day to help block the sun’s damaging rays. This will protect your eyesight and prevent the squinting that leads to fine lines and crow’s feet.

4. Drink to Your Health

It’s essential to consume lots of water to flush the toxins out of your system. Take your efforts to the next level by drinking other beneficial beverages, such as green and white tea, low-sugar smoothies and lemon water.

5. Wear Hats When You Step Outside

If you want to avoid sun spots and hyperpigmentation, wear hats to provide as much coverage as possible. This is an absolute must if you ever hit the beach or spend an extended amount of time outdoors.

6. Apply Eye Cream by Tapping

Don’t rub product into the delicate skin around your eye, the skin is just too sensitive. Instead, gently tap the product with your finger.

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facial exercises
6 Skin Care Tips for Transitioning to Fall 500 750 Facercise

6 Skin Care Tips for Transitioning to Fall

facial exercisesWhile Fall brings relief from the hot summer sun, it’s not time slow down on daily sunscreen, skin care and facial exercises. Some of the humidity and moisture may dissipate this time of year, which means we need to compensate and adjust our skin care regimes. Below are some tips to help you transition your routine during this seasonal change so you can maintain happy skin and a youthful glow.

1. Start the Season with a Facial

Slough dead skin cells from the summer with an in-spa facial to start the season right. This will prep your skin for cooler and possibly harsher weather. Plus, it gives you time to relax and pamper yourself. If you can’t make it to the spa, do a Face Lift to Go at home.

2. Incorporate Vitamin C

Now is an ideal time to add vitamin C into your routine, both with supplements and skin care products. Brighten up your skin with a rich vitamin C serum such as my Hi-Density Vitamin C serum. It will help remove sun spots and hyperpigmentation that developed during the summer months. Apply it to your face, neck, décolletage and hands every morning.

3. Retinol

At night, shed dead skin cells and prevent the signs of aging with retinol, a potent derivative of vitamin A. This will help undo some of the signs of aging, even out skin tone and impart a healthy glow. My Retinol Skin Conditioner is an excellent choice.

4. Change Cleansers

When the climate changes, you may want to switch to a richer, creamier cleanser such as my Creamy Milk Cleanser. It is milder on your skin so that you avoid the irritation that might be caused by a harsher cleanser or one with exfoliant properties.

5. Use a Richer Moisturizer

As the air becomes cooler and drier, you may need to use a richer moisturizer to enhance the skin’s protective barrier. It’s a good time to opt for a product like my Ultra Hyaluronic Cream as it attracts significant moisture to your skin. Studies show it can increase moisture up to 300 percent!

6. Protect Your Lips

Often times, we experience dry, chapped lips due to colder weather. Protect your skin with a hydrating lip balm with SPF during the day—it serves as an excellent base for your lipstick or lip gloss. At night, apply vitamin E oil to rehydrate and combat free radical damage.

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