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How to Recover From the Holidays

body sculptingIt’s a fact—the average American gains weight over the holidays. Temptation is in full force, making healthy eating tougher than ever. Yet the answer is not skipping meals or fasting now that the holidays are over. It’s time to implement some new habits and tweak your lifestyle so you can undo the holiday damage.

Here are some simple tips to combat holiday weight gain.

Hit the Grocery Store

Make a list, check it twice and hit the store. Shop for healthy, unprocessed foods and load up on lean protein and veggies. Once you’ve stocked the refrigerator, you have no excuse to eat unhealthy foods and it will be easier than ever to meal prep.

Eliminate Temptation

Get rid of the holiday leftovers, cookies and candies as soon as you can. It’s so easy to reach for something sweet when you experience stress. Remove the temptation and replace it with fruits and veggies.

Avoid the Scale

Jumping on the scale right after holiday indulging can cause more stress than it’s worth. You may be extra bloated so the number on the scale won’t be the best reflection of your actual weight. Instead, eat healthy and exercise for a week—then step on the scale. You’ll have put a dent in some of the damage and won’t upset yourself prematurely.

Dry Brush

Help detox your system and exfoliate dead skin cells by dry brushing daily with one of our Sisal Louffas. It boosts the lymphatic system, which helps flush the toxins from your system. Plus, your skin will glow!

Have Smart Snacks on Hand

Stock up on healthy snacks to keep hunger at bay and stabilize your blood sugar levels. This will help you avoid temptation in the form of holiday leftovers. Opt for low-calorie snacks with protein and fiber to stave off hunger.

Do No Lipo Lipo

No Lipo Lipo helps break up the fat in the connective tissue while boosting the detoxification process. It makes muscles appear more toned and can help you lose inches all over the body when performed daily. Use our No Lipo Lipo DVD to use this system in the comfort of your home.

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Holiday antiaging gift guide – the body

Are you ready to get all of your holiday shopping done in one shot? Our antiaging arsenal of products has something for everyone in your life! Whatever you choose from our awesome gift guide, your giftee is going to love it—who wouldn’t want the gift of looking and feeling great? Below are some of our top sellers for getting that help users get as close as possible to that dancer’s body we all dream about.

No Lipo Lipo DVD

This DVD makes it possible to reduce the appearance of cellulite and fat deposits in the privacy of your own home. You’ll learn the proper dry brushing technique and our famous knuckle-massage treatment that firms, tones and reduce unsightly bumps. This proprietary, non-invasive technique yields an average inch loss of 15 inches in 5 weeks, 2 sessions weekly in-spa. It’s one of the few treatments that helps reduce cellulite and cankles. Available in PAL and NTSC formats.

Body Lifting Mask. This unrivaled enzyme mask firms, tightens and makes skin feel silky smooth. Gluten free. $125 and worth every dime.

Sisal Louffa Mitt. This 100% Aloe Sisal natural fibre louffa is the holy grail for those trying to fight cellulite and reduce fat deposits. This easy to use mitt is the perfect tool for dry brushing—it stimulates circulation, exfoliates dead skin cells and boosts your blood flow. You’ll see smoother, more toned looking skin in two weeks. $22

Sisal Louffa Strap. This 100% Aloe Sisal natural fibre louffa is ideal for treating those hard to reach areas like your back and neck. Made in Germany, this incredible louffa will help you make sure you stimulate the blood flow and exfoliate every inch of your body. $25.

Nourishing E Oil. This rich blend of clean processed protein oil with vitamin E is excellent for use with No Lipo Lipo treatments. It’s the perfect humectant for dry skin all over your body and is also ideal for gently removing eye makeup. On sale for $14.95!

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5 Ways to Survive the Holidays

While the holidays can be one of the best times of the year, they often are accompanied by weight gain. With all the festivities on the horizon, chances are you’ll face a lot of temptation. The good news is, if you follow our tips below, you can fend off weight gain and still indulge here and there.

1. Step Up Your Regimen

Don’t wait for the New Year—now is the time to step up your diet, dry brushing and No Lipo Lipo body sculpting regimens so you can maintain your weight. Let yourself indulge in moderation at special events, but eat a clean diet the rest of the time. Strictly follow our dry brushing and No Lipo Lipo body sculpting programs to help you look and feel your best. Both boost your lymphatic system, which flushes the toxins from your body.

2. Start Your Day Right

Have a healthy, protein-rich breakfast in the morning to fill you up and fuel your day. Then go for a run, hit the gym or head to your favorite exercise class. Studies show morning workouts help you stay on track the rest of the day. Try to exercise as many days as possible, even if you have to get up early. It will help you burn off some of the excess calories you may consume and reduce holiday stress.

3. Don’t Go Anywhere Hungry

Don’t skip meals so that you can overeat at that party or holiday meal you’re headed to. When you go somewhere on an empty stomach, you will eat many more calories than if you eat normally throughout the day. Eat small but healthy meals and have a protein or fiber-packed snack before you go anywhere, even to the mall.

4. Use Small Plates

An excellent way to control your portions is to use smaller plates. Once you hit an event or holiday meal, don’t grab a large entrée plate and fill it up. Instead, take a salad or appetizer plate and eat slowly. Give your stomach time to signal your brain that you’re not hungry anymore. Chances are you won’t need to go back for seconds and won’t miss the larger servings.

5. Be Selective

Depriving yourself can backfire, so indulge in a few of your holiday favorites—but only the items you really enjoy. If fruitcake isn’t one of your favorites, don’t have a piece of just because it’s there. Opt for a few tastes of your favorite dishes in moderation and call it a day.

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