Taylorsville, North Carolina 150 150 Facercise

Taylorsville, North Carolina

Dear Carole,
First, I’ll give you some background information about myself. I am a 48-year old mother of 3 children ~ ages 20, 18 & 16. I’ve never been able to achieve a flat stomach after my children. Even at my healthiest, running 3 to 5 miles every other day….I still could not achieve my long lost flat stomach. Also, my weight had crept back up and I was back in a size 10.
This journey started with a friend of mine telling me about a DVD called “No Lipo”. We watched the DVD and I laughed. I told her she was crazy and this would never work. To prove it, I would take the challenge and try it for 6 weeks. So I wrote down the 6 exercises and did them faithfully every morning. I started this regiment the 2nd week in November. After 3 weeks, I noticed my size 10 jeans were too big. I thought WOW…can this stuff really be working. I was back in my size 8 jeans.
By the 2nd week of January, I was back into my size 6 jeans and loving it. Am I a believer??? YES…YES…YES!!! I recommend this video to all of my friends, because they are constantly asking me what I’m doing to lose the weight. I tell them 6 little exercises.

Thanks Carole Maggio…I’m a Believer!!!
Becky Rosenberg
Taylorsville, North Carolina

JANE B., ILLINOIS 150 150 Facercise


Hello Carole,
It is been a while since I have written but I wanted to update you on my progress with No Lipo Lipo. Since starting the program in early September, I have lost 6 pounds, and a total of 2 inches from my waist, 3 from my thighs, an 1 ¼ inch from my calves, and 1 inch from my ankles of all places! I accomplished this by following your no carbs after 5 pm recommendation and dry brushed in the morning before work and did the massage in the evening. I honestly could not be happier with my results! My husband is thrilled too and surprised me with a cruise to the islands in February to celebrate our 15th anniversary. Thanks to you I now feel confident enough to wear my bathing suit in public! Thanks again for creating such a wonderful program.
Have a blessed holiday season

GINNY R., RHODE ISLAND 150 150 Facercise


Hi Carole,
I wanted to update you on my progress with No Lipo Lipo. As my New Year’s resolution, I decided to religiously perform the massage every night when I got home from work. The no carbs was a little more difficult, but I was pretty good with that as well. In just short of a month’s time, I’ve been able to decrease my cellulite substantially and tone and sculpt my thighs. I did measure them before and after, and much to my amazement, I lost a total of three inches from each thigh. This was the only area I measured, because that was what really bothered me. I am now able to fit into my skinny jeans again! I cannot say enough good things about this program—not only the physical results, but my energy level is sky high. Thank you Carole!
Best wishes

CINDY B. 150 150 Facercise


Hi Carole,
I cannot tell you how happy I am using your No Lipo Lipo anti-cellulite system. “My legs are so much much more firm and my rear is more rounded and lifted in less than a month ~ which I am amazed by!”
Best wishes

JOSIE BOOTHE, LONDON, UK 150 150 Facercise


Dear Carole,
I ordered the mitt and started No Lipo Lipo. I really did not think it would work, but had become so depressed about my body’s increasing slackness and cellulite that I had nothing to lose. My waist and abdomen drooped and flopped over waistbands, my lower legs had thickened and no amount of exercise had any effect on that – I thought I had a serious circulation problem! I was beginning to give into that old myth that ugly ageing was inevitable. Really, I cannot believe the results. I dry brush every morning, and do the massage at night, right after my facial routine. At first all this seemed a lot, but now it is second nature and energizes rather than tires me. My body is smoother and a healthier colour than I thought it could ever be again. It does not have that “old lady” matt whiteness any more. There is some cellulite still on my behind (which looked like it had a puncture before), but even those few remaining “dimples” are getting less almost daily. And of course, clothes are fun again, rather than a compromise.
Thank you so, so much.

ANNIE L., UK 150 150 Facercise


Hello Carole,
I started working out a little, watching my food, and in February I had a web class with you to learn how to do the No Lipo Lipo on myself. All of this ’little by little’ efforts have very soon reaped very noticeable results. With some small adjustments in my habits and schedule, using a combination of exercise, your food recommendations and dry brushing and No Lipo Lipo technique, I have lost over 40 pounds of excess weight in a little over two months!! My confidence level has grown and l no longer worry about what the future will bring. I can deal with anything that comes my way, pregnancy, holiday weight gain – none of this stuff frightens me anymore. I know with absolute confidence that I am going to deal with it successfully!
All the Best

DEE MILLER, FT. LAUDERDALE, FL 150 150 Facercise


Hello Carole,
I just received my package with the Body Lift and No Lipo DVD Kit. I was so excited to use the Body Lift. I have spent a lot of time in the sun in my 60 years. Ever since menopause, my legs have become terribly crinkly and the skin saggy especially around the knees. I did three treatments. After the first treatment I noticed a tightening effect. After the second, more tightening and a smoothing out of the wrinkles. After the third treatment, the skin looked much improved. The skin is smoother, much less crinkly and lifted. I was amazed! I am going to start your No Lipo Lipo treatments next week. I watched the DVD in its entirety and I think this is something I can do. I will keep you posted on my progress. Thanks again for everything you do.
All the best

M. CAMERON 150 150 Facercise


Dear Carole,
I am a believer!!! This No Lipo Lipo really works!! If you look back at my e-mails, you can see I was very skeptical. BUT, I “took the plunge” and I am so glad I did!! It really does work—“who would think it!” Thanks again!!

KATIE MILLS 150 150 Facercise


Dear Carole,
I just wanted to let you know how wonderful all of your products are! I recently ordered the new Stem Cell Serum and really love the way it makes my skin look and feel . I know it’s probably too early for results to show but somehow my skin really looks moisturized and plump. It’s not at all greasy and has a great scent to it. Thanks again!

KATHRYN ERREY 150 150 Facercise


Dear Carole,
I just wanted to let you know that I purchased the No Lipo Lipo CD and the body brushing mitt and strap at the beginning of 2012. I have performed the procedure diligently and am seeing the results! While I am very slim, I have always had a little pot belly that no amount of exercise or diet could budge. I resisted liposuction but tried ultrasonic cavitation which was still expensive and did not make a great deal of difference. Well, I am pleased to say that my “pot” has been reduced significantly since performing the knuckle massage and belly routine you suggest on your DVD. I am so pleased! Thank you!
Quick question: I have just turned 50. Thanks to years of performing Facercise, my facial and neck skin is firm and relatively wrinkle-free. However, I have noticed a small patch of crepey-looking skin on the front of my neck – just over my Adam’s Apple. I have no sag or anything else, just that small amount of problem skin. Can you recommend anything to help? Creams and lotions have not made a difference. I would be most grateful for any advice you might have.
Kind regards