Dear Carole,
First, I’ll give you some background information about myself. I am a 48-year old mother of 3 children ~ ages 20, 18 & 16. I’ve never been able to achieve a flat stomach after my children. Even at my healthiest, running 3 to 5 miles every other day….I still could not achieve my long lost flat stomach. Also, my weight had crept back up and I was back in a size 10.
This journey started with a friend of mine telling me about a DVD called “No Lipo”. We watched the DVD and I laughed. I told her she was crazy and this would never work. To prove it, I would take the challenge and try it for 6 weeks. So I wrote down the 6 exercises and did them faithfully every morning. I started this regiment the 2nd week in November. After 3 weeks, I noticed my size 10 jeans were too big. I thought WOW…can this stuff really be working. I was back in my size 8 jeans.
By the 2nd week of January, I was back into my size 6 jeans and loving it. Am I a believer??? YES…YES…YES!!! I recommend this video to all of my friends, because they are constantly asking me what I’m doing to lose the weight. I tell them 6 little exercises.

Thanks Carole Maggio…I’m a Believer!!!
Becky Rosenberg
Taylorsville, North Carolina

Taylorsville, North Carolina