Dear Carole,
I ordered the mitt and started No Lipo Lipo. I really did not think it would work, but had become so depressed about my body’s increasing slackness and cellulite that I had nothing to lose. My waist and abdomen drooped and flopped over waistbands, my lower legs had thickened and no amount of exercise had any effect on that – I thought I had a serious circulation problem! I was beginning to give into that old myth that ugly ageing was inevitable. Really, I cannot believe the results. I dry brush every morning, and do the massage at night, right after my facial routine. At first all this seemed a lot, but now it is second nature and energizes rather than tires me. My body is smoother and a healthier colour than I thought it could ever be again. It does not have that “old lady” matt whiteness any more. There is some cellulite still on my behind (which looked like it had a puncture before), but even those few remaining “dimples” are getting less almost daily. And of course, clothes are fun again, rather than a compromise.
Thank you so, so much.