• April 5, 2021

7 Anti-Aging Hacks

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7 Anti-Aging Hacks

7 Anti-Aging Hacks 500 750 Facercise

face exercisesMaintaining youthful skin requires a comprehensive regimen. You’ve got to take great care of your skin, from both the inside and out, on a very consistent basis if you want to combat wrinkles and preserve a healthy glow. It takes a lot of work, but when you look good, you feel even better.

Read on for anti-aging hacks that will take the results of your skin care regimen to the next level.

1. Sleep on Your Back

When your face is pressed against a pillow every night, sleep wrinkles form. Avoid this by sleeping on your back, which helps prevent wrinkles from forming on your neck and décolletage and is healthier for your spine. If you have trouble making this shift, try laying down for 15 minutes on your back every day to build muscle memory.  You can also put a pillow under your knees, remove the one from under your head, and hug a small pillow to your chest. Psychologically, this gives you the same feeling as if you were in the fetal position on your side.

2. Flush Puffiness Away

Puffy faces and under eye bags are unsightly signs of aging. Reduce your sodium intake and hydrate properly to help decrease puffiness. Eat antioxidant-rich produce and cut down on foods and drinks that cause inflammation and bloating. This means you need to avoid processed foods, sugar, simple carbs, wheat, dairy and alcohol as much as possible.

3. Always Wear Sunglasses

Don polarized lenses every day to block the sun’s damaging rays. This will protect your eyesight and prevent the squinting that leads to fine lines and crow’s feet.

4. Do Face Exercises

Doing facial exercises daily will tone, firm and smooth your skin and help prevent future signs of aging.

5. Drink to Your Health

It’s essential to consume lots of water to flush the toxins out of your system. Take your efforts to the next level by drinking other beneficial beverages too, such as green and white tea, low-sugar smoothies and lemon water.

6. Wear Hats When You Step Outside

If you want to avoid sun spots and hyperpigmentation, wear hats to provide as much coverage as possible. This is an absolute must if you whenever you hit the beach or spend an extended amount of time outdoors.

7. Apply Eye Cream by Tapping

Don’t rub product into the delicate skin around your eye, the skin is just too sensitive. Instead, gently tap the product with your finger.

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