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Savvy Style: Carole Maggio’s No Lipo Lipo

Savvy Style: Carole Maggio’s No Lipo Lipo

Savvy Style: Carole Maggio’s No Lipo Lipo 984 1024 Facercise

Posted by Chaton Anderson on April 11, 2008 · Leave a Comment

While TheSavvyGal.com’s mission is to provide resources to help women, but never to make them feel the need to be skinnier or prettier to be “whole” — it is still a fact that most of us do yearn for a better looking body, while being healthy — and, of course, doing so in style.

There are many methods available today: cardio, resistance training, exercise (Pilates, yoga) or nonsurgical and surgical procedures (Endermologie, liposuction), and whatever other new trend is getting all the hype.

Now that I am in my 30s, my metabolism, like most of ours, has slowed down considerably and I have to work out so much harder just to eat about half of what I did in my 20s. I have tried every new exercise method and, I must admit, considered getting liposuction, but just can’t bear to go under the knife or face the danger of anesthesia simply for the sake of vanity (yes, I know you can do it without, but I certainly am not trying to be awake through that one!).

A friend of mine who has tried everything to lose weight, from Endermolologie to Velasmooth to acupuncture to SmartLipo, recently called to say she finally found the Holy Grail. I feigned interest as she revealed her latest discovery: Carole Maggio’s No Lipo Lipo. Massage this, knead that, inches lost … I couldn’t wait to change the subject. Not another one of her fairy tales that she always ended up regretting spending her hard-earned money on.

Then I saw her in person. And I know this sounds a bit over the top, but it was the most dramatic transformation. She suddenly had abs, her skin was glowing and she just looked smaller. She described how easy it was and that it required only minimal adjustments to her normal routine. It involves special massages, twice a week, to stimulate circulation, and help tighten and tone muscles.

It is much more appealing to think about using this natural, holistic method to address beauty and anti-aging, as well as this treatment would cost significantly less than a visit to a plastic surgeon (and be much safer), I figured, why not? After a consultation with Carole herself, my interest was piqued right away. At 62, she looks amazing; everything is tight and lifted. Yes, she works out, but most of us know only so much can be changed with exercise. I signed up immediately and commenced this life-changing routine.

The first few treatments were definitely a shock to the system. I have always had issues with my stomach, and have fought to reveal the six-pack hiding somewhere deep inside. Thankfully, this is the first place a difference was noticed. Using her proprietary method of knuckle-based massage, Carole literally sculpts your body. It’s like nothing I have ever experienced. It almost feels like a rolling machine is kneading each section one by one, and after the first few sessions, it is actually relaxing. The results blow away what can be done with Endermologie, as the size of the hand and strength of the person administering the massage reaches areas and goes deeper than any machine. Every time I finish a treatment, my mood is elevated and my skin is glowing! It is better than any kind of therapy.

Best of all, the results are amazing. The average loss is 15 inches; so far, I have lost 14 inches and, most importantly to me, my stomach has shrunk considerably. Every client takes before and after photos, and I can definitely see a noticeable difference in my body when looking at mine. I met with another friend this week and the first thing she mentioned was that I looked great and like I had lost weight. Come to think of it, this was the third mention in the last five days. This system is really like magic, and I can’t wait to tell every woman who has ever considered going under the knife or who has just wanted to look better about it.

Carole’s day spa is located in Redondo Beach, California, and there are other licensed facilities throughout California, as well as in Hawaii, Arizona, Florida and Illinois. For more information, call 310.791.8707 or visit facercise.com/dayspa. Carole is offering a $50 discount to all Savvy readers (new customers only). Simply mention TheSavvyGal.com when you call!

For all you savvy entrepreneurial spirits, franchise opportunities are available and are certain moneymaking enterprises. Consider the fact that, in a recession, there are two consumer industries that do not suffer: alcohol and beauty. I am looking into franchising my own location, so wish me luck! For information on franchising, call 310.791.8707 or email [email protected].

Chaton Anderson is a writer and the publicity director for TheSavvyGal.com. A product and pop culture addict, she is always looking for the coolest, hippest things on the market. Email her at [email protected] with questions or leads on products and services on the cutting edge.