• November 7, 2013

Exercises For Face Muscles

Exercises For Face Muscles

Exercises For Face Muscles 150 150 Facercise

Exercises For Face Muscles

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Most people think it’s lines and wrinkles that age a face, and so they relentlessly pursue the one face cream or dermabrasion treatment that will make them look years younger. What happens is that they end up with smoother, brighter skin, but they still look their age, with drooping chins and heavy eyelids. It isn’t the fine lines that others first notice, it’s the muscle tone of the face.

There are young people with fine lines around eyes and mouth, and yet they still look young. Their cheeks are firm and rounded, their chins sculpted and their eyes wide and bright. This is because their muscles have not lost form, definition and elasticity yet. The lines go almost unnoticed when people are judging their ages. You can regain your own youthful muscular facial structure by properly exercising and sculpting your facial muscles.

Do Facial Exercises Work

You may have heard about our program, Facercise, as our creator, Carole Maggio, has been seen on television programs around the world. We have also been featured in a host of publications, including The New York Times and Harpers and Queen. However, we know that it’s only natural for you to wonder, “Do facial exercises work?”

Before we answer this, let’s look at the alternatives: lotions and plastic surgery. No matter how expensive a lotion is, it’s only going to work topically. You may be able to minimize fine lines this way, but you’ll never be able to lift a sagging double chin or re-sculpt your cheekbones with a cream. Facelifts, too, only work on the skin, and in fact actually damage your ability to keep your face firm and toned, since tissue is severed and becomes weakened.

Facial exercises (the right facial exercises) however, actually strengthen the muscles in your face. You can actually create beauty from the inside out. It’s not the ultimate “quick fix,” just like you can’t apply a lotion and hope for miracles in an hour. You can, however, begin to see dramatic results in less than one week!

Our face exercise DVDs and book show you how to lift cheeks and chin, diminish puffiness under the eyes, enlarge your eye sockets and raise your eyebrows. You can even tighten up a nose that has grown with age! To order our books and DVDs, or to find out more about our products, contact us at (800) 597-3555 or (310) 316-1818 or by [email protected]

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