• December 20, 2023

8 Holiday Diet & Body Sculpting Tips

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8 Holiday Diet & Body Sculpting Tips

8 Holiday Diet & Body Sculpting Tips 500 333 Facercise

body sculptingWhile the holidays are packed with temptation, weight gain can be avoided this time of year. In fact, some of my clients who do No Lipo Lipo body sculpting treatments lose weight during the season! If that’s the track you want to be on, follow my holiday diet and body sculpting tips below.

1. Be the Host

One of the best ways to ensure there will be some healthy options on the menu is to host the big holiday meal or party yourself. Mix up the traditional dishes with low carb options and toss up a big healthy salad to start with.

2. Start Your Day With Dry Brushing

Dry brushing will start your day right by revving the metabolism and boosting circulation.

3. Don’t Go Anywhere on an Empty Stomach

If you arrive at a party hungry, you will probably overeat. Have a light but filling snack about a half an hour before you arrive so that you won’t lose control at the buffet table. Choose something with protein or fiber to rev your metabolism and keep your digestive system busy.

4. Only Hit the Spread Once

Eat slowly and only fill your plate once. Tempting as seconds may be, they really should be avoided. It takes your stomach around 20 minutes to let your brain know that it’s full. If you eat slowly enough you’ll be too full to think about seconds.

5. Hydrate Properly

Proper hydration flushes the toxins from your system, fills you up and helps your skin glow. Drink lots of water and tea throughout your day and at your holiday festivities. Add lemon or ginger for added health benefits.

6. Avoid Leftovers

Give away all your leftovers. You don’t need to be faced with temptation every single day until the New Year rolls around.

7. Do No Lipo Lipo

One of the best ways to keep your body looking its very best is to do No Lipo Lipo body sculpting treatments, It will boost your lymphatic system, lift and tighten your skin, and boost your weight loss efforts.

8. Schedule in Workouts

Don’t write off your exercise regime when you need it the most! Make time in your schedule to walk, run, and hit the gym. Treat yourself to a session with your trainer—it will help keep you accountable and on track.

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