• July 8, 2021

3 Ways to Defy Age While You Sleep

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3 Ways to Defy Age While You Sleep

3 Ways to Defy Age While You Sleep 500 332 Facercise

facial exercisesIf you want to maximize the results of your skincare program and facial exercises, you need to take make the most of sleep. Our skin cells work to repair and regenerate when we sleep, so there’s no better time to boost your skin care regimen. Read my three tips for fighting the signs of aging while you sleep.

1. Optimize Your Products

Since your cells repair and regenerate at night while you sleep, your products have more time to absorb and will work better. Use a rich hydrating product like my Ultra Hyaluronic Cream or Advanced Anti-Aging Cream all over your face, neck and décolletage. Another excellent product to use at night is our extraordinary Spin Trap Crystal Serum, which provides incredible moisture, especially for the delicate under eye area. All of these products are superb complements to facial exercises.

2. Shed the Excess

Nighttime is the deal time to apply a retinol product to shed dead skin cells and stimulate collagen production. My Retinol Skin Conditioner gently but effectively exfoliates those cells that clog pores and dull our skin. With nightly use, you’ll reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while imparting a youthful glow. You can boost results by applying eye cream and moisturizer over the retinol to maximize absorption.

3. Address the Full Package

Don’t stop at your face—apply products to your entire body, when possible. Moisturize your neck and décolletage with a product specifically designed for that area or your face products. Several times a week, apply a rich hand cream to both your hands and feet and cover with gloves and socks for the ultimate hydrating treatment. If you can, apply retinol to your hands, arms and legs, with special attention to the often-dry elbows and knee areas. If you dry brush regularly and treat the skin all over your body, your skin will glow and appear firmer.

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