Dear Carole, I wanted to thank you for your DVD which I have now been working on for two weeks. I am not new to facial exercises. I had bought the Eva Fraser book about ten years ago and found it made a good difference and then about five years ago I bought a facial flex which has been good for my facial muscles -I think- but had left two areas of concern. My neck or rather chin is the most troubling as the facial flex had built up unevenness in my chin because I think of an uneven strength in the muscles on one side. The result was an ugly strengthening and indentation on one side of the throat and two prominent muscle lines, like parallel tracks on my neck below the chin. But within the time I have been doing your exercise, that has already started to even out. I think your two neck and chin exercises are amazingly effective, thank-you. The other area the facial flex was not having much effect on was the under eye area and again I can see an immediate difference in eye socket and under eye strengthening that lifts my face dramatically. At first I found your pulsing actions strange but now I feel astounded by how well they work. I can really feel my face exercised and relaxed after a session and feel very excited about the improvements in such a short time. I shall shortly order your second DVD and am also interested in your No Lipo Lipo program. I think your work is a wonderful achievement, the whole experience of aging becomes less painful, more challenging…to defy gravity is quite powerfully uplifting. Many thanks and best wishes.