I just wanted to drop you a line. I have your books. A few months ago, I was just doing the Lip Plumper exercise. The impact was so huge my own husband accused me of having lip injections! I am 41 and I have been blessed with really nice skin. I am in the beauty industry and I always get compliments on my appearance from strangers. However, this is why I am emailing you…I have only been doing all the facial exercises for about a week and a half. Yesterday I was at an industry workshop. All day long, I had compliment after compliment about my face. I was really taken aback with this. I personally do not feel 41 is old, but I actually had some women go right up to my face to look at my skin. Last week I took some before photos without make-up. I will be tracking the progress at the 30 day mark. I plan on tracking the progress for a year (I do not impress very easily, but I am that impressed). Thank you for coming out with your books! They are wonderful. All the very best