I would like to sing the praises of two of the most recent products I have tried in your skin care line ~ Face Lift To Go and Body Lift. I tried the Facelift To Go first and was amazed at the complete transformation my skin took with this product. I couldn’t pass a mirror without glancing in. My skin looked refined and lifted, not to mention flawless. I know that continued use of the product is necessary to keep these results but what isn’t after 40! I recently ordered the Body Lift system because I was wanted to aid the No No Lipo results. I used it on my stomach and thighs and was thrilled with the result. My skin looked like it did years ago and it seemed to tighten everything. I had used it four times this way and the last time I had some extra left over and I did my hands……Oh boy I was blown away with the results. My hands look as smooth as they did when I was in my twenties. That is saying a lot with the condition of my hands from the cold winters we have here in Maine. I wish I had a good camera to take before and after pictures because if people saw the results you wouldn’t be able to keep the product in stock. Whatever is in these products is dynamite…I want to take a bath in it! You need to know that I am not one to get excited with topical products unless they are outstanding….these products are over the top! Fondly, Jane Hansen, Atlanta, GA