Dear Ms. Maggio, I can not thank you enough for helping me erase the memories of the ordeal I went through all in the name of vanity. Honestly, I did not know what to do when the Juvederm filler I had injected at my plastic surgeon office began to look like I had a worm moving in my nasolabial fold area. I was truly horrified and felt like a freak!!! I really appreciate all of the help you have given me showing me (via the webcam) how to massage this area and basically held my hand through cyberspace while I cried. I never thought it possible that this could happen using fillers. All of my friends were using them, so I thought they were safe. I thought…how could this happen to me? But it did! I am happy to share my story about how your wonderful massage technique and facial exercise program helped me rid my body of this ugly horrible substance. I will never ever contemplate fillers or Botox ever again. I am finally looking back to normal again, and even better than before! I truly wish everyone knew about Facercise and the wonders of natural anti-aging techniques. You are absolutely the best!