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No Lipo Lipo

“With some small adjustments in my habits and schedule, using a combination of exercise, your food recommendations and dry brushing and No Lipo Lipo technique, I have lost over 40 pounds of excess weight in a little over two months! My confidence level has grown and l no longer worry about what the future will bring...”

-Annie L., U.K.

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About Carole

"You can’t help growing older but you don't have to look older," says Carole Maggio, "the world's foremost authority on facial exercises."

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Carole’s books will help you master your Facercise and antiaging
skin care regimens.

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Carole’s antiaging facial exercise and body sculpting DVDs are bestsellers
across the globe.

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Cutting-edge antiaging treatments help lift, firm and tone every inch of your body and face, from Stem Cell Facials and Microdermabrasion to No Lipo Lipo massage treatments.

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          What is Facercise?

          • A series of synergistic facial exercises that have been successfully put into practice by hundreds of thousands of satisfied clients worldwide.
          • Facial exercises have been proven to strengthen and develop facial muscles to achieve a more toned and youthful looking face.
          • For centuries, Ayurveda, an ancient Indian science, has been using massage and facial exercises, touting it as a key to delay the aging process and help prevent wrinkles.
          • Mainstream medical Doctor Oz agrees that facial exercise is a viable alternative to help you “keep those muscles taut and prevent some of the sagging that occurs with gravity”.
          • Ultimate Facercise, the newest version of the program incorporates aspects from both the Beginning and Advanced programs and is now the foundation program.


          What is Ultimate Facercise?

          Ultimate Facercise is Extreme Facercise. Ultimate Facercise utilizes the body differently with posturing movements to create more resistance. More resistance equals faster and better results in a much shorter period of time. The mind-muscle connection is still a very important component of the program.

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