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SKIN BITES - All About Our EGF Repair Cream

EGF Cream is a game changer for dry, mature, aging and damaged skin. It contains Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF), a protein that helps signal the cellular changes that lead to DNA synthesis and mitosis for cellular growth, proliferation and repair—it is the single most important substance for the repair and maintenance of our skin. 

As we age, our ability to produce and use EGF naturally declines, which allows skin damage to accumulate. To counteract this buildup of damage and signs of aging, EGF cream replenishes our skin’s supply and works to heal and repair, while mopping up the free radicals that cause signs of aging and reduces inflammation. 

In addition, our EGF Cream contains the emollient D-Alpha-Tocoperhol, which contains antioxidants with healing properties, as well as olive oil, which provides essential fatty acids (EFAs), and pumpkin seed oil, another antioxidant that is rich in EFAs and vitamin A. With these powerful ingredients, you can see why our EGF Cream is such an effective force in our arsenal of antiaging products.

No Lipo Lipo is an amazing knuckle-massage like treatment which breaks down and smoothes the cellulite and fatty deposits. The skin will firm, tone and lift! In spa the average inch loss is 15 inches in 5 weeks, 2 sessions weekly. Our Dry Brushing technique is also demonstrated using our sisal mitt and strap which strengthens the connective tissue and firms the skin. Your skin will feel like silk and look amazingly younger. This technique can be performed on yourself. Great for muffin tops and cankles! See us on Youtube!


One hour private FACERCISE classes are now available via Skype. This is an invaluable tool when mastering the FACERCISE regimen. Many FACERCISERS do the exercises incorrectly, even though they have read and re-read my book or purchased my DVDs. With a private session via webcam, you will be able to see me perform the exercises and I can see your face and technique and correct anything you are doing wrong. Also, I can instruct you on some new exercises which are not in the book or on the DVD. The price for a one hour session is $195.

Those who have been long-time FACERCISERS are surprised how much they benefit by taking a Skype Class. Some of the comments I get are “Wow I finally feel the burn that you always talk about!” OR “I feel like the exercises were so much more intense doing them with you via Skype.” And more importantly, they are very pleased with their results in just one session because I can specifically show them where they need to concentrate their focus. Muscles have memory and respond very quickly! Call for available appointment times.

Remember to keep FACERCISING each day - twice a day to look your very best! Always remember that the results of a Facelift, no matter how good, are only temporary and will need to be repeated down the road. Facelifts, Liquid Facelifts, Chemical Peels and Botox are also very costly and all have inherent risks. The Facercise Program targets the 57 muscles of the face and neck and allows you to create positive changes that can be built upon over time. Keep a photo log of yourself to track your progress to help keep you motivated! Remember, the Ultimate Facercise Super Set gets you through the entire program in less than eight minutes. That’s not much time commitment to create and maintain the face you want!

This kit contains one DVD and two CD’s. Before you begin, watch the DVD for one full week twice daily to familiarize yourself with the exercises. Follow along with the models demonstrating the exercises to get comfortable using proper form, visualization and resistance movements. After one week, you should be ready to listen to the Demonstration CD which is 12 minutes long and provides complete detail. Perform the exercises with the Demonstration CD for one week, twice daily. By this time, you should be comfortable with the exercises and be able to perform them from memory.

Next, you should be ready to move onto the 8-Minute Super Set CD. The Super Set is a condensed version of the exercises, without all the detailed explanations. I have found following this format will allow you to avoid having to use the DVD every day. Perform the Super Set twice daily for optimal results. The Super Set allows you to complete the exercises in just 16 minutes a day! This CD can also be used in the car. Just use one hand to press against the steering wheel for resistance and the fingers of the other hand to pulse and visualize energy flow. (It’s best to perform the exercises at stop signs or red lights.)

Face Lift To Go

Carole Maggio Day Spa offers private FACERCISE classes for men and women. During the private Facercise class, there’s an emotional connection that occurs when the client and I meet, and it instills not only a desire, but a discipline to remain focused and consistent. Meeting face-to-face allows me to concentrate on your specific facial needs and create your own personalized program. I can also make instant corrections regarding body posturing, resistance, visualization techniques, etc. In Spa Class is $300 and includes the Facercise DVD.

Call 1.800.597.3555 or 310.316.1818 for details.

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Top 5 Reasons You Need Sunscreen

It always surprises me how many clients ask if sunscreen is really necessary—even after spending thousands of dollars on skin care products, spa treatments and doctors’ visits. Our skin is the largest organ of our bodies and receives the most exposure, making sunscreen one of the most essential items in our antiaging arsenals. Sun damage causes fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, hyperpigmentation and skin cancer—no one should ever skip this oh-so-critical component of a skin care regime.

Sunscreen should be applied, every single day, rain or shine. If you need further convincing, read on for five reasons why you must wear sunscreen every single day.

1.    It prevents sunburns. Let’s face it—the sun may feel good when you’re outside, but it’s sending harmful, sunburn-causing rays your way. The ozone layer is depleting, which makes these rays even more dangerous to your skin. While a sunburn can fade in a matter of days, the damage can be permanent. Don’t put your skin at risk for a second! Apply it to your face, neck, hands, arms and décolleté 20 minutes before you even walk out the door.

2.    Sunscreen combats age spots and hyperpigmentation. There is an array of skin conditions caused by the sun’s rays, so if you want to avoid dark spots, hyperpigmentation, rosacea and melisma, sunscreen is a must!

3.    Sunscreen slows down wrinkles and other signs of aging. In addition to combatting sunburn and UV damage, regular use of sunscreen can protect against the signs of photoaging, such as wrinkles and loss of elasticity.

4.    It reduces redness and unsightly veins. The sun’s harmful rays can destroy the collagen surrounding capillaries and tiny veins under our skin, making them more visible and increasing redness. This damage accumulates over time, resulting in red, blotchy skin with pronounced red veins.  

5.    Sunscreen reduces the risk of skin cancer. Despite all the warnings and education out there, the American Cancer Society reports increasing skin cancer cases in the United States every year. Don’t be another statistic—apply sunscreen a minimum of once per day to decrease your risk of this formidable disease.

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The No Lipo Lipo™ technique has been featured in the mainstream media and on numerous TV programs because it REALLY WORKS. Visit this link to purchase the No Lipo Lipo™ DVD or call our toll-free line at 1.800.597.3555.


No Lipo Lipo

No Lipo Lipo

No Lipo Lipo

No Lipo Lipo DVD

WATCH KTLA News Clip on No Lipo Lipo™ Here!

"Dr. Oz" on Facercise

Facercise in Prevention Facercise in Essentials Magazine Facercise in SELF
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The Pulse

Many studies show that the best way to change your lifestyle and achieve your goals is to make small, manageable changes. This goes for beauty and age prevention as well—if you adopt these three lifestyle habits that I follow in my daily life, you will see a dramatic change in your appearance. Start with one per week, adding another each week. By then end of the month, you’ll already be on your way to looking younger and feeling better and will be ready for me to share more of my lifestyle habits!

1. Have a cup (or 2) of green tea every day. Research shows that the antioxidants in green tea helps fight and even reverse damage from free radicals. In addition, green tea is rich in thermogenic properties that boost your metabolism and promotes the oxidation of fatty cells.

2. Dry brush daily. Slough off the excess by dry brushing every day before you take a shower. This practice stimulates circulation and makes your skin glow. Try one of my incredible Sisal Louffas from Germany—they’re unrivalled when it comes to results and last a long time. Begin dry brushing the tops of your feet and work your way up your entire body. Use long, upward strokes moving in the direction of your heart. Dry brushing is also an excellent way to accelerate and enhance results from our incredible No Lipo Lipo technique. There’s even a demo on the DVD that shows the proper dry brushing technique as well.

3. Facercise daily. For best results, do our antiaging Facercises twice a day. If you’re short on time, there’s a convenient 8-minute Superset on the Ultimate Facercise DVD, there is an 8-minute Superset. You’ll save time but won’t lose any traction on your results. P.S. Did you know that Dr. Oz swears by antiaging facial exercises?

Hot Flash of the Month

Murals by Lovano

Founded in 1983 by Redondo Beach resident John Lovano, Murals by Lovano is the premier artist when it comes to murals and faux finishing in the South Bay. 

John recently created this amazing artwork for my grandson's rooms. Click here to learn more about this wonderful artist.










Facercise Licensees of the Month


Anastasia Burdyug
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Telephone (495) 782-14-80


Hina “Oriental Head Therapy ™” therapist located in Japan. Oriental Head Therapy was originally created in Japan. Those who receive this amazing treatment feel so comfortable and realize how it also works well for anti-aging. NOW offering Facercise instruction at “Presense” Holistic Care Salon.

Contact information:
Tel & Fax: 03-6450-3048
Email: [email protected]

Olena Rossoshynska in Dubai
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Tel: 97-152-913-7770

“Oeuf Azabu”
Tel: 03-6441-0827

Tolkyn Marat  
Astana, Kazakstan  

[email protected]  

No Lipo Lipo Licensee

Hayat El Hamri in London
Contact: [email protected]


For more information or to learn about licensing opportunities, please call 800.597.3555 or visit www.facercise.com/dayspa.


(Success stories from home and abroad)

Dear Ms. Maggio,
I discovered your Facercise techniques by accident one day when I was searching on the internet for an alternative to the surgical facelift I had been considering for a couple years, but had been dreading and procrastinating. The unpredictable results from surgery and the long period of swelling were definitely huge drawbacks. I decided to buy your book and try your techniques. I experienced tremendous results after 6 months, and would not even consider a facelift now. I really think that I look younger than I looked 10 years ago, and I can see it a big difference from the 8 year old picture on my driver’s license. I started incorporating your program into my large cosmetic dentistry cases, and noticed that I was able to obtain faster and more dramatic results with my patients. Patients that practiced Facercise during and after extensive cosmetic dentistry would look 10 to 15 years younger in just a few months without absolutely any surgery.  The “Dental Facelift” erases years of premature aging by restoring worn and missing teeth to provide proportion and dimension to the face, along with increased muscle tone and healthier looking skin. The size of the face increases slightly with properly designed cosmetic dental procedures to support or stretch the facial skin (rather than cutting and pulling the skin) to provide excellent results, often superior to surgical facelift techniques.  The Facercise method helps with patients with TMJ problems, enables them to adjust more quickly to cosmetic dentistry procedures, provides excellent facial muscle tone and a marked improvement in color and quality of the facial skin because of the increased circulation to the face.  I now recommend all my patients begin the Facercise program prior to me even starting any cosmetic dental procedures.  The youthful results and the happiness of my patients continue to amaze me, even after three years of clinical applications. I feel thankful to have happened upon your book and it has definitely changed my dental practice for the better.

Barry Nestlerode, DDS