• November 7, 2013

Top Celebrities Using Facercise Facial Exercises

Top Celebrities Using Facercise Facial Exercises

Top Celebrities Using Facercise Facial Exercises 150 150 Facercise

Celebrities Who Perform Facial Exercises

Their youthful appearances often leave many of us in envy and disbelief. However, celebrities are rarely lucky enough to maintain youthful looks without some kind of intervention. The good news is that, in many cases, this intervention is not surgical or invasive in any way. In fact, some of the top celebrities across world have been discovering the benefits of using facial exercising to prevent the aging process.

Defying time

Many people have envied the eternally youthful looks of A-list actress Gwenyth Paltrow. The 39 – year – old star is frequently spotted out on the town in barely-there mini dresses, sporting an equally fresh face. Gwenyth, who is also known for her natural and understated look, recently revealed one of her secrets; she performed a series of simple facial exercises.

Another celebrity who doesn’t seem to have visually aged in the past 20 years is Jennifer Aniston; her perpetually youthful face doesn’t ever seem to change. It has long been reported that Jennifer was a fan of the technique, which increased the popularity of a craze that emerged in 2009 called ‘facial yoga’. However, despite only coming into the public eye in 2009 due to its celebrity following, facial yoga is a technique that has been around for many centuries, particularly in India where it originated. It is now fashionable in the United States, with many celebrity trainers putting together a series of ‘facial gymnastics’ – all designed to achieve the result of looking younger, but tailored towards each individual client. Leading facial yoga trainer, Annelise Hagen (author of The Yoga Face), explained that clients needed to dedicate themselves to the regime to see results, performing the routines on a daily basis. “I can’t promise that you won’t age,” she said. “But what I can say is that if you practice these principles and exercises, you will visibly slow down the rate at which you age,’ she says.

And it is not just the ladies that are fans of facial exercising. Even over in the UK where men have a reputation for being rough around the edges, one of Top Gear’s stars, Richard Hammond, was recently on TV demonstrating facial exercising techniques. He was clearly impressed, as he later admitted that he took on some of these routines and noticed a difference. That could explain why the 42 – year – old presenter still has such a baby face.

Ayur Vedic fans

Celebrities have also been known to combine Ayur Vedic treatments with facial exercising. A huge fan and advocate of Ayur Vedic medicine combined with facial exercises is supermodel, Cindy Crawford. Again, Cindy is one who has been blessed in the looks department. Her looks are no way reflective of her 46 years. However, Cindy’s looks might be down to good luck in the genes department, but her body’s reluctance to the aging process isn’t. She believes that her radiant facial appearance is down to the detox abilities of Ayur Veda, combined with regular participation in facial exercising. The 5,000 year old Indian medicine system is famed for its detox capabilities and is often paired with a four-hand facial massage to further work the small muscles in the face. It has also been tried by certain celebrities to reverse the effects of substance abuse and botched botox jobs, upon the realization that the secret to achieving a youthful complexion is through more natural means.

Other fans of the Ayur Vedic technique include billionaire, Oprah Winfrey, actresses Shilpa Shetty and Goldie Hawn, and fellow super model, Christy Turlington.

The Queen of Pop

Finally, let’s not forget Madonna. Now well into her fifties, Madge continues to dazzle and shine – giving those in their twenties and thirties a real run for their money. When she divorced from Guy Ritchie in 2008, a 50 – year – old Madonna emerged looking radiant and ten years younger than her age. She famously sported plump and healthy cheeks, a distinguished jaw line and a smooth forehead. Her youthful demeanor had previously been linked to surgery and a number of other diets and strict exercise regimes. However, it then emerged that she had been receiving regular home visits from one of the world’s most famous facial exercise trainers, 80 – year – old Eva Fraser.

Fraser herself has many celebrity followers, including Helen Fielding and Jane Birkin, and could easily be mistaken for someone in her fifties. It turns out that Madonna had been strictly following one of Brikin’s personalized facial exercise regimes and put her glowing looks entirely down to this.