MICHELLE W., CALIFORNIA 150 150 Facercise


Hi Carole, How are you? I hope you had a fabulous Christmas. I have your Facercise DVD which I ordered online and found it has really helped me so much with my Bells Palsy. I will send you some pics when I am 100% again, and hopefully that will be soon! Many thanks for creating these wonderful exercises! They have really helped me get my face back (especially since I am getting married in 2011!) I wish you a happy and prosperous New Year, and I hope to hear from you soon! Kind Regards

KATIE G. 150 150 Facercise


Hello, Merry Christmas to you, Carole Maggio! Thank you once again for giving me the greatest gift ~ Facercise. Happy New Year to you and good health and enough happiness. Will we see another Facercise book in 2015? Best wishes, Katie G.

JANE B., ILLINOIS 150 150 Facercise


Hello Carole, It is been a while since I have written but I wanted to update you on my progress with No Lipo Lipo. Since starting the program in early September, I have lost 6 pounds, and a total of 2 inches from my waist, 3 from my thighs, an 1 ¼ inch from my calves, and 1 inch from my ankles of all places! I accomplished this by following your no carbs after 5 pm recommendation and dry brushed in the morning before work and did the massage in the evening. I honestly could not be happier with my results! My husband is thrilled too and surprised me with a cruise to the islands in February to celebrate our 15th anniversary. Thanks to you I now feel confident enough to wear my bathing suit in public! Thanks again for creating such a wonderful program. Have a blessed holiday season, Jane B.

LYNDA K., ARIZONA 150 150 Facercise


Dear Carole, Hands down, your EGF Serum is the best on the market! I have used others and none compare to the results yours has produced on my skin. My pores are less noticeable, my skin is more firm and taut and the fine lines around my eyes and mouth have disappeared. This is great stuff… I wish it came in a gallon size. I would use it on my whole body!! Thanks

GINNY RAY, RHODE ISLAND 150 150 Facercise


Hi Carole, I wanted to update you on my progress with No Lipo Lipo. As my New Year resolution, I decided to religiously perform the massage every night when I got home from work. The no carbs was a little more difficult, but I was pretty good with that as well. In just short of a month time, I have been able to decrease my cellulite substantially and tone and sculpt my thighs. I did measure them before and after, and much to my amazement, I lost a total of three inches from each thigh. This was the only area I measured, because that was what really bothered me. I am now able to fit into my skinny jeans again! I cannot say enough good things about this program—not only the physical results, but my energy level is sky high. Thank you Carole!



Hello Ms. Maggio, I had a bad case of adult acne (I am 36) and nothing seemed to help clear my skin. The combination of your Facelift to Go, C Serum and Ultra Hyaluronic Cream has worked wonders for my skin. Not only have my blackheads disappeared, my skin appears fresh and more firm. I am truly loving this look!!

JUNE ANSTON, NY 150 150 Facercise


Dear Carole, Peri-menopause had me looking so ravaged of late that I was absolutely shocked to see a younger, much tighter looking face staring back at me in the mirror. It is amazing ~ Ultimate Facercise has me looking more the way I used to look before hormones and life caught up with me. Thanks again

TAMMY SNYDER, LONDON 150 150 Facercise


Dear Carole, Whilst I’m sure you receive many hundreds of thank you letters, I would very much like to add mine to your ever growing number. I have been carrying out your face exercises for almost ten years, and cannot believe that all women do not have the good sense to do the same! At 45, I am told that I look at least 10 years younger, and whilst I am so am very active (running swimming, etc. (with a well balanced diet), I am quite sure that your facial exercises play a major part in this. In conclusion, for me facial exercises are simply a way of life, and a part of my daily routine. If I feel a particular area of my face needs a lift, I just work on those muscles more intensely. Many thanks for the exercises, and warmest regards



Dear Ms. Maggio, I can not thank you enough for helping me erase the memories of the ordeal I went through all in the name of vanity. Honestly, I did not know what to do when the Juvederm filler I had injected at my plastic surgeon office began to look like I had a worm moving in my nasolabial fold area. I was truly horrified and felt like a freak!!! I really appreciate all of the help you have given me showing me (via the webcam) how to massage this area and basically held my hand through cyberspace while I cried. I never thought it possible that this could happen using fillers. All of my friends were using them, so I thought they were safe. I thought…how could this happen to me? But it did! I am happy to share my story about how your wonderful massage technique and facial exercise program helped me rid my body of this ugly horrible substance. I will never ever contemplate fillers or Botox ever again. I am finally looking back to normal again, and even better than before! I truly wish everyone knew about Facercise and the wonders of natural anti-aging techniques. You are absolutely the best!



Hello Carole, It is been two months since my last Botox injection. YES there is life after Botox!! Well, you know what….you were so very right about my constant headaches and accompanying nausea. Yes, Botox was smoothing out my forehead lines, it was ruining my life. I could not concentrate at work, my headaches were so bad. I felt nauscious much of the time because of the headaches. I did not realize that I was hooked on this cosmetic drug! YES Botox is a rotten drug with many of the horrible side effects of other prescription drugs. Thank you for showing me the way so that I can keep myself looking youthful and more “normal” with your facial exercise program. I am so happy I contacted you because today I feel happy, healthy and normal looking again…Look mom, I can raise my eyebrows!!