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6 Tips for Avoiding Thanksgiving Weight Gain 500 334 Facercise

6 Tips for Avoiding Thanksgiving Weight Gain

Thanksgiving is here and with it comes loads of temptation. If you’ve been exercising, dry brushing and body sculpting with No Lipo Lipo, you don’t want the holiday to turn into an all-out binge. You can still enjoy Thanksgiving without getting off track by practicing moderation and sticking to healthy habits as much as possible.

These expert tips will help you maintain your physique through the holiday without feeling deprived.

1. Don’t Arrive Hungry

One of the worst things people do is skip meals so they can go all out at Thanksgiving dinner. This is a big mistake—you’re bound to overeat if you sit down for a big meal on a grumbling stomach. Skipping meals also slows your metabolism, which can signal your body to store fat. Eat a light protein-based breakfast and lunch, and have a small snack an hour or a half hour before eating dinner.

2. Wear Form Fitting Clothes

Don’t dress in baggy, saggy clothes for your holiday meals. Wear something formfitting and snug so that you’ll feel uncomfortable faster if you start eating too much. Make it a goal to get through the meal without having to unbutton anything.

3. Choose White Meat

Skinless white meat from turkey breast is much lighter and leaner than dark meat. It’s an excellent source of lean protein and contains only one gram of fat. Lean protein is key for a meal like Thanksgiving—it fills us up and promotes healthy digestion. Turkey also contains beneficial levels of potassium, zinc, iron, B vitamins and tryptophan.

4. Limit Alcohol Intake

Alcohol is filled with empty calories, so limit it or avoid it altogether at calorie-laden meals like Thanksgiving. If you do have an alcoholic drink, alternate it

5. Avoid Gravy

Gravy is loaded with saturated fat and sodium. At a meal packed with so much flavor, you really won’t miss adding gravy to the mix; but resisting it will save you calories and help you avoid feeling bloated,

6. Stick to Your Regimen

Squeeze in some exercise Thanksgiving morning and follow your normal dry brushing and No Lipo Lipo body sculpting regimens. If you don’t have to work, try to exercise every day of the holiday weekend. This will help offset your indulgences and reduce stress.

These healthy tips and our No Lipo Lipo body sculpting technique will help you look and feel your very best this holiday season.