• April 10, 2015

Raymon Grace on Dowsing

Raymon Grace on Dowsing

Raymon Grace on Dowsing 200 291 Facercise

raymoncabinDowsing is an art that has been used for a long time to find underground water veins. Here in the Appalachian Mountains where I live, people who did this were called ‘water witchers’. They would be called upon to use their talent to find the best place to drill a water well. Some people scoffed at the idea—but not the ones who drilled a well and found good water where the ‘water witcher’ said it would be.

I heard about this practice my whole life and a neighbor had a good reputation for finding water, but it seems no one went beyond finding water with this ability.

I got to thinking, if there is something in the human mind that can detect water many feet underground, then why can we not use this same ability for other things? We can!! I became interested in this thing called ‘dowsing,’ and started attending gatherings of like-minded people at dowsing conferences. Since I was also interested in mind development and using the mind for healing, I fit in well with these folks. I was invited to speak on mind development for the Appalachian Dowers in North Carolina and realized these people had something going for them that the average person didn’t.

A short time later I was invited to speak on using the mind for healing at the Ozark Research Institute in Arkansas. That started back in 1993 and since then, I have spoken at various dowsing conferences, including The Edgar Cayce Foundation of Research and Enlightenment and The Monroe Institute, The Coptic Conferences and many similar open minded events. Most people have more mental ability than they are aware of and if they are not aware of it, they don’t use it.

Dowsing is a way to improve our intuition and receive information we might not receive otherwise. It can help us make better decisions in most any part of our lives. Dowsing has been described as “Mother’s intuition with a readout device,” and this seems to be a fair explanation. There is nothing magical about dowsing and there is no power in the instrument used. The power is in the human mind and dowsing helps focus the mind. Dowsing is simply the use of  a physical object that tells us what we already know but don’t realize we know it. It really doesn’t matter what type of dowsing tool you use—I use a .45 caliber bullet on a chain for a pendulum.  Among the things I use it for is to test the quality of food and water in a restaurant, the potential danger of a trip, the integrity of someone trying to sell me something, the compatibility of business associates, stock purchases, and many other things. Some believe that dowsing is a ‘gift’ and you either have it—or you don’t. While some people have a natural ability for dowsing, as some have a natural ability for art, music or various skills, dowsing is a teachable skill. I observed other dowsers, asked questions, practiced and taught myself how to do it. I was so fascinated by the possibilities, I wrote a book about it and have made over 40 films relating to it and reached people 142 countries with those films.

By teaching people how to dowse, they report better working conditions in their workplace, better compatibility with their family, some have said they improved their heath, made more money and have experienced a sense of personal empowerment. If we have better information, we can make better decisions, and dowsing is a way to get that information. If you wonder where the information comes from, I would say it comes from the same place as an intuitive thought that helps you solve a problem. According to some brain frequency research—while dowsing, a person is operating in all four brain frequencies at the same time. The frequencies are Alpha, Beta, Theta and Delta. We have evidence that dowsing has been successful in lowering violence in schools, bringing about compatibility in family and business, changing the effect of food on the body, improving water and improving health of people and animals, reducing abuse on women and children among countless other things.

The Raymon Grace Foundation has some projects to make life better for people. Among them are teaching people to have better drinking water, stopping abuse on women and children and caring for the environment. One of my goals is to give my friends a lifetime of good drinking water, and if the emails folks write me are true, we are making good progress.