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Eat Pumpkin For Beauty & Antiaging

Eat Pumpkin For Beauty & Antiaging 903 1024 Facercise

The official start of pumpkin season is almost here! While the thought may bring up visions of carving jack-o-lanterns and indulging in pumpkin pie, pumpkin is actually considered a superfood and is an excellent component for a healthy diet. It’s a nutritional powerhouse that can help you lose weight, look better and improve your health.…

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5 Reasons to Sleep on Your Back

5 Reasons to Sleep on Your Back 1024 853 Facercise

Beauty sleep is crucial to looking youthful. When you work so hard at doing your facial exercises and following an antiaging skincare regimen, it only makes sense that you make the most of your sleep. To do this, it’s extremely important to sleep on your back. Across the board, doctors and sleep experts agree that…

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5 Tips for Summer Skin Care

5 Tips for Summer Skin Care 1024 749 Facercise

Summer is in full swing, which means we’re outdoors more and exposed to hot temperatures and sunny skies. While this can mean lots of fun times to share with family and friends, it also can result in unsightly sun damage. When you’re working hard to take care of your skin and doing your facial exercises…

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3 Steps to Look Your Best This 4th of July

3 Steps to Look Your Best This 4th of July 440 458 Facercise

Want the perfect beauty regimen for your weekend festivities? If you’re like the majority of us, you may not always feel entirely beach or BBQ-ready. The good news is, with a few treatments, you can feel confident and look great at your 4th of July soiree or any other summer events you have coming up.…

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3 Summer Fruits That Nourish Your Skin

3 Summer Fruits That Nourish Your Skin 1024 683 Facercise

Summer brings with it a bevy of wonderful produce that can nourish your skin and boost your glow. Some summer produce can even add a touch of protection against dangerous UV rays, which is extra necessary this time of year. Read on for three excellent summer fruit options to boost your antiaging skin care regimen…

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Body sculpting results

3 Steps to Your Swimsuit Body

3 Steps to Your Swimsuit Body 378 265 Facercise

It’s that time of year again—summertime is in full swing and many of my clients call me in a panic, wondering how they’re going to bear getting into their swimsuit this year. I tell them that if they follow the body sculpting routine I share below, coupled with a good diet and regular exercise, they…

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The Ultimate Arms Regimen

The Ultimate Arms Regimen 228 1024 Facercise

Arms can be a soft spot this time of year—both mentally and physically—but the good news is, they don’t have to be. While many of us want to wear sleeveless tops and sundresses, insecurities about the way our arms look can stop us. Fortunately, this trouble spot can be one of the fastest and easiest…

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Dry Brushing Basics

Dry Brushing Basics 150 150 Facercise

Dry brushing is an effective way to tone the muscles as well as,smooth, tighten and lift the skin. Daily dry brushing promotes circulation, helps the skin eliminate stored toxins, stimulates and cleanses the lymphatic system encouraging the body to eliminate fluids, and reduces and eliminates stubborn cellulite. Dry brushing also exfoliates the skin and therefore…

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Mother’s Day Special

Mother’s Day Special 300 234 Facercise

FREE Facelift to Go for all orders $200.00 or more. Offer ends May 20th. Happy Mother’s Day!

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New! Peptide Firming Serum

New! Peptide Firming Serum 150 150 Facercise

This month I’m introducing my new Peptide Firming Serum to my skincare line. This super rich formula that contains 99% peptides and the remaining 1% Hyaluronate and Glycerin for added hydration. Peptides offer the most powerful firming ability of all the anti-oxidants.

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