• November 7, 2013

Nutrients and Face Exercise Reduce Wrinkles

Nutrients and Face Exercise Reduce Wrinkles

Nutrients and Face Exercise Reduce Wrinkles 150 150 Facercise

Nutrients and Face Exercise Reduce Wrinkles

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If you take vitamins and make efforts to eat right, you will have more nutrients coursing through your body than those people who eat fast food and avoid leafy greens and trips to the farmer’s market. However, if you are doing your best to assimilate healthy nutrients into your system, you need to take the one, final step to ensuring they get to your facial tissue. This step involves facial exercises.

We all know people who have grey, aging skin. These people are perfect examples of faces that are not getting “fed” with the nutrients they need to look young and alive. Facial exercise promotes circulation, bringing a fresh supply of blood and oxygen to the facial tissue. However, you are also bringing powerful nutrients right to your muscles and skin when you exercise your face.

See How Face Exercises Work:

The heightened circulation that is a result of face wrinkle exercises helps detoxify the entire area. Everyone these days is constantly bombarded with all kinds of toxins, including exhaust, cigarette smoke, free radicals and plain old dirty air. When you exercise your face, you can keep these toxins moving out of your body, rather than lodging in your pores and fine lines.

You may have never heard of your orbicularis oculi or your zygomaticus, but we guarantee you that the state of these muscles is affecting how young and attractive you perceive yourself to be. The eye muscles and the cheek muscles are among the 57 muscles in the face and neck that, when unattended, can sag, droop, drag and fold. However, our system of face toning exercises, Facercise, can stop the dropping and start the lifting!

By compressing the muscles around the mouth, you can prevent lines from forming around the lip area. You can also use another exercise, using many of the same muscles, to fill out thinning lips. The mouth is so expressive, but often it is one of the first facial features to show the signs of aging. Proper exercise can reverse this process and enhance your appearance.

Face lifting by exercise is not some esoteric ritual that offers results that are “too good to be true.” In fact, thousands of people all over the world have experienced success in lifting and firming their faces with a program called Facercise. Carole Maggio, the creator of Facercise, has been interviewed and featured on Dateline, Geraldo, New York Today, CNBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC, BBC, HSN, QVC–all because of the popularity of this exercise system.

How do you know Facercise works? Because it makes sense, it doesn’t offer “magic” results, and it depends on your own commitment and hard work. All that we do promise is that these exercises are the answer to sagging, aging faces. Men and women everywhere have used these exercises to create serious changes in their appearances.

You can order our products by exploring our store or by calling (800) 597-3555 or (310) 316-1818. We are also available by [email protected]. The sooner you start, the sooner you can notice improvements: many of our most enthusiastic clients have seen changes in less than a week.

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