• May 1, 2016

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day Gift Guide 764 308 Facercise

antaging skin care regimenMother’s Day is around the corner—do you have the perfect gift for your wife, mother, grandmother or any of the other important women in your life? If not, here are some great gift ideas that will help the women in your life feel and look better than ever—and you can even treat yourself too.

A One-on-One Skype Session
A tailored Facercise session with Carole herself is the perfect way to maximize the benefits of your skincare program and regimen of facial exercises.  Whether Mom is a novice or has been doing her Facercises for years, a Skype session will take results to the next level. $195

Face Lift to Go
Currently on sale for $60 through Sunday, May 8—an all-time steal since it’s normally $95. This incredible enzyme treatment mask works wonders by exfoliating dead skin cells and repairing the skin at the cellular level while firming and lifting like nothing else. Ideal for all skin types! Use Promo code FLTG as checkout for this special price.

Protective Sunblock SPF 30
It’s that time of year—spring is in full swing and summer is right around the corner, meaning we’re more exposed than ever to the sun’s harmful rays. This non-greasy formula is ideal for everyday use. Apply to cleansed face, neck, decollete and hands. $26

The Bare Essentials Package
This is a must for anyone who has yet to discover the wonderful world of Facercise and our antiaging skin care products. It includes two of our bestsellers: the Ultimate Facercise DVD and No Lipo Lipo DVD. Available in both NTSC and Pal. $60

Body Lifting Mask
This unrivalled enzyme mask firms, tightens and makes skin all over the body feel soft and smooth. Gluten free. $125

Sisal Louffa Mitt
This 100% Aloe Sisal natural fibre louffa is unrivaled for providing smoother, more toned skin. Fight unsightly fat deposits and cellulite, boost circulation and slough away dead skin cells by dry brushing daily with this awesome louffa. $22

The Ultimate Facercise Book
Another great introduction to the Facercise system, this paperback is the perfect starter or complement to the Ultimate Facercise DVD. It’s loaded with antiaging information and advice straight from Carole, and will help you master the Facercise system in no time at all. $14.95

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