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  • December 6, 2016

Holiday Antiaging Gift Guide—The Face

facial exercises

Holiday Antiaging Gift Guide—The Face

Holiday Antiaging Gift Guide—The Face 400 274 Facercise

facial exercisesIs holiday shopping stressing you out? Let that stress go, it’s aging—we’ve got all the solutions you need on the Facercise web shop. Giving someone the gift of feeling and looking good is priceless. We’re confident all of your giftees will love anything you choose from our antiaging arsenal of products, whether you select our revolutionary Facercise DVD or something from one of our spectacular skincare lines. Read on to learn about some of our popular products that will make your holiday shopping a snap.

The Bare Essentials Package

This is the perfect starter package for anyone wanting to learn the basics of both our facial exercises and body sculpting treatment. This package features our best-selling Ultimate Facercise DVD and No Lipo Lipo DVD. Available in both NTSC and PAL. $60

Face Lift to Go

This all-in-one enzyme treatment mask will get you red carpet ready any day of the year. It exfoliates and removes dead skin, repairs cells and provides some serious firming and lifting. Perfect for all skin types, Face Lift to Go also improves skin tone and texture and makes your skin glow like nothing else. $95

The Ultimate Facercise Book

This paperback book is the perfect standalone gift or complement to the Ultimate Facercise DVD. It encompasses the complete and balanced muscle toning program for getting a younger, more vibrant looking appearance. You’ll learn how to do all of our facial exercises and get tons of antiaging advice from Carole—she even explains how to get rid of some of those unsightly side effects of plastic surgery. It’s a steal at only $14.95.

Oily Skin Package

Perfect for those with oily skin problems, this package features our best-selling Pore Refinement Cleanser, Brightening Crème, Heavy Water Spritz and Protective Sunblock. Gluten free. $89.95.

Normal/Dry Skin Package

Those with normal/dry skin will love our Creamy Face Cleanser, Advanced Antiaging Cream, Heavy Water Spritz and Protective Sunblock. Gluten free. $100

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