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Give Yourself a Facelift While Driving

Give Yourself a Facelift While Driving

Give Yourself a Facelift While Driving 150 150 Facercise

Give Yourself a Facelift While You’re Driving in Your Car – Safe, Effective and Fun

April 5th, 2007 ·
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carole maggioOnly in Boston would you combine driving your car and a face lift. That’s he growing trend of those who are trying to turn back the hands of time without surgery by doing “Facercise” in their cars and homes. Scrunching eye brows, doing nose lifts and power lip puckers are but a few of the exercises that one can follow along on their CD or DVD.

Carole Maggio, CEO of Facercise joins Craig to discuss her synergistic series of facial exercises and how they can keep you looking young longer without surgery.

“I call it the anti-Botox boom,” says Carole Maggio, creator of the facercise program and a internationally known skin and facial consultant who runs the Carole Maggio Spa in Redondo Beach, California. “Botox deadens the muscles to relax them and erase wrinkles but Facercise does the opposite. It strengthens muscles to shape fuller lips, lifted eyebrows, wide open and vibrant eyes, a shorter nose as well as a chiseled chin, neck and jaw line.” And they do it in their cars as well. “It’s a great way improve your appearance and feel like your commute was productive.”

Maggio says “facercising” is more effective than cosmetic surgery and many facial problem areas can be toned with simple movements.

For example, raising your eyebrows up and down at least five times is actually an “eye enhancing exercise” that strains your muscles and makes your eyes bigger in no time.

For a plump pout, Maggio suggests flexing the corners of your mouth, “like you’re sucking on a lemon” and pushing on the corners with your thumb and index finger until you “feel the burn.”

For a perky schnoz, “nose pumps,” where you pinch your nose with one hand and pull your upper lip with the other hand should do the trick.

Although driving while facercising seems odd, Maggio argues, “You exercise your nose while most people are picking theirs. At least you can be constructive during your drive.”

The Facercise trend is not just in California. Maggio says that the largest customers of her DVD and CD are in Japan. “Japanese women are real believers in using non-invasive means to look better,” she said. “There is no down
side to trying the exercises before you consider other more drastic measures to look and feel better. It also costs a fraction of what more invasive measures would.”

“Just as a body builder can use weight training to isolate and develop certain muscles in his or her body, a particular facial feature can be developed and accentuated by performing a specific facial exercise. After five days of Facercise, men and women see a younger face smiling back at them in the mirror.”

Just as Botox and other injectibles are becoming a growing choice for many women, many others cannot afford the treatments let alone a full face lift. But they can spend time in their cars, trying to look younger one mile at a time.

Do you want to try it for yourself? Maggio offers instructional CD’s and DVD’s at www.facercise.com.

About Carole:

Carole Maggio, considered “the world’s foremost authority on facial exercises” has devised a series of synergistic exercises which she has successfully taught to hundreds of thousands of clients world wide. In 1995, as an answer to thousands of questions regarding her techniques, she authored the best selling book, FACERCISE®. This book continues to be a top selling item in bookstores worldwide. She has also produced two DVDs and two CDs to demonstrate her FACERCISE® techniques.

Ms. Maggio has a legion of supporters among the medical professionals worldwide. She has had numerous testimonials from many plastic surgeons who support her belief that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Her credo is to address the causes of facial aging, not to just treat the symptoms.

Ms. Maggio long ago discovered that through proper exercises, one can strengthen and develop the 57 face and neck muscles so that the face can actually be restructured to achieve an improved, younger look. Just as a body builder can develop particular muscles in his or her body, a particular facial feature can be developed and accentuated by performing a specific facial exercise. In just a short period of time there will be a noticeable difference in the contour and tone of the face.

Ms. Maggio has appeared on numerous television shows including Dateline, Geraldo, New York Today, CNBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC, BBC, HSN, QVC, The Learning Channel, Discovery, Good Morning Arizona and The Food Network among others.

Ms. Maggio’s techniques have been voted as one of the top 100 beauty products in the world by Harpers & Queen magazine. As quoted in the New York Times, Ms. Maggio has succeeded “in bending time’s arrow the other way.”

About Carole Maggio Day Spa:

Carole Maggio Day Spa is a cosmetic treatment spa specializing in non-invasive alternatives to plastic surgery. Ms. Maggio is an experienced facial therapist and esthetician whose renowned facial exercise techniques for men and women have earned popularity in 17 countries. These methods, which Ms. Maggio has dubbed Facercise, focus on strengthening facial muscles for a lasting improvement in appearance. The spa also offers body sculpting/cellulite reduction, microdermabrasion, and advanced facials.

Facercise works to lift and tone the 57 muscles in the face and neck. As a result of frequent and intensive yet brief (approximately ten minutes a session) facial workouts, signs of aging such as skin slackness and drooping mouth can be visibly reduced within five days and prevented from returning as long as exercises are kept up. Clients unhappy with an individual facial feature can work with professionals to develop individualized Facercise regimens aimed at restructuring the problem from the underlying muscles outward.

Carole Maggio’s signature CM Body Sculpting involves sweeping massage-like strokes designed to increase circulation and break up fat deposits. The treatment is applicable to the buttocks, lower back, arms, and legs for firming and toning effects. On average, recipients lose eight to 14 inches after ten 30-minute, twice-weekly treatments. Results are thoroughly documented during the regimen.

Licensed estheticians are also on hand to perform results-oriented skincare services. Guests can take advantage of a series of DiamondTone Microdermabrasion treatments in order to smooth skin tone and address irregularities, e.g. acne scarring and sun damage. Other available skin-rejuvenating treatments include anti-aging facial massage, antioxidant facial, and results-oriented tightening and toning facials.