• November 7, 2013

Facial Exercises, How They Work

Facial Exercises, How They Work

Facial Exercises, How They Work 150 150 Facercise

Go to any gym, and you’ll see people who exercise with terrific bodies, but have sagging, old-looking faces. The appearance of their bodies and the appearance of their faces can be decades apart. Why is this? The answer is that when you exercise and firm up a muscle, the skin cannot help but look smoother, since the skin is covering rounded, toned muscles and is not being dragged down by muscles responding to gravity.

It’s a simple concept, but one for which people have waited a long time: with proper facial exercise, the entire face can be toned, lifted and invigorated. Facial exercise is natural, offers fast, dramatic results, and everyone can do it. The key, however, is in doing the facial exercises properly.

You Can Reshape Your Face, Quickly
Carole Maggio has developed a series of facial exercises that can produce the same kind of dramatic results that body exercises can! Instead of undergoing painful and costly plastic surgery or buying expensive creams that can only affect the surface of the skin, you can actually reshape your face. Facercise is more than cosmetic; exercising your facial muscles actually improves tone and circulation, making your facial tissue healthier.

Ms. Maggio has been quoted in the New York Times, and her program is called one of the “top 100 beauty products in the world,” by the magazine Harpers and Queen. She has been featured on numerous top television programs, including Geraldo, Dateline and on the Learning Channel. You can place your order by calling (800) 597-3555 or (310) 316-1818 or by [email protected]

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