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  • 5 Ways to Get Your Summer Body

    body sculptingSwimsuit season is right around the corner. No matter our age, we all want to feel more comfortable in our skin—especially in warmer weather. While some of my clients dread the thought of getting summer-ready, it’s actually easier than you think and can be enjoyable. All of the steps I follow promote a good mood while helping to tone and trim up the bod! The results are a more youthful, fit appearance that bolsters confidence like nothing else.

    Read on for five of my favorite body sculpting strategies. If you practice them consistently, you'll experience changed in just a few weeks.

    1. Start Dry Brushing

    Dry brushing exfoliates dry skin, which makes skin appear firmer and smoother while imparting a healthy glow. It boosts circulation and stimulates the lymphatic system, which is responsible for flushing the toxins from your system. Use one of my Sisal Louffas from Germany for best results.

    2. Cut Carbs After 5 PM

    Reducing complex carbs in general is a great way to lose weight. I aim to eliminate all carb intake from 5 pm. This helps to keep your blood sugar levels regulated so you don’t experience those spikes and crashes that lead to overeating. I’ve found cutting carbs after 5 pm really bolsters results from dry brushing and No Lipo Lipo.

    3. Work it Out

    There is no better time than now to start working out! Exercise is an obvious key to a leaner, more fit you. Start out slow but try to workout at least 3-4 times a week at first. If you’re already exercising regularly, strive to increase the intensity, duration and number of times per week. For best results, do a mix of resistance, flexibility and cardio training.

    4. Lean Out With Protein

    Eating lean protein is essential for weight loss and toning. It helps build lean muscle mass, which burns more calories and improves muscle tone. Lean protein also satiates hunger and promotes healthy digestion. Some excellent sources include eggs, poultry, salmon, shrimp, quinoa, tofu, and legumes.

    5. Use the No Lipo Lipo Body Sculpting Technique

    No Lipo Lipo is our proprietary knuckle-style massage technique that has revolutionized body sculpting. It’s completely safe, non-invasive and can be done in the comfort of your own home with the No Lipo Lipo DVD. It breaks down fatty tissue, stimulates the lymphatic system and boosts circulation to help you lose inches all over your body. If you are in the Los Angeles area, you can have this body sculpting technique performed on you at our spa or you can use a licensed practitioner in your area. The average inches lost in-spa is 15 inches in 5 weeks!

    Click through to see body sculpting results from No Lipo Lipo.

  • 5 Body Contouring Tips

    body contouringSwimsuit season is almost here. The good news is, there is still time to get into better shape so you feel more confident in your bathing suit and summer clothes. Whether you’re trying to drop some weight or just tone up, we’ve got some stellar strategies for achieving your goals. Read on to get your summer regimen started today.

    1. Eat More Lean Protein

    Eating lean protein is essential for losing weight and reducing your body fat percentage. It also increases your lean muscle mass, which in turn boosts your metabolism and the rate your body burns calories. Eating lean protein also satiates your hunger for longer periods of time and boosts the digestive process. In addition, lower body fat translates to greater energy levels and increased endurance. Good sources of lean protein including skinless poultry, eggs, shrimp, tuna and salmon.

    2. Avoid Carbs After 5 pm

    This is an excellent way to lean out your figure. Staying away all refined sugars and carbs after 5 pm will reduce water retention and help you avoid those sugar rushes that cause you to crash soon afterwards and eat again. If you can, try to stay from processed foods altogether after 5 pm.

    3. Dry Brush Daily

    Dry brushing exfoliates your skin, boosts blood circulation and stimulates the lymphatic system, which flushes out the toxins in your body. An added bonus is that it will help your skin glow and appear more hydrated. Visit this link for step-by-step instructions for how to dry brush properly.

    4. Do No Lipo Lipo

    This amazing body contouring massage will help you lose inches in a matter of weeks. It boosts your lymphatic system and breaks down fatty connective tissue so that you lose inches with a consistent practice. You will be thrilled with the results.

    5. Exercise

    The best way to enhance any diets, weight management programs or any other efforts to tone up is with regular workouts. Strive to hit the three essential elements of fitness, which include cardio, resistance and flexibility training. Do what you enjoy and try to mix it up as much as possible—walk, run, hit the gym, go to your favorite exercise class or have a dance party in your living room

    Click here to learn more about our proprietary No Lipo Lipo body contouring system.

  • 6 Ways Vitamin C Fights Aging

    facial exercisesI’ve touted the benefits of vitamin C to clients who do my facial exercises for years! It’s a natural weapon for maintaining healthy, youthful looking skin and a strong immune system. Also known as ascorbic acid, vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that helps the body form connective tissue and fight off disease. People of all ages should incorporate it into their skin care routines.

    Read on to discover five ways vitamin C helps us combat the effects and signs of aging.

    1. Re-Hydrates

    No matter what time of year, vitamin C addresses dry, flaky and itchy skin. It quenches thirsty cells and helps them differentiate and mature normally.

    2. Reduces Discoloration

    Regular use of a vitamin C serum like my High-Density Serum helps you achieve a more uniform skin tone. It reverses the appearance of sun spots and hyperpigmentation, as well as redness.

    3. Brightens Skin

    Vitamin C brightens and revives dull skin and improves your complexion. Consistent use of a vitamin C serum promises a more youthful glow.

    4. Fights Damage

    Vitamin C helps stop sun and free radical damage in its tracks. The sun’s dangerous UV rays wreak serious havoc while free radicals scavenge the skin, causing the formation of dark spots and collagen breakdown. Always incorporate a vitamin C product in addition to sunscreen.

    5. Boosts Collagen Production

    Collagen is a protein that is responsible for skin’s elasticity. As we age, skin loses its suppleness and gets thinner. Consistent use of vitamin C products stimulates collagen production, which promotes elasticity and thickens the skin. This significantly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles—and therefore diminishes demand for risky facial injections!

    6. Combats Inflammation

    Vitamin C has been shown to reduce inflammation, which benefits our skin and overall health. This also expedites the body and skin’s healing processes.

    Visit this link to learn more about our facial exercises program and skin care products.

  • 6 Weapons for Cellulite Reduction

    cellulite reductionLet’s face it—we all dread the “cottage cheese” appearance that cellulite causes on our legs, bum, stomach and arms. The industry for eliminating these dimply areas of skin is growing exponentially. Consumers across the globe are spending millions for topical agents and risky surgical procedures that promise cellulite reduction.

    The good news is, there are some easy ways to reduce the appearance of this unsightly condition. If you want to feel more confident in swimsuits, shorts and sleeveless tops, try the methods below for safe yet effective results.

    1. Flush, Flush, Flush

    Proper hydration will flush out the toxins that lodge inside the fat layers underneath the skin, forming those bumpy lumps that appear as cellulite. Drinking water also plumps the skin, which can smooth out the appearance of those lumps.

    2. Avoid the Whites

    A healthy diet can prevent the formation of more cellulite and help diminish its appearance significantly. This means eating lots of lean protein and fiber-rich foods, while avoiding those with too much refined sugars and sodium. Overall, try to avoid as many processed foods as possible and steer clear of those with more than 200 mg of sodium per serving.

    3. Dry Brushing

    We always push the dry brushing technique, but for good reason—it stimulates the lymphatic system, which helps flush the toxins out of our body. It also boost circulation, which delivers oxygen to the cells and can help banish ugly cellulite before it forms.

    4. Retinol Cream

    Applying a topical formula such as my best-selling Retinol Conditioning Cream helps to smooth out the skin and make lumps less visible.

    5. No Lipo Lipo

    There is no better cure for cellulite than No Lipo Lipo treatments. If you can’t get to our spa, then get the No Lipo Lipo DVD and do this revolutionary treatment in the comfort of your own home.

    6. Supplements

    Kelp has been shown to burn body fat and therefore decrease the appearance of cellulite. Gotu Kola Extract is a caffeine-free supplement that thickens skin and improves elasticity. Try both for best results.

    Click here for more information and to see results from No Lipo Lipo, our game-changing cellulite reduction technique.

  • Facial Detox—Beauty Face Mitt and Bamboo Glove

    dry brushingThe Beauty Face Mitt and Bamboo Glove are face savers for sure! Dry brushing the face is a wonderful adjunct to the Facercise program of revolutionary facial exercises. If used regularly, dry brushing exfoliates, tones, tightens and actually lifts the skin of the face and neck. The exfoliation process initiates strong blood supply to the skin, sheds dead skin cells and allows the skin to breathe and function better.

    Shedding old dead skin cells effectively accelerates the turnover process, making way for new fresh cells. This exfoliation unclogs the pores and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Regular practice will impart that youthful glow that makes you appear radiant. Exfoliating the skin also allows the skin to better absorb your skincare products.


    If your skin is normal/dry, try using the Bamboo Glove in the morning and the Beauty Face Mitt in the evening—that’s what Carole does! You can also alternate by using the Bamboo Glove one day and using the Beauty Face Mitt the next. If your skin is oily, try using a combination of the two, three to four times a week.


    Keep your Mitt and Glove clean by washing them in face cleanser or Woolite and allow them to air dry. Always remember, once the Mitt or Glove becomes too soft always replace it to maintain its effectiveness!

    The Method

    Start by making a long “O” or oval with your mouth so that you do not stretch your skin. Then make 20 to 30 small, quick circular motions around your entire face, including the area above your mouth, under your eyes and even the area under your eyebrows. Apply enough pressure to feel as though you are massaging your face. Concentrate on one area at a time, then move onto the next area to keep track of your 20 to 30 circular motions.

    Visit this link to view our dry brushing louffas and other products.

  • No Lipo Lipo Dry Brushing Technique

    body sculptingDry brushing is truly a remarkable body sculpting tool that should be included in everyone’s daily regimen. It’s absolutely step one in obtaining your dream body. When you dry brush using our sisal louffa mitt and strap, you remove the dead skin cells, stimulate circulation, boost detoxification, break down cellulite deposits and improve muscle tone. After a week of daily dry brushing, your skin will actually begin to glow and appear tighter, more toned and lifted!

    Dry brushing is actually best performed first thing in the morning, before showering. Our sisal louffa mitt and strap are manufactured in Germany and created specifically for use with No Lipo Lipo. At first, they may seem a little rough on the skin, but this is a good thing! As your skin gradually begins to detox, the sensitivity will lessen. Once your skin gets used to the Sisal Mitt, you will be ready to move onto the new Horsehair Mitt which is much stronger and scratchy. It really works on tightening the connective tissue and skin.

    The Method

    Start by sitting on a stool or edge of your bathtub. You will dry brush each section of your body 30 times. If you want to accelerate your results, go for more strokes per area. With the sisal louffa mitt, begin by brushing the bottom of the foot from the toes to the heel, then the top of the foot from the toes to the ankle. Next brush the front and back of the leg from the ankle to the knee using quick back and forth strokes. Proceed to brush from the knee to the top of the front of your thigh and inner and outer thigh areas using quick back and forth strokes, making certain to cover the entire thigh area. Then repeat the same sequence on the opposite side of your body. Brush using upward strokes over the entire buttock and hip areas.

    Brush up your waistline from hip bones to your natural waistline, covering the entire front of your body. Brush the palm of your hand from fingers to the wrist and repeat on the back of your hand. Brush upward from wrist to elbow, front and back. Now brush from elbow to shoulder, front and back. Brush under the bust from side to center of body in semi-circular strokes. Brush from the armpit across the top of the bust area to prevent or eliminate a flabby armpit. For the back of the body, you will use the louffa strap. While standing, place the strap at the back of your ankles. While holding the handles, shimmy the strap up the back of your body, working your way up to your neck as if drying yourself with a towel.


    To clean your mitts and strap ~ shake them outside. NEVER WASH. Always remember to replace mitts & strap once they become too soft.

    Visit this link for more body sculpting tips and techniques.

  • What Alcohol Does to Your Skin

    facial exercisesWhen you dedicate so much time and effort doing facial exercises and following a proper skincare regimen, it only makes sense to follow a healthy lifestyle. It plays one of the most important parts in keeping skin looking young. An diet rich in antioxidants and lean protein, coupled with regular exercise, makes a huge difference in your skin and overall health.
    Yet there is a common culprit that can deter all your hard work: alcohol. When it comes to alcohol consumption, moderation is key. If abstinence is not an option, then it’s important to develop guidelines for your intake. If you need some motivation for moderation, read on to learn how alcohol affects your skin.


    Alcohol severely dehydrates your skin. Since the skin is primarily composed of water, dehydration causes it to lose that youthful plumpness we’re all striving for. It also makes fine lines and wrinkles appear more prominent and causes skin to look puffy. Worse yet—dehydration damage causes you to look older over time.


    Alcohol causes inflammation, which results in a histamine reaction that results in redness, flushing and capillary damage. It also exacerbates rosacea.


    Alcohol negatively affects our adrenal glands, causing adrenal fatigue. This is believed to cause hormonal breakouts. The inflammation that drinking alcohol causes also contributes to blemishes.

    Nutrient Depletion

    Drinking alcohol depletes important vitamins and antioxidants from your body, which blocks the delivery of oxygen to cells. It also significantly diminishes vitamin A, which is essential for cell regeneration.


    The inflammation caused by excessive alcohol consumption promotes harmful free radical activity that leads to the breakdown to collagen and elastin. This results in loss of firmness and elasticity and actually causes wrinkling.

    Click here to learn about our revolutionary program of facial exercises.

  • How Stress Affects Your Skin

    facial exercisesWe all deal with stress in our lives—and no matter what our age, it can wreak serious havoc on our skin. Stress can affect our immediate appearance or manifest over time—if not both—so it’s important to develop ways of coping with it so that you can ultimately look and feel your very best.


    One of the most obvious ways stress manifests itself in your skin is with acne and breakouts. It’s common to experience a flare-up during a stressful period as your immune system experiences dysregulation, which makes the skin more susceptible to bacteria and germs and triggers inflammatory reactions. If this is what you experience, employ benzoyl peroxide for some extra help.


    Stress also triggers rosacea, since those with this condition have highly sensitive skin and a compromised barrier to the elements. Try my Skin Brightening Cream to combat the redness and soothe inflammation. For those who suffer from eczema, stress can definitely induce a reaction—take a calming bath and apply something pure like 100% coconut oil afterwards. If you suffer from neurodermatitis, stress can exacerbate the itching and scaly patches caused by this condition. Do not scratch the area and see if your physician can prescribe a medication to help soothe the itchiness.

    Reduced Blood Flow

    Stress also reduces blood flow. This causes the blood vessels to narrow and elevate our blood pressure and heart rate, which further decreases blood flow. This increases the signs of aging both immediately and over time, causing our skin to look pale and darkened in some areas, and making our eyes appear sunken. Combat this with a daily dose of my anti-aging facial exercises, which will boost circulation and blood flow, while promoting a healthy glow.

    Get Stress in Check

    Find ways to get your stress in check and incorporate them into your daily regimen. Regular exercise is a great way to boost your overall health and reduce the effects of stress. Facial exercises boost circulation, help detox the skin and make you feel relaxed. Meditation is another superb way to relax and decrease the stressors in your life. Social interaction, reading, relaxing with pets and engaging in your favorite hobbies are other excellent de-stressors.

    Click here for information on the benefits of facial exercises.

  • 4 Tips for Reducing Puffy Eyes

    FacerciseOne of the worst yet most common beauty problems is waking up to puffy eyes. Whether they're due to aging, sinuses, hormonal changes, crying or lack of sleep, puffy inflamed eyes are unsightly and uncomfortable. They make you look tired, sick or like you have a hangover. The good news is, you can employ some easy home remedies to eliminate swelling and puffiness around the windows to your soul.

    Here are 4 killer ways to eliminate puffiness around your eyes.

    1. Hydrate

    One of the simplest ways to combat puffiness is by drinking water. When your body is properly hydrated, you are less likely to retain water in any part of your body, including the area around your eyes. Water flushes the toxins out of your body and hydrates from the inside out. White and green tea helps hydrate and decrease inflammation as well. You can also splash your face with cold water to reduce the swelling, as it will constrict the blood vessels. Take it a step further by applying ice. You can also soak cotton balls in salt water and apply to your eyelids for 10 to 15 minutes. For best results, make the salt water with Himalayan sea salt.

    2. Do the Eye Opener

    One of our most popular facial exercises is the Eye Opener. It will boost circulation and blood flow to the area, which can significantly help reduce puffiness. Do your entire set of Facercises for optimum results.

    3. Cucumbers

    The old school remedy of applying chilled cucumbers is an excellent route to take. Cucumbers boast enzymes and astringent properties that reduce inflammation and help tighten the area. Chill thick cucumber slices in the refrigerator for 15 to 20 minutes, apply them to your eyelids for about 10 minutes and you will see a difference.

    4. Vitamin E Oil

    Another natural remedy for diminishing puffy eyes is vitamin E oil. Gently massage our Nourishing E Oil into the delicate area around the eyes. Leave on overnight for best results. This hydrates, stimulates circulation and reduces inflammation.

    Click through for more antiaging tips and information on our incredible facial exercises.

  • 5 Steps to Reduce Crepey Skin

    body sculptingIf you are concerned with crepey and loose skin on your arms, there are several body sculpting tips that can improve the situation. It’s actually a very common problem associated with aging, caused by several factors. As we age, our skin retains less moisture and our bodies produce less elastin and collagen. Since these proteins give your skin the elasticity to stretch and contract, their breakdown results in sagging and wrinkling.

    If you want to avoid crepey skin, incorporate the following into your antiaging skincare regimen. You will see a difference in about 10 days to two weeks—and it will be well worth it.

    1. Incorporate More Silica and Vitamin C Into Your Diet

    These two nutrients both promote healthy, elastic skin. Load up on fruits and veggies that are rich in vitamin C, such as oranges, grapefruit, kiwi, pineapple, papaya, cantaloupe, red pepper and berries. Good sources of silica include leeks, green beans, garbanzo beans, rhubarb, cucumber, mango, kelp, whole oats, buckwheat, brown rice, alfalfa and green leafy veggies such as spinach, asparagus, celery and kale. Strawberries, bananas, broccoli and Brussels sprouts are all excellent sources source of both vitamin C and silica.

    2. Load Up on Sunscreen

    Sunscreen is an essential part of your anti-aging skincare regimen. Cover your arms and hands with sunscreen every morning and anytime you go outside when the sun is out. Sun damage decreases skin’s elasticity, resulting in crepey skin and wrinkles. Try our Protective Sunblock SPF 30.

    3. Apply Your Vitamins

    Immediately after you shower in the morning, apply our Nourishing Vitamin E Oil all over arms. Wait a few minutes and let it soak in. Then apply High Density Vitamin C Serum. Once it’s absorbed, apply sunscreen. In the evening, apply Retinol Skin Conditioner all over your arms. Do this daily and you will see results!

    4. Dry Brush

    Dry brushing boosts circulation and helps skin shed the dead cells that give it a dull appearance. It also stimulates the lymphatic system, which flushes the toxins from your system. If you dry brush on a daily basis with one of our Sisal louffas, your skin will appear more lifted, tightened and glowing.

    5. No Lipo Lipo

    No Lipo Lipo will help you get that summer body like nothing else. This system breaks down  fatty tissue and cellulite to trim inches all over your body. No Lipo Lipo uses strong upward sweeping motions to reverse gravity and firm skin while boosting the lymphatic system. The results are unparalleled when it comes to body sculpting.

    Visit this link to learn more about our No Lipo Lipo body sculpting system.

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