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  • 5 New Year’s Eve Beauty Tips

    facial exercisesThe big night is here! While some of us prefer a good night in with loved ones, many others will be out on the town at parties, special events and other festivities. Either way, New Year’s Eve day is an excellent day to pamper yourself with beauty treatments. Spending this time on yourself will help you glow for the evening and start your year off right. If you’ve been doing your facial exercises regularly, you’ll be sure to look your very best for whatever you have planned to ring in the New Year.

    Here are five tips to help you sparkle this New Year’s Eve.

    1. Wake up and Exercise

    Don’t fall into the cliché of waiting for the New Year to exercise. A good workout will boost circulation, provide energy for your day and give you a youthful glow. You'll look and feel your very best, which will put you in a great mood for New Year's Eve.

    2. Hydrate All Day Long

    Drink lots of honey or lemon water all day long to flush your system and plump up your skin. White and green tea are also good beverages to drink throughout the day. Both of these teas rev your metabolism and boost your antioxidant intake. If you plan to imbibe, make sure to alternate alcoholic beverages with water.

    3. Do Your Body Sculpting Routine

    Be sure to dry brush and do No Lipo Lipo - both should be part of your regular regimen. If not, what better day to start? Both of these practices stimulate your lymphatic system, which flushes the toxins from your body. They will also boost your glow!

    4. Do Face Lift to Go

    This enzymatic mask is unrivalled when it comes to lifting, toning and glowing. Take 45 minutes and relax while you do this incredible treatment. You’ll look like you just spent a day at the spa when you’re finished.

    5. Do the Body Lifting Mask

    This treatment is similar to Face Lift to Go, but for the body. It will lift and tone your body so you look amazing in your New Year’s Eve ensemble.

    Click this link to learn more about our facial exercises and advanced skincare products.

  • 8 Ways to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

    The holidays are one of the best times of year, but if you’re not careful, you can pack on the body sculptingpounds. Studies show that the average American gains anywhere between 5 and 10 pounds this time of year. If you want to avoid falling prey to that stat, try some of my favorites tips for keeping holiday weight gain at bay.

    1. Stick to Your Exercise Routine

    The holidays are the busiest time of year, but while it's tempting to forgo your workouts, this is the worst thing you can do. Schedule each workout like an appointment and stick to it no matter what. If anything, you should increase your physical activity to compensate for some of the extra calories you may consume. In addition, stick to your facial exercises to maintain those results you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

    2. Dry Brush

    Dry brushing is fundamental because it boosts circulation to boost your overall glow and stimulates the lymphatic system, which helps rid your body of toxins. Keep it up during the holidays and your skin will look luminous.

    3. Avoid Carbs After 5 pm

    I live by this rule and promote it for those trying to lose weight and enhance their results from No Lipo Lipo. It especially helps this time of year, when temptation is upon us. Fill up on veggies, lean protein and fiber-rich foods so that you aren’t tempted to consume fattening simple carbs.

    4. Don’t Go Anywhere Hungry

    Stick to your normal meal routine and don’t skip meals so that you can eat more at a holiday meal or event. This leads to a sluggish metabolism and will result in you overeating later on in the day or at the event.

    5. Do No Lipo Lipo

    Whether you’re already using this revolutionary body sculpting technique or are just starting, this is the perfect time of year to employ it. It's part of my own beauty and antiaging triple threat that also includes facial exercises and dry brushing.

    6. Slow it Down

    When you hit those holiday festivities, eat very slowly. Savor each bite so that your stomach has time to signal your brain that it’s full, which usually takes about 20 minutes.

    7. Use Small Plates

    At those buffet-style events, opt for appetizer and salad plates instead of full dinner plates. You’ll fill up on less food and it will slow your eating down overall.

    8. Re-gift Treats

    If you receive loads of food baskets and treats this time of year, bring them to the office or re-gift them to someone who is not so fortunate.

    Visit this link to learn more about our phenomenal No Lipo Lipo body sculpting technique.

  • The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

    facial exercisesThe holidays are here—and if you haven’t started your shopping, it’s time to get on it. We all know that when we look good, we feel good, so why not give the gift of beauty to our loved ones? Here are a few gift ideas from Carole’s arsenal of beauty and anti-aging tools.

    The Ultimate Facercise DVD. Men and women alike will love this anti-aging staple. The comprehensive kit includes a DVD and two audio CDs that will help you master these incredible facial exercises. There’s even an eight-minute Superset for those who are short on time. The program has been proven to help medical conditions like Bell's Palsy and TMJ. Available in both PAL and NTSC. $39.95.

    The Bare Essentials Package
    This is the perfect starter package for those who are new to Carole’s world of wonders. This package contains two of our most popular bestsellers: the Ultimate Facercise DVD and No Lipo Lipo DVD. Available in both NTSC and PAL. $60

    Face Lift to Go
    This amazing enzyme treatment mask is the perfect gift for those who want to look their best for special events or just want to keep their glow on all year long. No other mask competes with the rejuvenating effects of the exfoliation and reparation this product yields. Ideal for all skin types! $95

    Sisal Louffa Mitt
    Made in Germany, this 100% Aloe Sisal natural fiber louffa makes an awesome stocking stuffer. Dry brushing with this high-quality mitt revs circulation and boosts the lymphatic system, which helps detox our bodies, fights cellulite and reduces fat deposits. $22

    The Basics. The most comprehensive package of them all lets you master our facial exercises and proprietary body massage treatment for reducing inches. The Basics includes the Ultimate Facercise DVD, the No Lipo Lipo DVD and the Beauty Face Mitt. Available in both NTSC and PAL. $69.99

    Spin Trap Crystal Serum
    This best-selling formula makes the ultimate gift! Spin Trap Crystal Serum mixes ingredients like Liquid Crystals with Spin Trap (PBN) using a proprietary mixing technique that maximizes effectiveness. This serum corrects damage and forms an emollient barrier that protects the skin from harsh free radicals and other environmental scavengers. $150

  • 5 Tips for Getting Your Holiday Glow On

    facial exercisesI hope you’ve been doing your facial exercises daily, because the holidays are here and we all want to look our festive best. If you have holiday parties and special events on the horizon, you’ve got time to get your glow on and be your most beautiful self. Follow some of the tips below to prepare and pamper yourself so you can have the best season ever.

    1. Get Plenty of Sleep

    This hectic time of year is not the time to lose out on sleep. Sleep deprivation causes dark circles and dull skin. Plus, your skin regenerates at night when you’re sleeping, so if the duration is cut short, results will not reach their full potential. Get on a regular sleep schedule and stick to it whenever you don’t have a special event keeping you up late.

    2. Keep Moving

    People often slack when it comes to following their exercise routines during the holidays. Don’t fall prey to this—it can make such a difference this time of year. It will help you avoid weight gain and get the blood flowing, which will contribute to your holiday glow. The endorphins released will boost your mood and help you deal with holiday stress as well. If you're having trouble fitting it into your holiday schedule, try a fitness hack like this fast but effective workout.

    3. Do Your Facial Exercises

    One of the best ways to glow while preventing the signs of aging is to do Facercise twice a day. If time is limited, try the 8-minute superset available on the Ultimate Facercise DVD. Facial exercises lift, firm and tighten like nothing else. If you want to tailor your routine, consider getting a one-on-one session with Carole via Skype.

    4. Hydrate

    Prevent water retention and dry, dull skin by drinking lots of water. If you’re attending special events or meals where alcohol will be served, try sparkling water instead or drink a glass of water between each alcoholic drink. If you do imbibe, drink extra glasses of water to prevent dehydration and hangover.

    5. Start Masking

    Do Face Lift to Go once a week throughout the season to make it look like you’ve spent time at the spa. Do one the day of any event where you want to look picture perfect and glowy.

    Visit this link to learn more about our proprietary system of antiaging facial exercises.

  • 5 Benefits of Facercise

    facial exercisesWhen it comes to facial exercises, Facercise is not only the original, it’s the best system available. For nearly four decades, Facercise has helped hundreds of thousands around the world look 10 years younger after only a few weeks of practice. It provides the most natural looking results and bears no negative side effects or risks. All you have to do is designate a little bit of time every day to look your very best and prevent future signs of aging.

    Here are five incredible benefits of Facercise:

    1. Facercise Improve Facial Contours

    Your facial muscles play a key role in the contouring and shaping of your face. Doing Facercise regularly boosts the contours and resculpts problem areas such as a growing nose, saggy jowls, a “wattle” or double chin.

    2. Facial Exercises Lifts and Tones

    As we age, the collagen and elastin in our bodies slows production and ultimately breaks down. The result is sagging, droopy skin and muscle atrophy. Facercise firms and tightens the muscles, while boosting collagen and elastin production. The result is a toned, lifted appearance.

    3. Facercise Makes Your Skin Glow

    By boosting circulation, Facercise helps deliver more oxygen to skin cells and eliminate dead ones. The result is a brighter, more evened out complexion, improved texture and a youthful glow. Your skin will also be better able to absorb moisture and skin care products.

    4. Facial Exercises Combat Wrinkles

    The increased blood flow and circulation that Facercise creates also helps to smooth and counteracts fine lines and wrinkles. Facial exercises prevents wrinkles by stimulating collagen.

    5. Facercise Improves Medical Conditions

    Much research shows that facial exercises relax, stretch and strengthen the 57 synergistic muscles of the face and neck. This can relieve and heal the symptoms of Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJ), a condition that causes pain in the jaw area and hinders movement. Facercise has also helped heal Bell’s palsy in numerous patients who have written us to share their results.

    Click through to learn more about Facercise, our life-changing facial exercises program.

  • 5 Tips for Avoiding Thanksgiving Weight Gain

    body sculptingThanksgiving is here and with it comes loads of temptation. If you’ve been exercising, dry brushing and body sculpting with No Lipo Lipo, you don’t want the holiday turn into an all-out binge. You can still enjoy Thanksgiving without getting off track by practicing moderation and sticking to healthy habits as much as you can.

    These expert tips will help you maintain your physique through the holiday without feeling deprived.

    1. Don’t Arrive Hungry

    One of the biggest mistakes people make is to skip meals so they can go all out at Thanksgiving dinner. This is a big mistake—you’re bound to overeat if you sit down for a big meal on a grumbling stomach. Skipping meals also slows down your metabolism, which can signal your body to store fat. Eat a small protein-based breakfast and lunch, and have a small snack an hour or a half hour before eating dinner.

    2. Wear Form Fitting Clothes

    Don’t dress in baggy, saggy clothes for your holiday meals. Wear something formfitting and snug so that you’ll feel uncomfortable faster if you start eating too much. Make it a goal to get through the meal without having to unbutton anything.

    2. Choose White Meat

    Skinless white meat from turkey breast is much lighter and leaner than dark meat. It’s an excellent source of lean protein and contains only one gram of fat. Lean protein is key for a meal like Thanksgiving—it fills us up and promotes healthy digestion. Turkey also contains beneficial levels of potassium, zinc, iron, B vitamins and tryptophan.

    3. Limit Alcohol Intake

    Alcohol is filled with empty calories, so limit or avoid it altogether at calorie-laden meals like Thanksgiving.

    4. Avoid Gravy

    Gravy tends to contain lots of fat and sodium. At a meal packed with so much flavor, you really won’t miss adding gravy to the mix.

    5. Stick to Your Regimen

    Squeeze in some exercise Thanksgiving morning and follow your normal dry brushing and No Lipo Lipo body sculpting routines.

    Click through to find out more about our life-changing No Lipo Lipo body sculpting technique.

  • 6 Ways to Prevent Wrinkles

    facial exercisesThere are so many gimmicks in the marketplace that claim to reverse and prevent wrinkles—it’s easy to get caught up and want to try every new thing. Yet if you really want to make a difference, you need to make anti-aging a part of your lifestyle. When you incorporate habits like daily facial exercises, an antioxidant-rich diet and sleeping in a beneficial position, you’ll see a marked difference in a short amount of time. With a little bit of strategy and commitment, you can truly reverse the signs of aging and rock a healthy, youthful glow all year long.

    1. Protect Your Skin From the Sun

    One of the best anti-aging practices is to avoid the sun altogether. Its powerful ultraviolet (UV) UV rays cause damage in the forms of fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and skin cancer. UV rays also cause collagen breakdown, which leads to skin’s loss of firmness and elasticity. Apply SPF protection every single day and wear hats and sun-protective clothing whenever possible to avoid unsightly sun damage.

    2. Facial Exercises

    One of the best tried-and-tested methods for younger looking skin is daily facial exercises. They boost circulation, stimulate collagen production, improve skin tone and smooth fine lines and wrinkles. Facial exercises offer natural looking results that dermal fillers simply cannot compete with.

    3. Sleep on Your Back

    The best sleeping position for anti-aging is on your back. When you sleep on your stomach or your side, you smash your skin into the pillow and cause creases. Eventually, these creases become wrinkles. Sleeping on your back also prevents wrinkling on your décolletage.

    4. Exfoliate Regularly

    Regular exfoliation removes the dead skin cells that clog pores and draw attention to wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. Exfoliation imparts a smoother texture and brightens skin.

    5. Eat an Antioxidant-Rich Diet

    Consume a diet with lots of fruits, veggies and lean protein such as fatty fish like salmon for its vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acid content. Vitamin C is a powerful anti-aging tool, so consume lots of citrus and vegetables and take an Ester-C supplement if necessary.

    6. Use Collagen-Boosting Products

    Use products with ingredients that boost collagen, such as retinoids, vitamin C and glycolic acid. Some excellent choices are my Retinol Skin Conditioner and High Density Vitamin C Serum.

    Click here to learn more about our facial exercises and anti-aging skincare protocols.

  • 5 Ways to Fight Sugar-Related Aging

    facial exercisesThe three-pronged approach I recommend for fighting the signs of aging includes using good products, daily facial exercises and following a healthy diet. What always surprises me is that many people don’t take diet into consideration. Diet definitely impacts your skin—especially when you eat too much sugar and simple carbs. When there is too much sugar in your bloodstream, a nasty process called glycation occurs. Glycation causes the sugars you consume to produce advanced glycation end products (AGEs).

    The high blood sugar levels that set the stage for AGEs causes our bodies and skin to age faster. The formation of AGEs leads to the breakdown of collagen and elastin, the essential protein fibers that gives our skin its firmness and elasticity. AGEs also cause age spots and hyperpigmentation, dull skin tone, inflammation, fine lines, wrinkles, and the thickening and sagging of skin. Exposure to ultraviolet rays expedites glycation, further increasing the appearance of the signs of aging.

    Below are some five ways to combat AGEs and boost the results of daily facial exercises.

    1. Cut Down on Sugar

    Skip sugary sweets and simple carbs, which convert to sugar in your bloodstream, as much as possible. Load up on lean protein and fiber to help fill you up so you don't have hunger pangs. If you have a sweet tooth, opt for a piece of fruit to curb that evil craving.

    2. Attain and Maintain a Healthy Weight

    Studies show that weight gain can contribute to the formation AGEs. Strive to reach and maintain a healthy weight for your size.

    3. Wear Sunscreen

    Since exposure to the sun’s rays bolsters the formation of AGEs, wear sunscreen every single day. Wear it on your face, neck, décolletage, arms, legs, hands—basically anywhere that is at risk for sun exposure.

    4. Do Strength or Resistance Training

    One of the pitfalls of aging is that we naturally lose muscle mass, which can boost blood sugar levels and lead to more AGEs formation. Strength and resistance training is awesome because it helps your rebuild muscles. The greater your lean muscle mass, the more glucose your muscles consume.

    5. Limit Alcohol Consumption

    Alcohol can convert to sugar in your body and also boosts glycation. Limit your alcohol intake and avoid sugar-laden mixers altogether.

    Visit this link to learn more about Facercise, our life-changing system of facial exercises.

  • 5 Tips for Using Retinol Products

    retinolSummer is over—which means it’s the perfect time of year to incorporate retinol into your regimen. Retinol is a vitamin A-derivative with powerful anti-aging effects that can dramatically change the appearance and texture of your skin. Regular use results in a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, large pores, acne scars, hyperpigmentation and “sun spots.”

    We offer two amazing products at our spa and online store: Retinol Skin Conditioner and DNA Supernatural Vitamin A Serum. While these products are mild and rarely have side effects, some retinols can cause dryness and irritation. Read on to learn five tips for using retinol effectively without any of these issues.

    1. Start With a Gentle Product

    It’s important to slowly introduce retinol to your regimen. Avoid starting with a prescription retinoid, as these can be too harsh on skin. Using a non-prescription retinol such as my Retinol Skin Conditioner is the safest, most gentle way to achieve results without irritation.

    2. Go Slow

    When you add retinol to your skin care program, don’t use it every night from the get go. Retinol is a biologically active ingredient that needs a slow introduction. Start by using it every other night during the first week. On the second week, use it two nights in a row and take the third night off. Repeat. If your skin is extra sensitive, you may want to start off using it twice a week and then stepping up to every other night the following week. Do either of these programs for the first three to four weeks and then you can add retinol in to your routine five to seven nights per week, depending on how your skin reacts to it. If you do experience any irritation or redness, cut back.

    3. Apply it to dry skin

    For best results, wait 20 to 30 minutes after washing your face before applying a retinol product.

    4. Wear Sunscreen Daily

    Retinols make your skin more photosensitive, so be sure to apply sunscreen every single day. Sunlight can also render retinols ineffective, so if you don’t protect your skin from the sun, you’ll waste all that good product!

    5. Moisturize Wisely

    Many people apply moisturizer on top of their retinol. If you plan to do this, make sure the retinol absorbs a minimum of 20 minutes. If you apply moisturizer immediately, it will dilute the retinol and reduce its effectiveness.

    Visit this link to purchase Retinol Skin Conditioner and learn more about our revolutionary facial exercises.

  • 6 Anti-Aging Hacks

    facial exercisesWe know you’re doing your facial exercises daily, but maintaining youthful skin requires a comprehensive regimen. You’ve got to take great care of your skin, from both the inside and the outside, on a very consistent basis if you want to combat wrinkles and preserve a healthy glow. It takes a lot of work, but when you look good, you feel even better.

    Read on for anti-aging tips and hacks that will take the results of your skin care regimen and facial exercises to the next level.

    1. Sleep on Your Back

    When your face is pressed against a pillow every night, sleep wrinkles form. Avoid them altogether by sleeping on your back, which is healthier for your spine too. This also helps prevent wrinkles from forming on your neck and décolletage. If you have trouble making this shift, try laying down for 15 minutes on your back to build muscle memory.

    2. Flush Puffiness Away

    Puffy faces and under eye bags are unsightly signs of aging. Reduce your sodium intake and hydrate properly to help decrease puffiness. Eat lots of antioxidant-rich food and cut down on foods and drinks that cause inflammation and bloating. This means you need to avoid processed foods, sugar, simple carbs, wheat, dairy and alcohol as much as possible.

    3. Always Wear Sunglasses

    Don polarized lenses every day to help block the sun’s damaging rays. This will protect your eyesight and prevent the squinting that leads to fine lines and crow’s feet.

    4. Drink to Your Health

    It’s essential to consume lots of water to flush the toxins out of your system. Take your efforts to the next level by drinking other beneficial beverages, such as green and white tea, low-sugar smoothies and lemon water.

    5. Wear Hats When You Step Outside

    If you want to avoid sun spots and hyperpigmentation, wear hats to provide as much coverage as possible. This is an absolute must if you ever hit the beach or spend an extended amount of time outdoors.

    6. Apply Eye Cream by Tapping

    Don’t rub product into the delicate skin around your eye, the skin is just too sensitive. Instead, gently tap the product with your finger.

    Visit this link to learn more about our world famous facial exercises and advanced skin care products.

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