• June 30, 2016

5 Ways to Stay on Track 4th of July Weekend

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5 Ways to Stay on Track 4th of July Weekend

5 Ways to Stay on Track 4th of July Weekend 298 232 Facercise

cellulite reductionIndependence Day weekend is here! For many, this means a long weekend filled with activities and get-togethers—and with that comes a lot of potential temptation. When you’re out all day at BBQs and special events, it’s hard to pass up that hot dog or hamburger or those cookies staring at you. Yet when you spend so much time and effort dieting, exercising, dry brushing and doing your No Lipo Lipo routine, the last thing you want to do is sabotage all your hard work.

The good news is, we’ve got some tips to help you enjoy your weekend without sacrificing your waistline.

1. Hydrate properly. Make sure to drink plenty of water, preferably with lemon, to maintain hydration all day long. It will help your skin look better and ensure that you don’t mistake thirst for hunger, which is extremely easy to do. It will also help you fill up before eating so that you don’t overeat.

2. Stay on regimen. Just because it’s a holiday, don’t skip your daily dry brushing and No Lipo Lipo regimens. They will help give your skin that healthy glow for any events you have planned and help flush the toxins from your body. It’s more important on weekends like these to stay on track with these body sculpting activities.

3. Get physical. Do what you can to stay on track in this department as well—if you can squeeze your normal workout or exercise class in, do so. Try and get it in first thing in the morning so that your metabolism is revved for the day. If you can’t follow your normal routine, go for a walk, swim or run to make up for some of the extra calories you may consume this holiday weekend.

4. Don’t go anywhere hungry. The worst thing you can do is skip meals and head out on an empty stomach—you will be sure to overeat. Instead, eat a healthy, protein-rich breakfast and have healthy snacks throughout the day to avoid those hunger pangs.

5. Load up on lean protein. Lean protein helps fill you up and promotes healthy digestion. Head to the grill for salmon, chicken, seafood or a grass-fed hamburger instead of an unhealthy, fat-laden options.

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