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  • February 8, 2018

5 Steps to Reduce Crepey Skin

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5 Steps to Reduce Crepey Skin

5 Steps to Reduce Crepey Skin 633 1024 Facercise

body sculptingIf you are concerned with crepey and loose skin on your arms, there are several body sculpting tips that can improve the situation. It’s actually a very common problem associated with aging, caused by several factors. As we age, our skin retains less moisture and our bodies produce less elastin and collagen. Since these proteins give your skin the elasticity to stretch and contract, their breakdown results in sagging and wrinkling.

If you want to avoid crepey skin, incorporate the following into your antiaging skincare regimen. You will see a difference in about 10 days to two weeks—and it will be well worth it.

1. Incorporate More Silica and Vitamin C Into Your Diet

These two nutrients both promote healthy, elastic skin. Load up on fruits and veggies that are rich in vitamin C, such as oranges, grapefruit, kiwi, pineapple, papaya, cantaloupe, red pepper and berries. Good sources of silica include leeks, green beans, garbanzo beans, rhubarb, cucumber, mango, kelp, whole oats, buckwheat, brown rice, alfalfa and green leafy veggies such as spinach, asparagus, celery and kale. Strawberries, bananas, broccoli and Brussels sprouts are all excellent sources source of both vitamin C and silica.

2. Load Up on Sunscreen

Sunscreen is an essential part of your anti-aging skincare regimen. Cover your arms and hands with sunscreen every morning and anytime you go outside when the sun is out. Sun damage decreases skin’s elasticity, resulting in crepey skin and wrinkles. Try our Protective Sunblock SPF 30.

3. Apply Your Vitamins

Immediately after you shower in the morning, apply our Nourishing Vitamin E Oil all over arms. Wait a few minutes and let it soak in. Then apply High Density Vitamin C Serum. Once it’s absorbed, apply sunscreen. In the evening, apply Retinol Skin Conditioner all over your arms. Do this daily and you will see results!

4. Dry Brush

Dry brushing boosts circulation and helps skin shed the dead cells that give it a dull appearance. It also stimulates the lymphatic system, which flushes the toxins from your system. If you dry brush on a daily basis with one of our Sisal louffas, your skin will appear more lifted, tightened and glowing.

5. No Lipo Lipo

No Lipo Lipo will help you get that summer body like nothing else. This system breaks down  fatty tissue and cellulite to trim inches all over your body. No Lipo Lipo uses strong upward sweeping motions to reverse gravity and firm skin while boosting the lymphatic system. The results are unparalleled when it comes to body sculpting.

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