• December 20, 2021

5 Holiday Body Sculpting Tips

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5 Holiday Body Sculpting Tips

5 Holiday Body Sculpting Tips 500 333 Facercise

body sculptingIt can be easy to gain weight during the holidays—especially all the calorie-laden food, drinks and reduced activity. Temptation may be in full effect, but the good news is, the diet and body sculpting tips below can help you combat weight gain and still indulge here and there.

1. Step up Your Game

Don’t wait for the New Year—now is the time to step up your diet, dry brushing and No Lipo Lipo body sculpting regimens to help maintain your weight. Let yourself indulge in moderation at special events, but eat a clean diet the rest of the time. Follow our dry brushing and No Lipo Lipo body sculpting programs to help you look and feel your best. Both boost your lymphatic system, which flushes the toxins from your body.

2. Start Your Day Right

Eat a healthy, protein-rich breakfast in the morning to fill you up and fuel your day. Then go for a run, hit the gym or head to your favorite exercise class. Studies show that morning workouts help you stay on track the rest of the day. Try to exercise as many days as possible, even if you have to get up early. It will help you burn off some of the excess calories and reduce holiday stress.

3. Don’t Arrive on an Empty Stomach

Don’t skip meals so that you can overeat at that party or holiday meal you’re going to. When you go somewhere on an empty stomach, you will eat many more calories than if you eat normally throughout the day. Eat small but healthy meals and have a protein or fiber-packed snack before you go anywhere, even to the mall.

4. Use Smaller Plates

An excellent way to control your portions is to use smaller plates. Don’t hit the spread with a large entrée plate and fill it up. Instead, take a salad or appetizer plate and eat slowly. Give your stomach time to signal your brain that you’re not hungry anymore. Chances are you won’t need to go back for seconds and won’t miss the larger servings.

5. Be Selective

Depriving yourself can backfire, so indulge in a few of your holiday favorites—but only the items you really enjoy. If fruitcake isn’t one of your favorites, don’t have a piece of just because it’s there. Opt for a few tastes of your favorite dishes in moderation and call it a day.

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