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5 New Year’s Eve Beauty Tips 500 269 Facercise

5 New Year’s Eve Beauty Tips

facial exercisesNew Year’s Eve is here! While some of us prefer a good night in with loved ones, many others will be out on the town at parties and special events. Either way, it’s an excellent day to practice self-care. Spending this time on yourself will help you glow for the evening and start your year off right. If you’ve been doing your facial exercises regularly, you’ll be sure to look your very best for whatever you have planned to ring in the New Year.

Here are five tips to help you sparkle this New Year’s Eve.

1. Wake up and Exercise

Don’t fall into the cliché of waiting for the New Year to exercise. A good workout will boost circulation, provide energy for your day and give you a youthful glow. You’ll look and feel your very best, which will put you in a great mood for New Year’s Eve.

2. Hydrate All Day Long

Drink lots of honey or lemon water all day long to flush your system and plump up your skin. White and green tea are also good beverages to drink throughout the day. Both rev your metabolism and boost your antioxidant intake. If you plan to imbibe, make sure to alternate alcoholic beverages with water.

3. Do Your Body Sculpting Routine

Be sure to dry brush and do No Lipo Lipo—both should be part of your regular regimen. If not, what better day to start? Both of these practices stimulate your lymphatic system, which flushes the toxins from your body. They will also boost your glow!

4. Do Face Lift to Go

This enzymatic mask is unrivaled when it comes to lifting, toning and glowing. Take 45 minutes and relax while you do this incredible treatment. You’ll look like you just spent a day at the spa when you’re finished.

5. Do the Body Lifting Mask

This treatment is similar to Face Lift to Go, but for the body. It will lift and tone your body so you look amazing in your New Year’s Eve ensemble.

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facial exercises
Get Your Holiday Glow On 500 333 Facercise

Get Your Holiday Glow On

facial exercises

I hope you’ve been doing your facial exercises daily, because the holidays are here and we all want to look our festive best. If you have holiday parties and special events on the horizon, you’ve got time to get your glow on and be your most beautiful self. Follow some of the tips below to prepare and pamper yourself so you can have the best season ever.

Get Plenty of Sleep

This hectic time of year is not the time to lose out on sleep. Sleep deprivation causes dark circles and dull skin. Plus, your skin regenerates at night when you’re sleeping, so if the duration is cut short, results will not reach their full potential. Get on a regular sleep schedule and stick to it whenever you don’t have a special event keeping you up late.

Keep Moving

People often slack when it comes to following their exercise routines during the holidays. Don’t fall prey to this—it can make such a difference this time of year. It will help you avoid weight gain and get the blood flowing, which will contribute to your holiday glow. The endorphins released will boost your mood and help you deal with holiday stress as well. If you’re having trouble fitting it into your holiday schedule, try a fitness hack like this fast but effective workout.

Do Your Facial Exercises

One of the best ways to glow while preventing the signs of aging is to do Facercise twice a day. If time is limited, try the 8-minute superset available on the Ultimate Facercise DVD. Facial exercises lift, firm and tighten like nothing else. If you want to tailor your routine, consider getting a one-on-one session with Carole via Skype.


Prevent water retention and dry, dull skin by drinking lots of water. If you’re attending special events or meals where alcohol will be served, try sparkling water instead or drink a glass of water between each alcoholic drink. If you do imbibe, drink extra glasses of water to prevent dehydration and hangover.

Start Masking

Do Face Lift to Go once a week throughout the season to make it look like you’ve spent time at the spa. Do one the day of any event where you want to look picture perfect and glowy.

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5 Post-Thanksgiving Detox Tips 500 333 Facercise

5 Post-Thanksgiving Detox Tips

body sculptingThanksgiving weekend often results in overindulging in the form of excess sugar, less sleep, inactivity and alcohol consumption. This can wreak havoc on your looks, energy levels and overall wellness. The good news is, there are ways to detox and rejuvenate if you’re feeling the aftermath of Thanksgiving.

Read on for our favorite post-Thanksgiving recovery tips.

Get Moving

One of the best ways to move progress down the road to recovery is to engage in physical activity. A good strength training workout is your best bet, but anything from a walk, jog or yoga session to swimming, cardio work and anything in between is going to help. If you can, take a walk and do a workout. The best thing you can do is get your blood pumping and burn some extra calories!

Lemon Water

Skip the latte and hydrate instead with some warm detoxifying lemon water. It will rev your metabolism, promotes healthy digestion and helps fight bloating.

Green Juice

Fresh green juice will boost the detox process while providing your body with some important nutrients to fuel your day. Seek out fresh cold pressed juice made with organic ingredients for best results.

Make Tea Time

Sip green tea throughout the day to hydrate and boost your metabolism. Green tea contains catechins, which may help break down excess fat, and caffeine for an added energy boost.

Dry Brush

Dry brushing sloughs off excess dead skin while kickstarting the lymphatic system, which is responsible for eliminating waste from our bodies. It also stimulates circulation and imparts a healthy glow to your skin. Combine it with No Lipo Lipo for some serious body sculpting.

Do No Lipo Lipo Body Sculpting Massage

No Lipo Lipo will boost lymphatic drainage even further, giving your body a serious jump start towards detoxification. This incredible body sculpting massage also helps firms and lift your skin so that it looks more toned and youthful.

Start your morning with these steps and you’ll feel like a new you before stepping foot out the door.