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Your Valentine’s Day Glow Guide 500 333 Facercise

Your Valentine’s Day Glow Guide

facial exercisesWhether you’ve planned a romantic evening out or a relaxing night of self-care, Valentine’s day is the perfect time to show your skin some love. Just because winter is still in full effect, you don’t have to accept dry, dull skin. Follow the tips below to get a dewy, youthful looking glow just in time for Valentine’s day.

Squeeze in a Workout

A great way to promote a healthy glow is with exercise! Hit the gym or your favorite exercise class, go for a run or do a workout DVD in the comfort of your home. It’s the perfect act of self-love that also revs your metabolism and bolsters your mood.

Do Your Facial Exercises

Stimulate circulation in your face by doing Facercise twice a day until the big day—and every day thereafter, of course. It’s an excellent practice to do right before any big date or special event. Your skin will look refreshed and happy after a round of facial exercises.

Pamper Your Skin With Face Lift to Go

If you don’t have time to get into the spa, give yourself a facial with Face Lift to Go. This enzymatic mask is unparalleled when it comes to achieving a beautiful glow. During winter, dead skin cells can build up and clog pores. Face Lift to Go provides next level exfoliation to reveal your inner luminosity and refined texture. If you’re home enjoying a solo evening, apply some deep conditioner to your hair and relax in an aromatherapy bath while you do Face Lift to Go. After 45 minutes, you will emerge with tighter, firmer and more radiant skin. Use weekly to achieve a greater glow for the long haul.

Brighten the Day With Vitamin C

Apply High Density C Serum to minimize uneven tone and brighten up your skin. This powerful serum is loaded with vitamin C, which boosts circulation to impart a rosy glow and detoxify the skin.

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Get Red Carpet Ready with Face Lift to Go 400 266 Facercise

Get Red Carpet Ready with Face Lift to Go

facial exercisesThe awards season is in full swing! It’s the perfect time to watch all the movie stars, musicians and celebrities looking their most glowing, youthful best. How do they always look so beautiful and lifted? While everyone’s anti-aging skin care regimen varies, a staple that has remained one of Hollywood’s best kept secrets is Face Lift to Go.

This incredible enzyme treatment mask really does it all. It exfoliates the dead skin cells that dull your complexion, revealing a youthful, dewy glow. It provides superior cellular repair with cumulative results and combats the effects of aging and sun damage. It offers powerful lifting and firming action that dramatically tightens  the dermis. Face Lift to Go also draws out toxins and impurities and improves skin tone and texture, resulting in younger looking skin. The result is a lifted, toned look that boosts your confidence like nothing else.

Since there are no risks of harmful or unsightly side effects, you can use Face Lift to Go any time—even the day of your special event. In fact, doing the mask is an excellent way to relax while you’re getting ready so that you look as lifted, firm and glowing as possible. There is no risk of redness and no downtime—just a rich, pampering treatment that you can do in the privacy of your own home.

Face Lift to Go is the ideal non-invasive solution for everything from the awards parties and weddings that require those daunting close-ups to that face-to-face with your special someone. While it’s ideal for all skin types, those with especially tired, mature skin will reap significant benefits when they add it to their anti-aging skin care regimen. Each kit contains enough product for four to five treatments and can be used every 10 to 12 days for optimum results.

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facial exercises
6 Ways to Boost Collagen 500 333 Facercise

6 Ways to Boost Collagen

facial exercisesCollagen is everything if you want firm, supple skin. This naturally occurring protein is responsible for smoothing wrinkles and maintaining skin’s elasticity. Unfortunately, once we hit age 20—that’s right, 20—our collagen supplies start breaking down. Skin becomes thinner, more fragile and less resilient.

Fortunately, there are easy ways to boost collagen.

1. Eat a Vitamin C-Rich Diet

Research shows that a vitamin C stimulates collagen production and helps reduce oxidative damage. Eat a diet rich in this antioxidant vitamin to promote smoother, firmer skin. Produce like kiwi, mangoes, citrus, berries, tomatoes, red bell peppers and green leafy vegetables are excellent sources.

2. Facial Exercises

A regular Facercise practice boosts collagen production and improves blood flow. Facial exercises also combats muscle atrophy and helps define contours. There is no better way to get firmer, stronger skin!

3. Facial Massage

Facial massage is great way to stimulate collagen production while reducing stress. Use upward motions when washing or massaging your face.

4. Eat Foods Rich in Sulphur

Sulphur is a trace mineral that aids in collagen formation. Some good sources are beans, garlic, eggs, cabbage and nuts like almonds, walnuts, peanuts and Brazil nuts.

5. Protect Against Sun Damage

The sun’s powerful ultraviolet rays cause photodamage and break down collagen. Wear sun protective block every day, rain or shine. At a minimum, apply it to your face, neck, décolletage and hands. Eat foods that contain the antioxidant lycopene, which helps fight sun damage from the inside out. Tomatoes, watermelon, grapefruit, guava, papaya, cabbage and red bell peppers are awesome sources.

6. Avoid Sugar and Smoke

Two of collagen’s worst enemies are smoking and sugar. Smoking restricts blood flow, which leads to collagen depletion. Sugar attaches to collagen and weighs it down, decreasing flexibility and making it stuff. Eliminate both if you want youthful, glowing skin.

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