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Winter can be a cause of dry, dehyrated skin. Couple that with a dramatic increase in estrogen caused by perimenopause or menopause and your skin will dry out like never before. Treat this issue with a hydrating serum, such as my Vitamin C Serum, EGF Serum or Peptide Serum, followed by a moisturizer, such as my Advanced Anti Aging Cream or Ultra Hyaluronic Cream. Click here to read through my entire dry skin skin protocol.

Suffering from deep lines and wrinkles? This can be caused by years of sun exposure, which breaks down both collagen and elastin, as well as repeated facial expressions. DO YOUR FACERCISES DAILY and make sure your skin stays hydrated—the drier your skin is, the more pronounced wrinkles will look.

Whatever you do, don't forget about your neck! Changes to the skin affect your chest and neck too. Apply sunscreen every day, all year long, to help fight those neck and chest lines.



No Lipo Lipo is an amazing knuckle-massage like treatment which breaks down and smoothes the cellulite and fatty deposits. The skin will firm, tone and lift! In spa the average inch loss is 15 inches in 5 weeks, 2 sessions weekly. Our Dry Brushing technique is also demonstrated using our sisal mitt and strap which strengthens the connective tissue and firms the skin. Your skin will feel like silk and look amazingly younger. This technique can be performed on yourself. Great for muffin tops and cankles! See us on Youtube!


One hour private FACERCISE classes are now available via Skype. This is an invaluable tool when mastering the FACERCISE regimen. Many FACERCISERS do the exercises incorrectly, even though they have read and re-read my book or purchased my DVDs. With a private session via webcam, you will be able to see me perform the exercises and I can see your face and technique and correct anything you are doing wrong. Also, I can instruct you on some new exercises which are not in the book or on the DVD. The price for a one hour session is $195. Those who have been long-time FACERCISERS are surprised how much they benefit by taking a Skype Class. Some of the comments I get are “Wow I finally feel the burn that you always talk about!” OR “I feel like the exercises were so much more intense doing them with you via Skype.” And more importantly, they are very pleased with their results in just one session because I can specifically show them where they need to concentrate their focus. Muscles have memory and respond very quickly! Call for available appointment times.

Remember to keep FACERCISING each day - twice a day to look your very best! Always remember that the results of a Facelift, no matter how good, are only temporary and will need to be repeated down the road. Facelifts, Liquid Facelifts, Chemical Peels and Botox are also very costly and all have inherent risks. The Facercise Program targets the 57 muscles of the face and neck and allows you to create positive changes that can be built upon over time. Keep a photo log of yourself to track your progress to help keep you motivated! Remember, the Ultimate Facercise Super Set gets you through the entire program in less than eight minutes. That’s not much time commitment to create and maintain the face you want!

This kit contains one DVD and two CD’s. Before you begin, watch the DVD for one full week twice daily to familiarize yourself with the exercises. Follow along with the models demonstrating the exercises to get comfortable using proper form, visualization and resistance movements. After one week, you should be ready to listen to the Demonstration CD which is 12 minutes long and provides complete detail. Perform the exercises with the Demonstration CD for one week, twice daily. By this time, you should be comfortable with the exercises and be able to perform them from memory. Next, you should be ready to move onto the 8-Minute Super Set CD. The Super Set is a condensed version of the exercises, without all the detailed explanations. I have found following this format will allow you to avoid having to use the DVD every day. Perform the Super Set twice daily for optimal results. The Super Set allows you to complete the exercises in just 16 minutes a day! This CD can also be used in the car. Just use one hand to press against the steering wheel for resistance and the fingers of the other hand to pulse and visualize energy flow. (It’s best to perform the exercises at stop signs or red lights.)

Face Lift To Go

Carole Maggio Day Spa offers private FACERCISE classes for men and women. During the private Facercise class, there’s an emotional connection that occurs when the client and I meet, and it instills not only a desire, but a discipline to remain focused and consistent. Meeting face-to-face allows me to concentrate on your specific facial needs and create your own personalized program. I can also make instant corrections regarding body posturing, resistance, visualization techniques, etc. In Spa Class is $300 and includes the Facercise DVD.

Call 1.800.597.3555 or 310.316.1818 for details.

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Feeding Your Skin

When you follow a good skincare regimen and do your Facercise program daily, you're halfway there. The next most important component of your regimen is getting the right nutrients in your diet. Whether you incorporate supplements or eat right, there are some essential nutrients we need to attain that healthy glow and boost your Facercise results. Read on for the skinny on the vitamins our skin thrives on.

Vitamin A. When applied topically in the form of retinol (try my best-selling Retinol Skin Conditioner), it can help heal wounds, reduce wrinkles, firm and tighten. When you eat vitamin A-rich foods, it will also help protect agains UV radiation. Sweet potatoes are an excellent source.

Vitamin C. Vitamin C is essential to collagen production and gives skin that density and glow, while helping to fight free radical damage. Get it in your diet and apply it topically under sunscreen for brighter skin and to boost sun protection. One pomegrenate can supply 40 percent of your daily vitamin C requirement. Other good sources are oranges, grapefruits, brocolli, pumpkin and tomatoes.

Vitamin D. Balanced vitamin D levels will help fight wrinkling and improve rosacea and other skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. Our ability to produce vitamin D decreases with age, so get it into your diet with fatty fish such as tuna, salmon and mackerel, or cheese, eggs, mushrooms or beef liver.

Omega Fatty Acids. Omega fatty acids improve the layer of our epidermis that holds moisture in while keeping irritants out. They have serious anti-inflammatory properties and can help improve dematitis and rosacea. Omega fatty acids are found in fatty fish, such as eggs, cod, salmon and tilapia, as well as plant-based sources including almonds, Brazil nuts, cashews, walnuts, pecans and hazeluts. 

Do you need holiday gift ideas? Check out my holiday gift guides for the body and face.





The No Lipo Lipo™ technique has been featured in the mainstream media and on numerous TV programs because it REALLY WORKS. No Lipo Lipo™ DVD's are now available for purchase at Facercise.com or you can call our toll-free line at 1.800.597.3555.


No Lipo Lipo

No Lipo Lipo

No Lipo Lipo

No Lipo Lipo DVD

WATCH KTLA News Clip on No Lipo Lipo™ Here!

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The Pulse

Get Rid of Crepey Skin on Your Arms

If you are concerned with crepey and loose skin on your arms, there are several things you can do to improve the situation. It’s actually a very common problem associated with aging, caused by several factors. As we age, our skin retains less moisture and our bodies produce less elastin and collagen, the proteins that give your skin the elasticity to stretch and contract, therefore causing skin to sag and wrinkle.

If you are concerned with creepy and loose skin on your arms or want to prevent the condition, incorporate the following into your antiaging skincare regimen. You will see a difference in about 10 days to two weeks—and it will be well worth it.

1. Incorporate more silica and vitamin C into your diet. These two nutrients both promote healthy, elastic skin. Load up on fruits and veggies that are rich in vitamin C, such as oranges, grapefruit, kiwi, pineapple, papaya, cantaloupe, red pepper and berries. Good sources of silica include leeks, green beans, garbanzo beans, rhubarb, cucumber, mango, kelp, whole oats, buckwheat, brown rice, alfalfa and green leafy veggies such as spinach, asparagus, celery and kale. Strawberries, bananas, broccoli and Brussel sprouts are all excellent sources source of both vitamin C and silica.

2. Load up on sunscreen. Sunscreen is an essential part of your antiaging skincare regimen. Cover your arms and hands with sunscreen every morning and anytime you go outside when the sun is out. Sun damage will decrease your skin’s elasticity, resulting in crepey skin and wrinkles. Try my Protective Sunblock SPF 30.

3. Apply your vitamins. Immediately after you shower in the morning, apply my Nourishing Vitamin E Oil all over arms. Wait a few minutes and let it soak in. Next, apply my High Density Vitamin C Serum all over your arms. Once it’s absorbed, you can apply your sunscreen if you’re heading outside. In the evening, apply Retinol Skin Conditioner all over your arms. Do this daily and you will see results! P.S. Our High Density Vitamin C Serum is on sale this month!!

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Hot Flash of the Month

Miss Bernadette Needs a
Furr-ever Home 

Miss. Bernadette is a very, very special girl. At the very last moment, she was pulled from a very high kill shelter. The more time I spend with Bernadette, I get the sense that maybe she was kept locked away from human contact and the world, every experience outside seems so new to her. She is unsure and appreciates encouragement, but is blossoming quite nicely. Everyone that meets her makes the comment of how beautiful and special she is. She is not at her final destination yet, currently in boarding and has been there since September. She is the type of girl that needs a family of her very own—she is desperate for that constant connection. She attaches herself very quickly and needs the love of her forever human to teach and guide her. She would also do best in a home where her family is active because she needs and enjoys walks, runs and maybe even a hike or two! She would also do best in a home where her person works from home. She will not do well being left alone all day. She can really jump as well, so a high fence is a must! :) She needs to have affection, love, patience, training, guidance and the sense that she is safe and that she will not be thrown away again. She knows “sit” and will take treats gently from your hand. She has never had anyone teach her anything, but she learns so fast because she is so willing to please—She will benefit from continued training. She is a big puppy that will make someone so incredibly happy with her kisses and loyalty. She really is a diamond in the ruff!

She is spayed, UTD on shots, healthy, happy, 49 lbs. About a year old. Tan, fawn and white in color. She is a Shep, Lab and Pitty mix and has unique markings on her tail! If you are interested in adopting Bernadette, please contact Jessica Hair at 310.947.9388 or [email protected]
We both thank you!


Facercise Licensees of the Month

Anastasia at 28, Before Facercise       Anastasia at 33, After Facercise

Anastasia Burdyug
127051 Mockea
Метро Сухаревская, пл. 12,
3 этаж, салон
Telephone (495) 782-14-80

Hina “Oriental Head Therapy ™” therapist located in Japan. Oriental Head Therapy was originally created in Japan. Those who receive this amazing treatment feel so comfortable and realize how it also works well for anti-aging. NOW offering Facercise instruction at “Presense” Holistic Care Salon.

Contact information:
Tel & Fax: 03-6450-3048
Email: [email protected]

“Oeuf Azabu”
Tel: 03-6441-0827

Olena Rossoshynska in Dubai
[email protected]
Tel: 97-152-913-7770

No Lipo Lipo Licensees
Hayat El Hamri in London
Contact: [email protected]

Anastasia Burdyug
127051 Mockea
Метро Сухаревская, пл. 12,
3 этаж, салон
|Telephone (495) 782-14-80

For more information or to learn about licensing opportunities, please call 800.597.3555 or visit Facercise.com/dayspa.


(Success stories from home and abroad)

Dear Carole,
First of all, thank you for sharing your Facercise techniques to all that want them. No one is more grateful than me, and this is why. I had skin cancer on my face. The doctors surgically removed the cancer, which left me with a hideous scar that ran from under my right eye down my cheek. I was unable to move the other side of my face. I couldn’t smile without half of my face looking frozen and the other half looking saggy. I slowly used your techniques and after almost two years, my face is back to normal. People can’t believe that I will be 50 this year. Let me know if you want me to send you my photos of before and after. I think you’ll agree that Facercise is my friend forever!

My love and respect,
Janice Harrison

Dear Ms. Maggio-
I discovered you Facercise techniques by accident one day when I was searching on the internet for an alternative to the surgical facelift I had been considering for a couple of years, but had been dreading and procrastinating. The unpredictable results from surgery and the long period of swelling were definitely huge drawbacks. I decided to buy your book and try your techniques. I experienced tremendous results after six months and would not even consider a facelift now. I really think that I look younger than I did 10 years ago and I can see a big difference from the eight year old photo on my driver’s license. I started incorporating your program into my large cosmetic dentistry cases and noticed that I was able to obtain faster and more dramatic results with my patients. Patients that practiced Facercise during and after extensive cosmetic surgery would look 10 to 15 years younger in just a few months without any surgery. The “Dental Facelift” erases years of premature aging by restoring worn and missing teeth to provide proportion and dimension to the face, along with increased muscle tone and healthier looking skin. The size of the face increases slightly with properly designed cosmetic dental procedures to support or stretch the facial skin (rather than cutting and pulling the skin) to provide excellent results, often superior to surgical facelift techniques. The Facercise method helps patients with TMJ problems, enabling them to adjust more quickly to cosmetic dentistry procedures while providing excellent facial muscle tone and a marked improvement in color and quality of the facial skin because of the increased circulation to the face. I now recommend all my patients begin the Facercise program prior to me even starting any cosmetic dental procedures. The youthful results and the happiness my patients experience continues to amaze me, even after three years of clinical applications. I feel thankful to have happened upon your book and it has definitely changed my dental practice for the better.

Barry Nestlerode, DDS