November 2014
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EGF Repair Cream - Only $40 (Regularly $65)


Whether you do dry rushing in conjunction with No Lipo Lipo or on its own, if you've tried it, you know the results are addictive. It stimulates our lymphatic systems, which helps flush out toxins, and gives our skin that rosy glow we can't get enough of.

One of the best products you can use for dry brushing are my Horsehair Mitts. The problem is, they're handmade in Germany and demand was so great, I sold out over and over again. I know that many of you are in dire need, so I obtained a small inventory (only 60!). These will sell out immediately, so if you want to order one, call the spa now at 310.316.1818.



No Lipo Lipo is an amazing knuckle-massage like treatment which breaks down and smoothes the cellulite and fatty deposits. The skin will firm, tone and lift! In spa the average inch loss is 15 inches in 5 weeks, 2 sessions weekly. Our Dry Brushing technique is also demonstrated using our sisal mitt and strap which strengthens the connective tissue and firms the skin. Your skin will feel like silk and look amazingly younger. This technique can be performed on yourself. Great for muffin tops and cankles! See us on Youtube!


One hour private FACERCISE classes are now available via Skype. This is an invaluable tool when mastering the FACERCISE regimen. Many FACERCISERS do the exercises incorrectly, even though they have read and re-read my book or purchased my DVDs. With a private session via webcam, you will be able to see me perform the exercises and I can see your face and technique and correct anything you are doing wrong. Also, I can instruct you on some new exercises which are not in the book or on the DVD. The price for a one hour session is $195. Those who have been long-time FACERCISERS are surprised how much they benefit by taking a Skype Class. Some of the comments I get are “Wow I finally feel the burn that you always talk about!” OR “I feel like the exercises were so much more intense doing them with you via Skype.” And more importantly, they are very pleased with their results in just one session because I can specifically show them where they need to concentrate their focus. Muscles have memory and respond very quickly! Call for available appointment times.

Remember to keep FACERCISING each day - twice a day to look your very best! Always remember that the results of a Facelift, no matter how good, are only temporary and will need to be repeated down the road. Facelifts, Liquid Facelifts, Chemical Peels and Botox are also very costly and all have inherent risks. The Facercise Program targets the 57 muscles of the face and neck and allows you to create positive changes that can be built upon over time. Keep a photo log of yourself to track your progress to help keep you motivated! Remember, the Ultimate Facercise Super Set gets you through the entire program in less than eight minutes. That’s not much time commitment to create and maintain the face you want!

This kit contains one DVD and two CD’s. Before you begin, watch the DVD for one full week twice daily to familiarize yourself with the exercises. Follow along with the models demonstrating the exercises to get comfortable using proper form, visualization and resistance movements. After one week, you should be ready to listen to the Demonstration CD which is 12 minutes long and provides complete detail. Perform the exercises with the Demonstration CD for one week, twice daily. By this time, you should be comfortable with the exercises and be able to perform them from memory. Next, you should be ready to move onto the 8-Minute Super Set CD. The Super Set is a condensed version of the exercises, without all the detailed explanations. I have found following this format will allow you to avoid having to use the DVD every day. Perform the Super Set twice daily for optimal results. The Super Set allows you to complete the exercises in just 16 minutes a day! This CD can also be used in the car. Just use one hand to press against the steering wheel for resistance and the fingers of the other hand to pulse and visualize energy flow. (It’s best to perform the exercises at stop signs or red lights.)

Face Lift To Go

Carole Maggio Day Spa offers private FACERCISE classes for men and women. During the private Facercise class, there’s an emotional connection that occurs when the client and I meet, and it instills not only a desire, but a discipline to remain focused and consistent. Meeting face-to-face allows me to concentrate on your specific facial needs and create your own personalized program. I can also make instant corrections regarding body posturing, resistance, visualization techniques, etc. In Spa Class is $300 and includes the Facercise DVD.

Call 1.800.597.3555 or 310.316.1818 for details.

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Get Your Beauty Sleep the Right Way

If you're one of my clients, you know the importance of beauty sleep, but did you know that if you don’t sleep in the right position, it can lead to premature wrinkles, back pain and saggy breasts? It’s a fact—if you sleep on your stomach or side, it may actually cause those deep creases many refer to as “sleep” lines. You can buy the softest pillow and silkiest case ever, but the pressure your face and chest experience when you don't sleep on your back results in deep lines and wrinkles over time.  

If you want to preserve your youthful good looks and prevent those unsightly sleep lines, it's absolutely critical that you sleep on your back. This will help you avoid those creases forming around your eyes, nasal labial fold and the sides of your face. Sleeping on your back also helps you maintain facial symmetry, which diminishes as we age since we lose fat in our faces and our skeletal structure shrinks. To see how this works, find a photo of yourself in your 20s wearing large earrings and another in your 40s, also wearing large earrings. You will clearly be able to see that your face has become smaller over time. When you work so hard to fight aging by dong your Facercises and following a good antiaging skincare regime, it only makes sense that you strive to maintain symmetry and retain the the results you've experienced by sleeping on your back.

In addition, sleeping on your back boosts your overall health. It's the best way for your head, neck and spine to maintain "neutral position," which is important if you've ever experience back problems or would like to prevent them in the future. 

Another benefit of sleeping on your back is that it can help you prevent sagging breasts and those deep lines on your decollete that are causes by sleeping in other positions. By sleeping on your back, your bust is fully supported.

If you find it difficult to sleep on your back, try putting a pillow under your knees and hug another on your chest. It provides the psychological effect of sleeping on your side in the comforting fetal position. Another thing to do is lie in bed, on your back, for 15 to 20 minutes as often as possible. This will help your body develop muscle memory in this position. Just like we do Facercises to train our muscles, we can train our bodies to sleep in a healthier position.

Sweet dreams,

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The No Lipo Lipo™ technique has been featured in the mainstream media and on numerous TV programs because it REALLY WORKS. No Lipo Lipo™ DVD's are now available for purchase at Facercise.com or you can call our toll-free line at 1.800.597.3555.


No Lipo Lipo

No Lipo Lipo

No Lipo Lipo

No Lipo Lipo DVD

WATCH KTLA News Clip on No Lipo Lipo™ Here!

"Dr. Oz" on Facercise

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The Pulse

Fall is an excellent time to eat seasonal produce, as the variety is vast and the benefits unlimited—it’s the perfect way to supplement your antiaging facial exercises and skin care regimen. Here are five excellent examples of antioxidant-rich produce that helps fight free radical damage and reduce the signs of aging.

1. Pumpkin. Pumpkins are loaded with antioxidants, including beta-carotene, which gives them their color and helps our cells fight damage from free radicals, such as fine lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. They also boast high contents of vitamins A, E and C, which helps prevent redness, reduces inflammation and boosts collagen production—thus helping your skin maintain its glow and elasticity. 

2. Pomegranate. This jewel-hued fruit is packed with vitamin C and powerful antioxidants that help decrease inflammation, sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles.

3. Yams. This tasty versatile vegetable contain the compound diosgenin, a natural plant-derived steroid with anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties. Yams are also loaded with fiber, antioxidants and other nutrients, including bloat-fighting potassium, iron, and vitamins A and C.

4. Apples. Another excellent source of vitamin C, apples are an excellent source of vitamin A and copper, an essential mineral that helps produce melanin, which protects our skin from the sun’s dangerous ultraviolet rays.

5. Cranberries. This tangy seasonal berry boasts an array of powerful phytonutrients that detoxify the skin, soothe irritation and reduce redness and inflammation. 


Hot Flash of the Month

Raymon GraceWhat is dowsing and what can you do with it? 

Dowsing is an art that has been used for  a long time to find underground water veins. Here in the Appalachian Mountains where I live, people who did this were called ‘water witchers.’ They would be called upon to use their talent to find the best place to drill a water well. Some people scoffed at the ideabut not the ones who drilled a well and found good water where the ‘water witcher’ said it would be.

I heard about this practice my whole life and a neighbor had a good reputation for finding water, but it seems no one went beyond finding water with this ability. 

I got to thinking, if there is something in the human mind that can detect water many feet underground, then why can we not use this same ability for other things? We can!! I became interested in this thing called ‘dowsing,’ and started attending gatherings of like-minded people at dowsing conferences. Since I was also interested in mind development and using the mind for healing, I fit in well with these folks. I was invited to speak on mind development for the Appalachian Dowers in North Carolina and realized these people had something going for them that the average person didn’t.

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Facercise Licensees of the Month


Anastasia at 28, Before Facerise       Anastasia at 33, After Facercise

Anastasia Burdyug
127051 Mockea
Метро Сухаревская, пл. 12,
3 этаж, салон
Telephone (495) 782-14-80

Hina “Oriental Head Therapy ™” therapist located in Japan. Oriental Head Therapy was originally created in Japan. Those who receive this amazing treatment feel so comfortable and realize how it also works well for anti-aging. NOW offering Facercise instruction at “Presense” Holistic Care Salon.

Contact information:
Tel & Fax: 03-6450-3048
Email: [email protected]

“Oeuf Azabu”
Tel: 03-6441-0827

Olena Rossoshynska in Dubai
[email protected]
Tel: 97-152-913-7770

No Lipo Lipo Licensee
Hayat El Hamri in London
Contact: [email protected]

For more information or to learn about licensing opportunities, please call 800.597.3555 or visit Facercise.com/dayspa.


(Success stories from home and abroad)

Age 43                                      Age 49

Age 58                                      Age 60

Dear Carole-

I am sending my pictures to you in order of age progression, because of Rebecca Romjin's statement about doing your Facercises.
1st pic - 43 yrs old
2nd pic - 49 yrs old
3rd pic - 58 yrs old
4th pic - 60 yrs old
I started Facercise approximately 25 years ago, on and off.  Three years ago, when I was 58, I began doing the exercises every day.  As you can see, in my last picture at 60, I was able to tighten up my jaw line. 
Now I try to exercise my face twice a day to maintain muscle tone. I love my results!
Thank you!
Longtime client Connie Olson