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March 2014
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CELLULAR REPAIR SERUM $80 (normally $100)



Here are some nutrients that hydrate your skin from the inside out.

SPINACH. Spinach is high in vitamin A, which staves off dryness. Green vegetables, like cucumbers, pack a serious dose of silica to keep skin hydrated and elastic.

OMEGA-3. Foods high in omega-3 fatty acids like salmon, tuna, olive oil, avocado, walnuts and flax seeds moisturize the skin and plump lines and wrinkles.

BERRIES. Berries of all varieties contain skin-protecting vitamins and antioxidants to strengthen the skin barrier.

WATER. Constantly drinking water hydrates from the inside out, flooding skin cells with moisture and restoring the natural barrier function.


ALCOHOL. Alcohol is dehydrating since it pulls water and fluid out of the cells. The effects of too much alcohol are often seen on the skin—it is dry, dull and lacks that healthy glow.

JUNK FOOD. Junk foods like processed meals, refined carbohydrates and sugar-laden snacks don’t provide skin cells with the oils or fats needed to keep the skin hydrated and looking good.

CAFFEINE. Like alcohol, caffeine can zap the body of much needed internal moisture. It too is a diuretic, but the skin effects of caffeine are usually not noticed as quickly as they are with alcohol.



Cellular Repair Serum is a complete anti-wrinkle formula designed especially to tackle the pesky crow’s feet around the eyes, as well as the frown lines. Cellular Repair Serum was formulated with Snap-8, a newer offspring of the infamous Argirilene. We made sure that we formulated with 10% Snap 8, the maximum recommended percentage, because test show that it is 30% more effective than Argirilene. It has clinically proven to reduce crow’s feet by up to 63%, as it targets muscle contractions with a pre-synaptic strategy by restraining the release of the neurotransmitter (acetylcholine) from the motor neuron.

We could have stopped at Snap-8, since we are big fans of it, but Cellular Repair Serum also contains 5% of the new peptide, lnyline, which also targets muscle contractions using a post-synaptic strategy, but it diminishes the ligand (Ach) receptor (AChR) binding, responsible for the formation of the muscle action potential. In more simplistic terms, lnyline has proven to reduce wrinkles by 14.9% in 28 days!

We're not done yet! Cellular Repair Serum also contains a special encapsulated Retinol, perhaps the most effective anti-wrinkle ingredient in the skin care industry, combined with Edelweiss Stem Cells and Antarcticine, which effectively builds collagen and reduces wrinkles.

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One hour private FACERCISE classes are now available via Skype. This is an invaluable tool when mastering the FACERCISE regimen. Many FACERCISERS do the exercises incorrectly, even though they have read and re-read my book or purchased my DVDs. With a private session via webcam, you will be able to see me perform the exercises and I can see your face and technique and correct anything you are doing wrong. Also, I can instruct you on some new exercises which are not in the book or on the DVD. The price for a one hour session is $195. Those who have been long-time FACERCISERS are surprised how much they benefit by taking a Skype Class. Some of the comments I get are “Wow I finally feel the burn that you always talk about!” OR “I feel like the exercises were so much more intense doing them with you via Skype.” And more importantly, they are very pleased with their results in just one session because I can specifically show them where they need to concentrate their focus. Muscles have memory and respond very quickly! Call for available appointment times.

Remember to keep FACERCISING each day - twice a day to look your very best! Always remember that the results of a Facelift, no matter how good, are only temporary and will need to be repeated down the road. Facelifts, Liquid Facelifts, Chemical Peels and Botox are also very costly and all have inherent risks. The Facercise Program targets the 57 muscles of the face and neck and allows you to create positive changes that can be built upon over time. Keep a photo log of yourself to track your progress to help keep you motivated! Remember, the Ultimate Facercise Super Set gets you through the entire program in less than eight minutes. That’s not much of a time commitment to create and maintain the face you want!

This kit contains one DVD and two CD’s. Before you begin, watch the DVD for one full week twice daily to familiarize yourself with the exercises. Follow along with the models demonstrating the exercises to get comfortable using proper form, visualization and resistance movements. After one week, you should be ready to listen to the Demonstration CD which is 12 minutes long and provides complete detail. Perform the exercises with the Demonstration CD for one week, twice daily. By this time, you should be comfortable with the exercises and be able to perform them from memory. Next, you should be ready to move onto the 8-Minute Super Set CD. The Super Set is a condensed version of the exercises, without all the detailed explanations. I have found following this format will allow you to avoid having to use the DVD every day. Perform the Super Set twice daily for optimal results. The Super Set allows you to complete the exercises in just 16 minutes a day! This CD can also be used in the car. Just use one hand to press against the steering wheel for resistance and the fingers of the other hand to pulse and visualize energy flow. (It’s best to perform the exercises at stop signs or red lights.)

Face Lift To Go

Carole Maggio Day Spa offers private FACERCISE classes for men and women. During the private Facercise class, there’s an emotional connection that occurs when the client and I meet, and it instills not only a desire, but a discipline to remain focused and consistent. Also, meeting face-to-face allows me to concentrate on your specific facial needs and create a personalized program for them. I can also make instant corrections regarding body posturing, resistance, visualization techniques, etc. In Spa Class is $300 and includes the Facercise DVD.

Call 1.800.597.3555 or 310.316.1818 for details.

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My Top 10 Beauty Tips
1) Perform the Ultimate Facercise Program twice daily every day to achieve and maintain a more youthful face and vibrant complexion. The Super Set version, done twice daily, will take you only 16 minutes a day! 

2) Dry brush your face and neck daily using the Beauty Mitt or Bamboo Glove. Dry brushing not only exfoliates the dead skin cells, making way for fresh new cells, but when used regularly it tones, tightens and lifts the skin of the face and neck. Your skin will glow! 

3) Wear sunscreen daily. This is very important—most of the damage to the skin occurs from an accumulation of exposure to the sun’s rays, so short trips to and from the store do count! 

4) If over age 40, balance your hormones. Have a full workup with an anti-aging doctor to make sure everything is in tip top shape. Consider taking bio-identical hormones for your overall health, well being and to maintain skin, muscle tone and bone health. 

5) Exercise daily. Incorporate strength training to maintain and build muscle mass and protect your heart, health and bones. 

6) Up your protein intake. Most women eat less protein than their bodies need to build and maintain strong muscles. If you don’t like meat or fish, try a good protein supplement. 

7) Dry brush your entire body using our Sisal Mitt and Sisal Strap. It will tighten the body skin and strengthen your immune system.

8) Drink up! Purified water is important to keep your body hydrated, it helps flush toxins from your system and allows your cells to function optimally. Many people walk around in a constant state of dehydration and don’t even know it! 

9) Fight cellulite using the No Lipo Lipo program daily. It will tone and tighten the skin while sculpting the body. Clients are amazed how they can go down a few sizes without any dietary or exercise changes. 

10) Maintain a positive mental outlook, including affirmations and mental stimulation. These can also help keep you younger, happier and more vital. Keep repeating “All is well.” I post sticky notes on my mirrors, in my car and in my closet, reminder me that “All is well.”

Much love,


The No Lipo Lipo™ technique has been featured in the mainstream media and on numerous TV programs because it REALLY WORKS. No Lipo Lipo™ DVD's are now available for purchase at www.facercise.com or you can call our toll-free line at 1.800.597.3555.

No Lipo Lipo

No Lipo Lipo

No Lipo Lipo

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What is Cell Therapy?
Cell Therapy is the implantation, by intramuscular injection, of embryonic and fetal cells. The purpose is general regeneration and rejuvenation. It is best known as an anti-aging treatment, which is a general term to describe looking as good as you can, feeling as well and energized as you can, and maintaining youthful vitality as you age.
The primary effects are:

  • Improved immune response
  • Improved endocrine system which results in:
  • More energy
  • Increased libido
  • Improved concentration
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Improved skin texture and connective tissue

Cell Therapy was introduced by Dr. Paul Niehans of Montreaux, Switzerland in 1931, when he injected calf parathyroid to a surgical patient whose parathyroid glands had been damaged during thyroid surgery. The patient survived and went on to live a long healthy life into her 90’s.

We have coined the term Classic Cell Therapy to differentiate it from stem cells. The new and exciting field of stem cells opens up a new horizon of treating the most dread conditions, but it is primarily aimed at one disease process or traumatic injury afflicting a person, much like the first patient of Dr. Niehans where his only concern was the patient’s parathyroid glands.
The goal of Classic Cell Therapy is to slow, and even reverse, the biological age of the entire body. The focus is on the immune system and the endocrine systems, as well as connective tissue. Breakdown in these areas is the cause of aging and most chronic disease. The idea is to look and feel as well as you can, as long as you can, and have the vital energy to pursue your interests. While preventing the aging entirely is not yet attainable, the process can be slowed considerably.

On a personal note: I have been going to ICBR for cell therapy since I was in my 40s. Now at 68, I can’t tell you all the benefits I’ve experienced—there are far too many.

Click here to see KTLA’s story on No Lipo Lipo™.

For more information or to learn about licensing opportunities, please call 800.597.3555 or visit www.facercise.com/dayspa.

Hot Flash of the Month

Liquid Crystals Eye Serum - New Product!

Liquid crystals are actually combined with Spin Trap, the ultimate “intelligent” antioxidant. Spin Trap protects the skin from Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) found in pollution (the higher the pollution, the more ROS on the skin) and corrects the damage caused to healthy skin from imbalanced molecules. In turn, the Liquid Crystals (our body is made up of Liquid Crystals) transforms into an emollient protective barrier on the skin… protecting skin from the environment’s aging factors. What does this mean to your skin? Well, not only is the Liquid Crystals Eye Serum physically protecting skin from the harmful, accelerated aging effects of the environment, it also works to change the path of what has already been damaged.

Liquid Crystals Eye Serum is a cosmeceutical breakthrough. Spin Trap, a highly active oxygen/nitrogen complex, considered an “intelligent” antioxidant, instead of destroying free radicals, it traps them, transforms them into useful oxygen, and then transports them back into the respiratory cycle. Liquid Crystals Eye Serum also contains Oryza Sativa (Rice) Bran Oil, which is different from other vegetable oils due to its high levels of tocotrienols and gamma-oryzabol antioxidants, and Zea Mayes (Corn) Silk Extract, which provides a refined, emollient texture to effectively dispense actives to skin.

Look out under eye and above lips—“youthful” is on its way!

Call for more information: 1.800.597.3555


Facercise Licensees of the Month

Anastasia Burdyug
127051 Mockea
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3 этаж, салон
Telephone (495) 782-14-80

No Lipo Lipo Licensee

Hayat El Hamri in London
Contact: [email protected]


(Success stories from home and abroad)

Hello Carole-
I’ve got to say, hands down, that No Lipo Lipo is a wonderful system. Yes, it does require you to use a little “elbow grease” while you perform the knuckle massage, but the results are so worth it! I also love the dry brushing sequence that I perform before the massage. The louffa glove is so much stronger than any brush I’ve ever used. Also, I’ve been adhering to the no carbs after 5 pm for about six weeks now, and it’s paid off big time! I haven’t really lost much weight, only around three pounds, but my body is looking trim and toned. By the time summer rolls around, I’ll be looking great on the beach. Thanks for sharing your fabulous program.

Best regards-
Kimberly Jones-Nash
St. Clair, MI

Dear Ms. Maggio,
I had never heard of a cellulite massage program until my sister-in-law told me about your No Lipo Lipo system. I have to admit, I was skeptical at first, because I had tried virtually everything under the sun to remove the stubborn cellulite from my thighs. Some of the things I tried were painful and pricey, so I was happy that I only needed to purchase your DVD.  I ordered the No Lipo Lipo DVD about three months ago and decided to really work the program. I did the massage every day for two whole months, and then cut back to every other day by the third month. I also did the no carbohydrates after 5 pm, which was hard at first, but I got used to it. Now mind you, I had lots of cottage cheese stuff on the front and back of my thighs. Today, my cellulite is much reduced, my thighs somehow seem thinner, and although I haven’t lost much weight, my muscle tone is back. I am very much pleased with my results. I will continue to use your system because I know that it works!

Emily Graham
Kenosha WI